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154 tv reviews
  1. NBC deserves points for trying something different, but the results are often pretentious and silly. The best moments belong to Egan, who handles his chores simply and directly.
  2. Even with all that support, George Lopez looks like a wispy, amateurishly performed show serving jokes that are bland, coarse or predictable. Lopez has a talent for delivering one-liners but he's a limited actor. [27 Mar 2002, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  3. As an A&E miniseries, the Michael Crichton novel unfolds as a fast-moving thriller with many jolting sequences. Unfortunately, the mini's makers fumble the most crucial action sequence. They're all thumbs, and the results are stupendously silly.
  4. The problem is that the new show makes the original look far better...There isn't enough special yet about this Special Victims Unit. [19 Sept 1999, p.F1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  5. The series offers undeniable shock value - it's a Scared Straight! for adults. But for all its technical dazzle and bracing content, Oz never overcomes a dramatic hurdle: It's nearly impossible to care about the characters. [12 July 1997, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  6. The results suggest that everyone involved looked at American Idol too closely. And this time around, everyone is startlingly off-key.
  7. Like Whoopi, Luis just barrels along on coarse writing and over-the-top performances. This obnoxious show is the salmon doughnut of sitcoms. [19 Sept 2003, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  8. Bland gruel. [24 Sept 1993, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  9. Unfortunately, the scripts put the stricken through such horrendous suffering that the show becomes an endurance test for the viewer. [14 Nov 2004, p.3]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  10. This show is for people who find Lithgow's shameless shtick uproarious.
  11. These characters operate with unrelenting silliness. Only the Marx Brothers, in their prime, could have pulled off this caper.
  12. It's Designing Women without the heart, Sex and the City without the wit.
  13. Nasty putdowns, a family trip to the mall and a parents' heart-to-heart produce boredom. These are greetings to ignore. [20 Sept 2002, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  14. Segal has a certain bombastic charm as he quaffs and quips his way through the part of Daedelus, the phoniest Irishman to hit the small screen since the last Irish Spring commercial. Han, who made her TV debut in the miniseries Space, is a good foil for Segal. She can act a little, which is all that's called for. [2 Nov 1988]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  15. Bad timing and bad taste damage Drive. No repair job can salvage this vehicle.
  16. Danson throws himself into the role with good humor, but Help Me Help You yields little good humor.
  17. Look, I'm all for more wholesome family fare in prime time, but sitting through the first two episodes of Christy was like being hooked up to an intravenous drip of Karo syrup. ... My principal objection to the TV series is that despite a good cast, picturesque locale and laudable intentions, it feels totally bogus, from the accents to the grime on the children's faces.
  18. Sophomoric, gross and unfunny. It's great that a comedy wants to take chances - many sitcoms don't - but the adult-aimed South Park goes too far. [13 Aug 1997]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  19. It was simply a blah variation on "Beverly Hills, 90210," which lasted a decade on Fox.
  20. The setup produces neither juicy soap opera nor original, searing drama. The Bedford Diaries is a limp noodle.
  21. The show ought to be more than a sophomoric aliens-meet-humans smutcom. It should be an advancement on My Favorite Martian and Mork & Mindy. But it's not. [9 Jan 1996]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  22. Despite a fine cast and a harrowing topic, The Cleaner rarely gets beyond the surfaces.
  23. The business deals might have been artful, but the show certainly isn't.
  24. The Black Donnellys is not top of the world... or the second coming of The Sopranos. The new drama is old wine poured into fancy, contemporary bottles.
  25. Family Guy aims to be outrageous, but the frantic farce veers to the tiresome and mean-spirited. [11 Apr 1999]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  26. The writing and acting push so hard that the characters come off as annoying, like the fast-moving show around them.
  27. In the Motherhood represents ABC's feeble attempt to transform a successful Web series into a sitcom. The main problem: The three moms are mighty annoying.
  28. ABC takes television to lower depths with That Was Then, which starts in a dreadful spot and keeps doing variations on it...This annoying show will push you out of the house to enjoy Friday nights.
  29. This is the most loathsome, repugnantly ugly piece of television I've seen in a long time - cynical, cheap, tawdry, pretentious and manipulative. [18 Sept 1992, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  30. Dim. Ryan is not to blame. Jaime, rebuilt after a horrific car accident, must live in a grim, punishing world and associate with joyless characters. Speedy Jaime can't outrun this train wreck.

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