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1059 tv reviews
  1. Fascinating primer (that occasionally begs for more details and explanation).
  2. Full of joy, humor, brilliant writing and performances, and a deep unabiding love for what really makes Hollywood great--the women.
  3. It's all sharp and snappy.
  4. This intelligent, sensitive portrait effectively explores a lost childhood and remarkable mind. It's engrossing to a point, then tiresome.
  5. Sumptuously produced but glacially told, The Crown is the TV equivalent of a long drive through the English countryside. The scenery keeps changing, but remains the same.
  6. Excellent actors playing excellent actors--and largely succeeding.
  7. "The Nine" may well be the best of the crop - smart, clever and especially wise to the ways of this genre - but the challenge remains the same. This is work - admittedly often pleasurable work, but come 10 p.m. next Wednesday, we've got to do it all over again.
  8. A little too Lemony, but genial, well-produced and presumably faithful to the Lemony Snicket vision.
  9. [Showrunner and creator Sam Esmail is] a Kafka in the director’s chair, who sees alienation where everyone else sees a Facebook “like.” It’s as compelling and timely a vision as there is in a primetime series at the moment, and darkness is the price of admission.
  10. Marvel’s Jessica Jones succeeds in all sorts of ways, especially the one that counts most: Ritter just might be the shrewdest casting move of the season, maybe several seasons, because she so fully inhabits the multidimensional Jones.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    This handsome, moodily shot movie liberates the play from the confines of the tiny apartment with almost too many scenes on the bus, in a bar and, most chilling, in the back room of a beauty shop where the neighborhood abortionist boils forceps.
  11. Still very high quality, and still a tiny bit dull.
  12. "Dr. Katz" is a very funny show. [4 Dec 1995]
    • Newsday
  13. Who else but Larry David could have imagined that a "Curb" largely without the glorious Cheryl Hines could conceivably be funnier? Or that her absence might work as a comedic plot foil for one of its major story arcs? He did, and that's genius.
  14. It is amusing in the right places.... It's also reasonably smart without being show-offy. Tuesday's launch, meanwhile, is a nice reminder that nothing--at least that good stuff--has changed.
  15. Uneven, intelligent, weird, sometimes funny (more often not)--and almost consistently engaging.
  16. Gorgeously acted, written, paced, structured and conceived, "Damages" remains one of the best shows on TV--and maybe the most enjoyably addictive.
  17. Hip, clever and hilarious...A sparkling little character study, quirky comedy, relationship drama and all-around delight. [5 Oct 2000, p.B43]
    • Newsday
  18. This remains one of the best shows on TV, and (as usual) not for all tastes.
  19. With his 2000 show, HBO’s “Killing Them Softly,” as another baseline for the best of Chappelle’s TV standup, this one’s right up there, too--not quite its equal, but close.
  20. This is TV's best and brightest at the moment, and a wonderful tribute to New York's resurgent TV production industry.
  21. With [Mike O'Malley's] fluid scripts, these sharp actors hit not just three-pointers but also free throws.
  22. Best show of the season? Call me crazy, but it's a loopy-twisted-serpentine whodunit revolving around a whip-smart teenage girl...So let's recap. Engaging star, cool characterizations, witty scripts, meaty backstory. What's not to like? Only that networks always cancel deliciously offbeat gems like this. Let's hope UPN doesn't actually want to be a "real" network, after all. [22 Sept 2004, p.C01]
    • Newsday
  23. Lots of first-rate performances--including by a dog--but some of the stories are a little bloated or unfocused.
  24. While the story is briskly and engagingly told, with some key players debriefed, there's not a lot new here. It's a very good beginner's history.
  25. This unique series is about life's inscrutable mysteries and the search for answers. The town of Jarden--and the Murphys--appear to be rich with possibilities in that search.
  26. Cox remains a very engaging lead, and her supporting cast is rock solid.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    If you loved it before, you'll love it again. "Auf"-ully good.
  27. Still good, still not for everyone, and almost gone for good.
  28. I haven't enjoyed a new cable comedy so much since the first episode of "Larry Sanders." [15 Oct 2000]
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