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  1. An intricate mystery confidently spun out with dark, unsettling shocks. [15 Jul 2013]
    • People Weekly
  2. Watching Nucky's frenemies thrive like poison toadstools ringing a tree--that's a grim, gripping spectacle in its own right. [9 Sep 2013, p.42]
    • People Weekly
  3. Despite its cheap shock effects, the show is indulgently ridiculous. [[28 Oct 2013, p.41]
    • People Weekly
  4. This late entry in the fall season is one of the best. [25 Nov 2013, p.43]
    • People Weekly
  5. The show fades away like a Mari Gras parade drifting out of range. But it's a potent memory. [16 Dec 2013]
    • People Weekly
  6. After an awful season 2, Lena Dunham's Brooklynocentric comedy celebrating coffee, ambition and sex is fixed. [20 Jan 2014, p.41]
  7. Mad Men has both the greatness of execution and inscrutability of artistic intent, and it won't be until the show actually ends that I'll know which one won out. [21 Apr 2014, p.41]
    • People Weekly
  8. Edie Falco makes the stakes scarily real. [21 Apr 2014, p.43]
    • People Weekly
  9. The team behind Bad Teacher has successfully reconfigured the raunchy comedy into a heart warming sitcom starring Ari Graynor that is still bad in all the right ways. [28 Apr 2014]
    • People Weekly
  10. The procedural elements of the medical drama hum along nicely, but it's Reilly's performance outside the operating room that makes this show worth watching. [28 Apr 2014]
    • People Weekly
  11. Red Band Society, which could turn out to be one of the best new shows of the fall, is like that, constantly catching you unexpectedly.
  12. The show may never again attain the sustained comic brilliance of last week's pilot. But this is a rarity for Fox: a sophisticated and clever sitcom.
  13. The episodes have grown slower and schmaltzier since the gripping pilot, but this series is still as sweet as an egg cream made with Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup.
  14. As a social experiment, this project fizzles because of the imposing scrutiny (even the phone is tapped) and because of the artificial relationship foisted on these instant loftmates. But as television, it's rather intriguing.
  15. The scope is a little cramped but the writing is wonderfully droll.
  16. Some of the first-season bugs have been exterminated simply by recruiting young roommates who are more interesting and charismatic, people who smile and laugh a little more.
  17. In the tradition of Cheers, the show thrives by selling up distinct, contrary personalities and making them collide for a half-hour each week. So far the writing is sharp and punchy.
  18. Dr. Katz is a cartoon cross between The Bob Newhart Show and Seinfeld.
  19. In fact they're all really nice, which is the problem. Except for some minor sexual tension, there's no conflict.
  20. Though the show lacks the inspired cohesiveness of classic sitcoms like Cheers or Seinfeld, it is bright, brisk and well-played.
  21. Peta Wilson, an Australian actress with the harsh blonde hair, snub nose and oversize, depthless blue eyes of your average mass-produced doll, makes a sexy, amusing Nikita.
  22. The main plot lines are immediately involving.
  23. All in all, this looks like one of the brightest new shows of the season.
  24. You won't escape easily from this drama's grip.
  25. Russell has an unassuming sort of star quality that draws us to her character, and the writing in the pilot is sensitive without being soapy.
  26. This looks like another clever, irreverent, cutting-edge animated comedy from creator Matt Groening.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    This new Fugitive has a very good Kimble in Tim Daly.
  27. Slightly ghoulish but engrossing.
  28. The makers of 24 needn't overuse the split-screen technique to emphasize the onrush of events. Viewers can feel the suspense start to build without seeing the seconds tick off on a digital clock. Give the gimmicks a rest. We're hooked without them.
  29. Scratch the gritty surface of this new police drama and you'll find it's not a totally revolutionary contribution to the genre.

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