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1182 tv reviews
  1. The characters hold promise, the show looks swell, the stories reflect rich history and the makers have earned our trust.
  2. Its hasty pace frequently muddles precisely who's who where, when or why. Even the zippy sex scenes play like another gratuitous burst of firepower.
  3. If only it were more interesting.
  4. No relaxing allowed with Boss. Sorry about that, and sorry for this series, which remains smart, absorbing and particularly well done.
  5. A sharply written, acted and directed start that will hook fans immediately.
  6. Will a cheerfully biased newcomer with a few amusing, well-crafted one-liners be enough to get FX on the boards in late night? To paraphrase Yoda, difficult to say--always in motion is the future--but Rock may want to light a fire under this act sooner than later.
  7. Not terrible--really--but not yet remotely the winner NBC so badly needs either.
  8. Where is this headed? Who knows? But it's heading there slowly. Nevertheless, the cast--Common, Meaney, Heyerdahl and Mount--is good, while the Old West still feels especially beautiful and perilous.
  9. The cast is good, even excellent. But Perry's the one who sells Go On.
  10. Bracing and tasty.
  11. Strong personalities evoke the hold of the old, the tug of the new, and that intersection's human fireworks.
  12. Taut, efficient and directed with a scalpel, Breaking Bad remains a marvel.
  13. it's a clanking, clattering collection of collagenous clinkers--of dialogue so inept, of acting performances so preposterous, of plot points so cliched that the only question worth posing is why someone of Weaver's stature would be caught anywhere near a turkey like this.
  14. Some wild twists, but you've seen a variation before on one of them. Nevertheless, the Patty Hewes story is almost over, and in Close's hands, it's still compulsively watchable.
  15. Beautiful and often moving.
  16. Perception is both clever and ridiculous.
  17. Still fun, but the innocent first moments last season were better.
  18. One of TV's best shows, comedy or drama, because this series often succeeds as both.
  19. A grim, macabre march through a terrible crime, deploying a bad twist--the voice of the deceased.
  20. We've just seen this stuff too many times. Merely changing script specifics to Olympic references doesn't make it fresh.
  21. Not great comedy, but hopefully the beginning of long overdue recovery process for a talented, troubled actor.
  22. Snooki & JWoww reeks of the end-times--the end-times for "Jersey Shore."
  23. There's plenty of heart here--and some very sharp writing and acting, too.
  24. It does well what standard sitcoms do.
  25. The good Lord created sitcoms like The Soul Man as relaxing, relatable humor with heart, and Cedric's new creation isn't about to mess with His template.
  26. Grim, sad, painful.
  27. Skies fans should be pleased.
  28. Yes, indeed, a love letter this is, but 41 is better than rank puffery because it also takes the full measure of Bush.
  29. More of a continuation than a "remake," this one looks to be a winner.
  30. Families can watch this together nightly. The pace isn't exactly taxing. And it's summer.

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