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440 movie reviews
  1. This Herefter, despite the odd engaging moment, is a terrible letdown, like investing in a belief system and discovering there's no "here" that you've been after all your life.
  2. Director Michael W. Watkins, whose decades of TV credits go back to "Quantum Leap," manages one clever visual gag - a bus wreck, observed from the far side of a cornfield. We hear a crunch, see a telephone pole wobble and a little puff of smoke. Then Watkins blows the moment with a fiery overkill.
  3. It's all tiresome, muddied and artlessly made.
  4. A genre mash-up that never quite achieves "So very bad it's good" status.
  5. Whatever brownie points Tillman scored with "Notorious", Faster is that wake-up call that he's no John Woo.
  6. Paul Weitz ("Cirque du Freak," "American Dreamz") takes over as director, and the film shows all the signs of re-shoots and re-edits designed to bring in more characters and perhaps find a few more laughs.
  7. The villains are weak and the narrative has little drive to it.
  8. A little like modern country music - odd moments of sincerity, heart and authenticity peek through the plastic, the hype and the manufactured hokum.
  9. A violent, clumsy, jokey, badly-plotted and miscast mess.
  10. Somewhere is a triumph of tedium, banality passing for depth, a vacuous embrace of nothing.
  11. It's a modestly effective but jaw-droppingly violent picture.
  12. It's a rarely amusing movie overwhelmed by grating kids, unfunny sidekicks, half-hearted Sandler funny voices and a co-star who seems more fearful of smiling with each passing year.
  13. A rude and seriously crude riff on taking a vacation from marriage.
  14. This isn't satire, it isn't that funny and the only bits that work are the titillating ones.
  15. A ten-years-too-late comedy.
  16. Far more grim than "Grimm," and not nearly as much fun as it should have been.
  17. Hop
    The slapstick is mild-mannered, there's no romance, not a hint of emotion.
  18. This Arthur is on the rocks long before Last Call.
  19. It's a fitfully amusing, not remotely scary slasher picture.
  20. It's not a bad looking movie, with Deco design touches that remind me of the earlier Rand film adaptation, "The Fountainhead." But the acting's flat and the script is absurdly cluttered with characters whose purpose may only truly become clear if they ever are allowed to make the other two films they have planned.
  21. Thank heavens Krasinski, at least, had the screenwriter's ear. He makes every one-liner land. "The Hamptons are like a zombie movie directed by Ralph Lauren."
  22. Hobo hits the screen as a grim, visually ugly, intermittently funny-occasionally preachy piece with only the estimable Mr. Hauer to recommend it.
  23. A mad mash-up of sci-fi, Western, sacrilegious silliness and vampire movie. What lifts it to "I've seen worse" status is the previous teaming of star and director Scott Stewart, who last gave us the archangel fighting off other angels fiasco "Legion."
  24. A screen romance that echoes its title. It gets by. Barely.
  25. Well, Green Lantern isn't "Jonah Hex" bad. But it's silly enough to be part of the same "silliest Warner Brothers comic book summer movies of all time" conversation.
  26. Glibly put, this challenging time-skipping rumination is the big screen equivalent of watching that "Tree" grow.
  27. This script, this leaden direction ensures that even as the teen wish-fulfillment fantasy, complete with young women playing dress-up, Monte Carlo fails.
  28. A slick one hour and 50 minute version of those political convention hagiographies ("A Man From Hope"), so it's not exactly an objective take on its subject, former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
  29. Despite the locations and the informative narrative, almost every scene is missing that spark that would bring the characters to life and immediacy to the story.
  30. This isn't the worst of the bunch, not by far. But my premonition is this won't be the finale this series has screamed out for these past few years. This decapitation train never seems to reach its destination.

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