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819 tv reviews
  1. There's warmth and wit there, along with not a little magic.
  2. Boo Boo is critic-proof. Call it vulgar, call it schlock, call it a cup of flatulence, call it whatever you like. But John Waters called it first: America loves its trash culture, smells and all.
  3. Lively pilot, with plenty of pop--but you've seen it all before.
  4. Banshee is baloney, but viewed as pure camp, there are some good action sequences and amusing moments.
  5. Kinnear is solid, but his Keegan is a work in progress--both as human being and TV character.
  6. A ninth season. Wow. In fact, a change of scenery has done Scrubs a world of good. The new students are funny. McGinley is great as always--so, too, is Turk (Donald Faison).
  7. Leonardo may not like what Starz has turned him into, but you probably won't mind this joy ride.
  8. Their [John Brownlow and co-writer Don Macpherson's] saga is so vividly shaded, even minor characters resonate.
  9. My heart tells me that any show that revolves around an honest-to-goodness native of Commack deserves an A+. My head tells me this one deserves a C.
  10. The Following is a bummer of significant proportions. Not that it's bad--it's not--but it's bleak, sordid, blood-spattered and creepy (though not necessarily always "creepy" in a good way, like "The Walking Dead").
    • 62 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Housewives fans will enjoy the show but might tire of seeing yet another cast of wealthy, self-indulgent women. It might be time to change it up.
  11. Like Hugh Laurie's irascible "House" title character, star Ellen Pompeo's newly minted Dr. Grey conveys such substance that you simply can't stop watching. [25 March 2005, p.B33]
    • Newsday
  12. Entourage is clarifying a moral message--drugs will kill you, terrible behavior is terrible, and real friends are forever. It feels like a reassuring final season.
  13. Mostly this show belongs to Harmon, once a key member of the "Law & Order" ensemble. She's likable and intriguing. That salvages an otherwise average cop show.
  14. The Ex List--based on an Israeli hit ("Mythological Ex"), with whiffs of "How I Met Your Mother" and "My Name Is Earl" - is a flat-out great idea for a TV series. But Ruggiero (who's since left the show) needed a strong partner to reign in her worst impulses, like a running gag about shaved genitalia.
  15. Eli Stone is fated to flounder.
  16. A winner and best of all, fun.
  17. Quinn radiates enough sincerity to make us keep reading this uneven book, just to see how it shapes up.
  18. Fans of "The Sopranos" looking for a new Sunday-night must-see may find it here - though perhaps not fans driven to fits by that HBO hit's ambiguous conclusion.
  19. Coin of the realm - pun intended - for TV games is familiarity, but that hardly confers an urgency to watch this one.
  20. Some of Mamet's dialogue is certifiably awful and some certifiably brilliant, and the dichotomy is breathtaking.
  21. It was... safe, reasonable, unembarrassing, uninspirational.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Shannen Doherty as a witch. Perfect. [6 Oct 1998, p.03]
    • Newsday
  22. Is there anything great here? No. Is it goofy fun? Yes.
  23. The Unusuals is not a good show; it is a messy, uneven, silly, inconsequential show.
  24. For all its redundancy, however, the latest "CSI" is stronger than "Miami" and could eventually rival the original. Credit the two primary stars, Sinise and the city. [22 Sep 2004]
    • Newsday
  25. With the mix of bizarre cases and believably goofy characters, I found already I never wanted the show to end. It's great stuff working on three levels at once. [17 Sep 1992]
    • Newsday
  26. The New Normal needs to take a deep breath, get off the soapbox and get funny fast. The right elements--talented cast and showrunner--are already in place.
  27. Far, far, far and away NBC's best new pilot of the season and one of the best new shows of the season, on any network -- commercial or cable.
  28. The Goode Family is a highly imaginative and often amusing variation on that one note.

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