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  1. One problem: The "Squigglevision" animation, in which line drawings sort of wiggle around the edges, gives us a headache that may require medical attention.
  2. You'll laugh so often that you may not notice the blessed absence of a laugh track.
  3. NYPD Blue's trademarks are still in evidence: the layered characterizations; the slangy, pungent dialogue; the black humor that usually makes you laugh in spite of yourself.
  4. [The first episode] is packed with potential. It is fast-paced, funny, touching, romantic and surprising. Please note that we did not add "realistic."
    • 28 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Philip Marlowe meets Moonlighting—with a passing nod to The Odd Couple—In this delightfully inventive new detective show.
  5. Now that's daring television.
  6. It is a beguiling romantic adventure.
  7. The concept seems to be an easy one to exhaust. But if the writing manages to stay fresh, we could be looking at the '90s version of The Bob Newhart Show.
    • 87 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    [An] amiable send-up of small-town life.
  8. Curb Your Enthusiasm has an unhurried, improvisational style that may cause restlessness. And David, playing himself as a cranky pessimist, is a determinedly unlovable star. But stay with the 10-week series and you'll be ensnared by his sly humor.
  9. If you pay attention, the writing and direction reward the effort.
  10. The season's nicest surprise.
  11. A daring police drama whose growing moral complexity redeems its occasional excesses.
  12. The early episodes of Season 3 abound in Six Feet Under's trademark qualities—complexity, humor and humanity.
  13. The show has lost none of its manic lunacy.
  14. The show moves methodically from one story line to another, progressing by inches yet holding our interest with its finely drawn characters and a rare ability to illuminate the gray areas of city life.
  15. As I enjoyed this mystery series' second-season premiere, I recalled the satisfying feeling of watching Columbo in its prime.
  16. I'm beseeching you to watch the pilot of this new series. It's not just extraordinary TV--it's the best piece of filmmaking I've seen anywhere this year. ... In subsequent weeks the series settles into a more predictable and sentimental mold, reminiscent of The Wonder Years, but it is still superior TV.
  17. Intelligent, fleet, emotionally complex and lightly dusted with Kelley's celebrated sense of the absurd, this is the best hospital show since St. Elsewhere.
  18. The new entry is more action-oriented and less morally ponderous than the recent Star Trek series. But it still suffers from its predecessors' overdeveloped air of gravitas.
  19. Somewhat to my surprise, Sex and the City hasn't yet passed its freshness date.
  20. Stewart has established himself as TV's most skilled lampooner since he replaced Kilborn at the Comedy Central anchor desk in 1999, and he's in top form this election year.
  21. The challenges are ludicrous, but the results can be dazzling. [5 Sep 2011, p.44]
    • People Weekly
  22. The formula still works. The Real Housewives of DC wasn't any fun, but the new Beverly Hills chapter delivers. [18 Oct 2010, p.37]
    • People Weekly
  23. After an awful season 2, Lena Dunham's Brooklynocentric comedy celebrating coffee, ambition and sex is fixed. [20 Jan 2014, p.41]
  24. Gritty and engrossing as ever.
  25. It's lighter, smaller--West Condo!--but still a pleasure. [17 Dec 2012, p.37]
    • People Weekly
  26. Despite its cheap shock effects, the show is indulgently ridiculous. [[28 Oct 2013, p.41]
    • People Weekly
    • 75 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
  27. This fall sitcom is a hit entirely because of Deschanel's performance as Jess. [7 Nov 2011, p.41]
    • People Weekly

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