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Average Movie review score: 67
Highest review score: 100 The Lives of Others
Lowest review score: 0 Rambo
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3,289 movie reviews
  1. Floats before your eyes like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The surprise is that, fitted together, these pieces make a completed picture.
  2. An entertaining, occasionally illuminating autodocumentary.
  3. A far more trenchant - and funnier - satire of the fame-afflicted than Woody Allen's "Celebrity."
  4. This small story that tells the much bigger story of the New Economy's bubble and burst is less a documentary than it is breaking news.
  5. An extraordinarily perfect little film: A bittersweet drama that explores sexuality and love, and their reverberations across the landscape of human emotions.
  6. This is a sad, passionate, beautifully wrought story, and Bardem's portrait of Arenas is at once daring and deeply moving.
  7. Triumphs by taking an elliptical approach that still reaches directly into the very core of genius.
  8. It may be the first meditative action movie.
  9. Chunhyang is a movie — and a heroine — for all times.
  10. Thoughtfulness and artistry ...raise this small, quiet picture to moments of pure epiphany.
  11. A crushingly sad, beautiful film.
  12. A powerful and moving contribution to the cinema of the Holocaust.
  13. Scrupulously made and deeply affectionate.
  14. A chick movie for guys that zings and pings like a game of supersonic pinball.
  15. Refreshingly gritty and hard-nosed.
  16. A small, beautiful film exploding with big ideas.
  17. Underlines the nightmare of entrapment so vividly captured in The Day I Became a Woman.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    This time around, Julien Temple gets it right.
  18. The pleasure of The Limey lies in watching what actors who have aged like fine wine can do in that world.
  19. If you've had enough of the loony tunes coming from Florida, this piece of absurdist serio-comedy is the perfect picture.
  20. It works beautifully and illuminates aspects of Freud that you might think beyond the reach of the the camera.
  21. With the filmmaking techniques pared to the bone, it is left to the actors to bring the scenes alive - and they do, often brilliantly.
  22. Boasts rich texture, sly vision and rueful humor.
  23. The film treats the ensuing issues of conscience and compromise with subtlety and warmth.
  24. With deft and subtle performances and an uncomplicated but savvy script, Autumn Tale gets to the inner lives of its characters.
  25. Bold, ambitious -- and ambiguous.
  26. Devilishly delightful.
  27. An amiable mix of "Grumpy Old Men" comedy and "Apollo 13" can-we-fix-this-jalopy-before-we-die? Drama.
  28. In the end, The Last Kiss holds less a cynical view of the matrimonial state than one of considered irony.
  29. A superb film that begins with death, ends in renewal, and finds almost as much to laugh about as to cry for.

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