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  1. It's too sitcommy ... But I still love the concept of "NewsRadio." ... And most importantly for the future, "NewsRadio" has some strong people in the supporting cast. [20 Mar 1995]
    • Newsday
  2. "Brotherhood" is sharply written... Nevertheless, a heavy air of predictability hangs over "Brotherhood," which has a tendency to confirm viewer expectations instead of challenging them.
  3. This isn't "Friends," after all. At its hour length, "Related" asks us to take the Sorelli saga somewhat more seriously. Yet it provides sitcom incidents that can't stand the significance test.
  4. I'm ashamed to admit it in front of my more serious colleagues, but I think the show can be very funny. Of course, like everything else on TV, some of it hits, a lot of it misses. But in the midst of the pain, cruelty, ridicule and abuse, not to mention boredom, somebody falls into a manhole and I find myself bursting out laughing. [29 Mar 1990]
    • Newsday
  5. Watching Charlie stare into space and compute somehow isn't as persuasive as watching Gil Grissom or one of his "CSI" cohorts peer into a microscope. [23 Jan 2005]
    • Newsday
  6. In a word, The Listener is boring. Or, if you prefer alliteration, listless.
  7. Nothing remotely lurid in either show [7 Days of Sex and The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet].
    • Newsday
  8. Nice locales (Paris! Rome!), a couple of decent action sequences... but otherwise a tepid potboiler over-seasoned with too many spy tropes and a plot with too many gaping holes.
  9. Nice to look at, good performances, but ultimately a snooze.
  10. Colorfully drawn. But all inside the lines.
  11. Sure, it all looks and sounds achingly familiar and blandly dumb, and maybe some of it is. But check the brain at the door. You could do much worse.
  12. Its rambling storytelling starts to reveal distinct shape in these people, their relationships and the show's quirky comic perspective [in the second episode].
  13. A messy newcomer with a "Twilight" saga vibe and "Twin Peaks" DNA.
  14. If only it were more interesting.
  15. The cast has major potential, but Life Unexpected still needs to find an original and compelling voice.
  16. Yes, cliches about wealth and privilege abound and are confirmed, or perhaps further embedded....But NYC Prep is so eager to establish a kinship with "Gossip Girl" that it's forgotten to tell much of a story.
  17. Princesses is not nearly as offensive as "Jersey Shore." The bad: It's still pretty dumb.
  18. Its hasty pace frequently muddles precisely who's who where, when or why. Even the zippy sex scenes play like another gratuitous burst of firepower.
  19. It's a Pre-Cambrian specimen that crept out of the primordial ooze of TV past, with a rhythm so profoundly familiar that if you happened to fall asleep during the first few minutes and woke up for the last, you'd be able to mentally reconstruct the entire program from scratch.
  20. The first two episodes prove as tiresomely pleased-with-themselves as my run-on sentences. A half-hour is too much of not enough.
  21. [Shalom Auslande's] worldview is one part Christopher Hitchens, one part Samuel Beckett, one part Louis CK.... If all that makes his funny-ish new show sound bitter, angry, provocative and even compelling, then (well) that's because it is. But Happyish can also be wildly uneven and a little too smug in its certitude.
  22. There's a smoldering ember of promise here, mainly in the cast, even if the pilot tended to smother it.
  23. There's little here that hasn't been dramatized to death already.
  24. Name aside, Cyber's pokey and old-fashioned, but the leads are the big draw.
  25. A competent, connect-the-dots procedural that never offers much of a case for why a remake was needed.
  26. Not so much scandalous as scandalously dull.
  27. Yes, offensive, but the second episode loses that element, which suggests Fox got the message. Not surprisingly, it's the better of the two.
  28. Perception is both clever and ridiculous.
  29. After Spartacus blows most of its special-effects budget on the pilot, it settles into a not-bad sword-and-sandal genre series, a la "Xena" or "Hercules."
  30. Some excellent special effects are in Monday night's episode, but nothing particularly shocking because it's become abundantly clear by now that The Dome can do any damn thing The Dome--or the writers--want.

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