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  1. Once you grow accustomed to the trash talk, however, the series draws you deeper and deeper into a little world where the law holds no sway and right is trodden in the mud.
  2. [Steve Buscemi's] appearance is the occasion for exposition that's not as smooth as we'd expect from this extraordinary series. Yet the season premiere has moments so compelling that you'll be irresistibly drawn back into the family business.
  3. There are enough positive signs in the two-hour premiere that I'll probably take a look ... when the series moves to its regular time period.
  4. It wouldn't be a crime if the contestants were consciously showing their dramatic side, but there ought to be a law against some tricks of the reality trade.
  5. John Ritter's death last September left a huge hole at the center of this sitcom. ABC chose to prop it up rather than shut it down, a decision that's looking increasingly unfortunate.
  6. The group dynamics are worth observing for a while, but when the women go into catfight mode, the show slides into reality-TV routine.
  7. The L Word is hot, to be sure.
  8. Hilariously peculiar.
  9. It's an appropriate time to ask how the first spinoff is doing. The answer is quite well—if you're a David Caruso fan.
  10. It's searching, witty, lacerating, poetic, profound—and, yes, overstuffed.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Though not much of it seems real, we're calling this a reality show for want of a better label. FOX uses the term "unscripted comedy," which would fit better if the series were funny.
  11. Sometimes compelling and sometimes too lurid to take.
  12. It's the season's best new series, period.
  13. The series that strains our nerves and our credulity returns with more hour-by-hour suspense, and amazingly it still works.
  14. This show needs to make the supernatural seem less ordinary.
  15. This is a formulaic but fairly competent series with delusions of grandeur.
  16. If Caan grabs more screen time and the writers build on the hints of sexual chemistry between Danny and Nessa, I might place a small bet on this superslick series-provided Danny learns the virtue of occasional silence.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Promising ... Like [Out of Sight's Jennifer] Lopez, Gugino is a looker who can be tough, but she makes the character more open, more alive.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    If you prize originality, this new series will underwhelm you. ... What's surprising is the goodly number of laughs it does offer.
  17. Joe Mantegna and Mary Steenburgen are fine as Joan's parents, but the series shouldn't go out of its way to play up the dad's role as small-city police chief. Keep the emphasis on God's plan, not man's law.
  18. Cold Case should be money in the bank for CBS. But the... premiere suffers from a predictable murder plo... and an overly arty climactic sequence that belongs in a music video, not a police drama.
  19. The characters are dislikable, the farce is strained, and the show's mind has just one track.
  20. Murray is more interesting here than in last season's laughable The Lone Ranger, but the writing... is junior-varsity stuff.
  21. Oh, what a tangled web Carnivále weaves–maybe too tangled for its own good.
  22. Nothing in the opener is especially fresh or intriguing except the relationship between Ryan and Seth.
  23. Unfortunately, the hour-long show's formula grows old after a few viewings, and the Fab Five's frequent product plugs start to seem like a worse crime than household clutter.
  24. Are they lovable? No. Are they watchable? Compulsively so.
  25. Too bad there isn't more onstage action, which is when these folks are at their funniest. Instead, we get to see them being insecure, neurotic and nasty.
  26. The personality dynamics are fun to watch even if the film turns out not to be.
  27. The bizarre causes of death on the show—woman gets hit by falling piano, guy accidentally drills hole in his head—are indicative of its self-conscious quirkiness.

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