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  1. To make new fans, show more enterprise.
  2. Is this show in danger of being too nice? Somebody must have thought so, because George has been given a harridan for a mother.
  3. The singles scene must be pretty bleak if women would rather mass for a prime-time cattle call than go out on a blind date.
  4. Dreyfus... seems to be laboring to turn a so-so show into the I Love Lucy of the 21st century.
  5. Neither [Underwood nor Moyer were] helped by the fact that the production stuck to the original Broadway show, which premiered more than half a century ago. It was full of business that might be delightful or even exciting on a stage--nuns gliding about while singing their alleluias, characters racing up and down grand, sweeping staircases--but on a wide-screen television it tended to look like just that, lots and lots of stage business.
  6. Meyers is talented and interesting enough that I shouldn't be watching his premiere and wishing that Stefon had shown up instead of Joe Biden.... The monologue was nothing much. Meyers at least seemed instantly comfortable, at home, once he finished a string of so-so punchlines and sat down behind the desk.
  7. The show can be wonderfully mean... but it's too spotty. [24 Oct 2005, p.41]
  8. In the first few episodes, nothing's happening. No pulse. Doctor, what's wrong? [24 Oct 2005, p.41]
  9. Lee may lack the essential sweetness, or pathos, to make Earl ever seem like more than a cute variation on those lovable, loquacious losers who tumble, beer can spurting, through Coen brothers movies. [3 Oct 2005, p.39]
  10. Maybe Prinze should just clear the soundstage of all these people, stand there alone and start over. [24 Oct 2005, p.41]
  11. Silly. [7 Nov 2005, p.41]
  12. It just doesn't work. [30 Jan 2006, p.38]
  13. As an ensemble they are, like their teacher, attractive but not very exciting. [10 Apr 2006, p.35]
  14. It feels less like Freud's fun house than an opportunity for one performer after another to launch into frenzied, vituperative speeches. [24 Apr 2006, p.39]
  15. It's like a David Mamet parody of Roseanne. [19 Jun 2006, p.37]
  16. Unlike Monk, a gently comic character coping with mental illness, Roday's just an overgrown kid. [10 Jul 2006, p.39]
  17. The acting in the kickoff episode is awfully anemic, and that's no lie. [24 Jul 2006, p.33]
  18. Well, a mil doesn't go far these days, and neither does this series. [4 Sep 2006, p.41]
  19. The show's a letdown, especially since it comes with one of the most lovingly assembled casts of any series. [9 Oct 2006, p.41]
  20. The show wants to mix in big themes (politics, money) with a family soap opera, but it just feels bloated and vague. [25 Sep 2006, p.43]
  21. There are small funny moments along the way. [4 Dec 2006, p.39]
  22. Cox... doesn't have the right vulgar relish to hold the show together. [8 Jan 2007, p.35]
  23. Is there anything here that Bruce Springsteen hasn't already sung about? [19 Mar 2007, p.39]
  24. The tone of the first three episodes is grubby yet also precious. [11 Jun 2007, p.41]
  25. The show's tone of enigmatic menace is overcooked. [25 Jun 2007, p.41]
    • 56 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    This go-round, a tired-looking Bobby Brown struggles to act like he's there for anything other than the paycheck, and Britney Spears' ex Kevin Federline (who appears alongside his ex Shar Jackson) comes off like a man defeated. Bummer, dude.
  26. The show is just as bad as several other recent WB shows (Modern Men, The Bedford Diaries), neither cartoonish enough nor realistic enough to register as anything more than a conceptual shell with a handful of dried peas rattling inside. [24 Apr 2006, p.39]
  27. Now, ma'am, no need to bolt like a horse-unless you're scared of cliches. You aren't, are you?
  28. There's no real awe or fear-just a relatively safe Haven. So, no go.
  29. Annie calls for some sort of inner steel, but Perabo looks less like an untested agent than an overwhelmed intern.

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