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Lowest review score: 10 Caddyshack II
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574 movie reviews
  1. Only Hopkins, readily referencing his bag of tricks, seems to get what to make of this "inspired by trues events (and a book by Matt Baglio)" hooey.
  2. It's a modestly effective but jaw-droppingly violent picture.
  3. Cassel's performance...the best reason to see this, one of the best French (In French with English subtitles) crime thrillers of the new millennium.
  4. The lack of dramatic tension that knowing the ending before you being creates isn't a huge drawback.
  5. Somewhere is a triumph of tedium, banality passing for depth, a vacuous embrace of nothing.
  6. An entertaining old-fashioned prison escape movie with a touch of the epic about it.
  7. It's a movie benefiting from another sparkling, sexy and emotionally available performance by Natalie Portman.
  8. A wonderful movie anyone who's ever experienced dog ownership at its most glorious, and most embarrassing.
  9. One of the most entertaining history lessons you could ever hope to sit through.
  10. That message, this script and these actors make Rabbit Hole one of the best films of 2010.
  11. An unsatisfying if often surprising experience, a less warm and fuzzy "Parenthood."
  12. A violent, clumsy, jokey, badly-plotted and miscast mess.
  13. A little like modern country music - odd moments of sincerity, heart and authenticity peek through the plastic, the hype and the manufactured hokum.
  14. The best you can say about this hooey is that at least he had the King of the Bs, Ron Perlman, along for a few sidekick laughs.
  15. A dry and moody piece built on closely-observed characters, not on thrills or an unraveling plot.
  16. Its chilling third act suggests that sooner or later, even these riders on the Islamic short bus are going to get one right. And that won't be funny at all.
  17. It's a gritty, almost ugly to look at film, and Cianfrance isn't shy about including a random blast of unwarranted shaky footage.
  18. It is Carrey, turning his patented rubber-faced, rubber-voiced shtick loose on a role with heart, substance and entertainment value, who makes this romantic farce a movie too good to sit on any studio's shelf.
  19. You'd better watch out. You'd better not swear. Have a gun handy, loaded for bear. Santa Claus is coming…to Finland.
  20. The villains are weak and the narrative has little drive to it.
  21. Engrossing and moving story of a alternately warm and combative relationship.
  22. Matt Damon is an interesting, chatty choice to play Laboeuf.
  23. Paul Weitz ("Cirque du Freak," "American Dreamz") takes over as director, and the film shows all the signs of re-shoots and re-edits designed to bring in more characters and perhaps find a few more laughs.
  24. The voice casting is on the money and these funny people - and I'm including Pitt, who plays this sort of self-mocking Adonis well, even in animated form - make this cute comedy come off.
  25. The best you can say about this Yogi Bear is that he's harmless. No animal was harmed in the making of this picture except the one Hanna-Barbera made a bundle on almost 50 years ago.
  26. Too cute, too star-studded and entirely too long.
  27. Artful, epic, operatic even, this thriller set in the world of ballet challenges the viewer with its intelligence and depth and wit.
  28. That rare film in which every performer in it leaves the viewer in awe.
  29. Like "Avatar," "Legacy" is a film too in love with its own good looks. And like the original "TRON," the sequel's a bit of a slog.
  30. Shockingly, it's funny. Often in shocking or at least wildly inappropriate ways.

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