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Lowest review score: 0 The 1/2 Hour News Hour: Season 1
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154 tv reviews
  1. The first four hours confirm that 24 remains powerfully addictive.
  2. To its credit, Crumbs tries to go deeper in depicting conflicted characters. That, unfortunately, doesn't make this series any funnier.
  3. This ABC sitcom strives for edgy sophistication, but the characters come off as superficial and mean.
  4. The cast is heavenly in The Book of Daniel; the writing isn't.
  5. Sleeper Cell moves with more sophistication than most crime dramas.
  6. Deliberate pacing muffles the comedy's energy. Stylish animation clashes with coarse language and situations. Would arty photography help a Mel Brooks movie? Not one with a wobbly script.
  7. The show's traditional approach explains its appeal as well as its limits.
  8. It's Designing Women without the heart, Sex and the City without the wit.
  9. The writing and acting push so hard that the characters come off as annoying, like the fast-moving show around them.
  10. Maybe Davis will grow into the role. Perhaps Commander in Chief will develop into something deeper than a smooth, self-satisfied show. For now, the series enjoys one important asset: impeccable timing.
  11. A hugely likable sitcom is born.
  12. Centers on a dating consultant (Busy Philipps) who has no romantic success of her own. Could it be because the show presents her as an overbearing know-it-all?
  13. The drama's murkiness becomes frustrating.
  14. Jason Lee excels as scruffy Earl -- he's a Jed Clampett for the new millennium.
  15. The most enjoyable moments go to the North Carolina boy (Carter Jenkins). It's too bad Surface didn't narrow its focus and become "A Boy and His Blob."
  16. Romantic comedies depend on appealing actors, and these five are irresistible.
  17. The cast is attractive, the show's look is sleek, the pace is frantic, but Kitchen Confidential isn't especially funny.
  18. The central issue about Just Legal is that it's such a predictable series.
  19. Proves that a conventionally made sitcom can still produce laughter.
  20. Twins adopts the most shrill aspects of Will & Grace without capturing that show's charm.
  21. Of the three [alien invasion series], this CBS series boasts the best light show. It has assembled the strongest cast. Above all, it establishes the most involving story and the one most likely to bring viewers back the following week.
  22. One of the more embarrassing new series this season.
  23. Deschanel exudes a luminous quality that elevates this grim, conventional show.
  24. This creepy storytelling carries extra punch because the drama has an excellent, easy-to-root-for cast.
  25. A coarse, exceedingly obnoxious show.
  26. Most of the time, Reunion traffics in pained glances, portentous dialogue and life-altering lies. That approach can be addictive, if done with flair. Reunion comes through on that score only sporadically.
  27. Viewers hoping for a rousing adventure instead will find a dark, grim and often repellent tale.
  28. Expert casting deepens this version. Without stars as these youthful Dashwood sisters, the men are on equal footing.
  29. ABC's new version of A Raisin in the Sun deserves fanfare: It's a strong contender for best TV movie of the season.
  30. Camp Rock is glossy, all right, and should provide a glow for Walt Disney Co.

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