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442 movie reviews
  1. We get little sense of his interior life, what was going on in his head as school, girlfriends and music were competing for his attention and music was winning out. His drive is suggested, but never really felt in the performance.
  2. It's not the smoothest thriller. But All Good Things is thoroughly engrossing, a roman a clef that chillingly ponders a puzzle and suggests solutions outlandish enough to be stranger than anything Hollywood, on its own, could make up.
  3. True to the intent of the Christian apologist Lewis' novels, there are lessons to be learned, many of them delivered by the chivalrous mouse, Reepicheep, voiced with a plummy verve by Simon Pegg.
  4. Sweet and sunny (Lots of English language pop tunes) and laugh-out-loud silly and well worth seeing before Hollywood remakes it with somebody like Matthew McConaughey in the title role.
  5. Animated musicals are only as good as their songs, and this one isn't on a par with "Beauty and the Beast" or even "The Princess and the Frog."
  6. This mismatched "couple" - have made, over the course of three long subtitled Swedish thrillers, the most dynamic duo of recent cinema history.
  7. As spy thrillers go, more chilling than thrilling. But that's what makes it easy to relate to.
  8. Perry's great gift to this unfilmable play is getting it on the screen, his sharp eye for casting and his evident affection and sympathy for black womanhood, even in movies in which he doesn't don a dress.
  9. A detail-oriented thriller that lets us keep up even as it races to a conclusion.
  10. The pleasures of Welcome to the Rileys are in the simplest human message of all. Take an interest in somebody who needs help and the life you save may be your own.
  11. Two very good looking people play two offbeat and abrasively charming lovers in Love & Other Drugs. And when your screen romance is as sexual as this one, it helps if your stars are about as good looking with their clothes off as human beings get.
  12. this is a straight-ahead ticking clock thriller, with the usual Tony S. trademarks - punchy dialogue and men doing what needs to be done.
  13. Shockingly, it's funny. Often in shocking or at least wildly inappropriate ways.
  14. Matt Damon is an interesting, chatty choice to play Laboeuf.
  15. You'd better watch out. You'd better not swear. Have a gun handy, loaded for bear. Santa Claus is coming…to Finland.
  16. It's a gritty, almost ugly to look at film, and Cianfrance isn't shy about including a random blast of unwarranted shaky footage.
  17. Its chilling third act suggests that sooner or later, even these riders on the Islamic short bus are going to get one right. And that won't be funny at all.
  18. One of the most entertaining history lessons you could ever hope to sit through.
  19. A wonderful movie anyone who's ever experienced dog ownership at its most glorious, and most embarrassing.
  20. It's a movie benefiting from another sparkling, sexy and emotionally available performance by Natalie Portman.
  21. An entertaining old-fashioned prison escape movie with a touch of the epic about it.
  22. The lack of dramatic tension that knowing the ending before you being creates isn't a huge drawback.
  23. In Mary, Leigh has found the polar opposite of Sally Hawkin's giggle-through-the-pain heroine of "Happy-Go-Lucky."
  24. Like Tati himself, The Illusionist feels like a relic of a different time.
  25. Witty, warm, well-cast and often wickedly funny.
  26. It's a farce with sexual come-ons and actual sex - the Boy Scout Tim's first encounter with a hooker and a crack pipe - but Cedar Rapids never loses track of the humanity of its characters.
  27. Populated with a peerless supporting cast, actors who bring just the right history to their roles.
  28. Less mopey and downbeat than TV star Zach Braff's "Garden State." But it succeeds in many of the same sweet ways and is similar enough to warrant labeling Radnor "Zach Braff: The Next Generation."
  29. The spookiest and most entertaining horror flick since "Paranormal Activity."
  30. It's a vivid, blunt and candid look at their kill-or-be-killed existence, which Joubert writes and Irons narrates is "the eternal dance of Africa."

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