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  1. Creator Vince Gilligan ("The X-Files") never loses touch with the mundane reality that so brilliantly magnifies its absurd horrors.
  2. The writing is witty, the acting wonderful, the production values superb. It's a little cornball and musty, but, hey, that's what comes from authenticity. And "Remember WENN" above all is fun - at least for anyone who knew radio when. [10 Jan 1996]
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  3. This is just an action fairy tale, a modern Saturday afternoon serial or contemporary penny dreadful, designed to keep us hanging on its every outlandish turn by exasperating us, if necessary, with characters we love to hate and contrivances we delight in dissing. ... It's insulting to our intelligence. And we can't stop watching. [28 Oct 2003]
    • Newsday
  4. It's hilarious, really, and refreshing, and original and - absolutely - an acquired taste.
  5. "Mrs. Harris" unfolds with a basic playfulness that keeps the mood light even as the story becomes dark indeed.
  6. Gorgeous to look at. [25 Mar 1999]
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  7. The most thought-provoking new series of the year on TV. [6 Oct 1999, p.B39]
    • Newsday
  8. "Buffy" is the best show of the year about kids in high school, with the most refreshingly original dialogue and pop cultural references. [17 Nov 1997]
    • Newsday
  9. It veers, sometimes swerves, between a public service tone and made-for-primetime spectacle. That can be disorienting, too. But, for the moment, all viewers can do is take I Am Cait at its word, or the words of its star.... I Am Cait now has no choice BUT to get this right.
  10. As bizarre as things can get, Torchwood still feels more like sci than fi, and more ego/id than alien vs. human. The Gwen character in particular radiates intelligence, and empathy, and curiosity, about what's out there and what lies inside Jack. We can't help but share her, um, enthusiasm.
  11. As a law show, "McBeal" is not as good as "The Practice." It has a lot of unrealistic, implausible, even surrealistic law. What it does well is show the compassionate, human side of the law profession, outside the courtroom. [9 Feb 1998]
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  12. The season's premiere represents pig-in-the-python storytelling--there's so much to work through, so many details, stories, characters and time dimensions to attend to, that after a while this all starts to feel like a very full meal.
  13. Transparent is no longer as interested in trying to locate the comedy in these lives as the tragedy. The tonal shift is a huge one, and not necessarily a welcome one either.... Transparent is still sharply observed, and it’s still easy to admire the actors, especially Hoffmann and Tambor. Just harder to love the show.
  14. The story feels recycled, but Idris Elba’s Luther certainly doesn’t. He continues to fully inhabit this groundbreaking--and star-making--role.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    This is a cool weekly cartoon series from Lucasfilm Animation that finds a fresh new style for depicting the struggle of the Jedi and their army of genetically engineered clones against the seemingly indomitable droid army of evil Separatists.
  15. There are real pleasures with "The Hour," but the hour (actually, about an hour and 15 minutes Wednesday night) ticks by far too slowly.
  16. The pilot's envelope-pushing is caustic and obvious, two things Mom seems better than. Faris is both gutsy and touching as the adult trying to get her act together, while Janney's crafty adolescence extends to a third generation around Faris' two kids.
  17. Hoggers is more down-market than Beers' crab fishermen and ice road truckers.
  18. Odd...make that very odd, and not for all tastes--probably very few. But there are some funny bits.
  19. Two things are going for this latest adaptation--solid production values and a talented lead actor.
  20. The Comeback" is strictly for Comeback connoisseurs--those who deeply missed this sad/funny mockumentary on the idiocy of show business.
  21. Forever isn't betting the future on plot mechanics, however, but on chemistry and that obscure object of desire called "sex appeal." These leads have it--in spades.
  22. Cannavale's Cupid is at least funny and charming. He's good here and so is Paulson. The weak link--the "B" story, like tonight's tepid one with the Postie, which was as appetizing as week-old cod.
  23. Good start with a pair of shockers. Beware.
  24. First impression of the third season is a good one.
  25. There's substance in Jill with hubby Andy and with her doctor best friend (comic KK Glick, a Huntington native), all proving levelheaded and likable. That helps leaven the snooty stereotypes of our initial path into Jill's world.
  26. This is an intelligent overview, with the consistent and important theme that medical "paradigms" shift and change.
  27. Second-season expectations for Glee are almost too high. Potential reality series, movies, spinoffs, tours, record contracts...the surround sound that's jacked up around this hit is now officially deafening. Unrelenting distractions can push series off their game, and there's evidence tonight Glee is off its game.
    • Newsday
  28. Amusing to watch, but not particularly scary. "Creepy" seems the better word.
  29. The "Melissa & Joey" pilot is no great shakes. But Melissa and Joey could be.

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