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    It can be broadly funny when it does not lapse into lazy "Dukes of Hazzard" caricature, which is often.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  1. Despite the competent animation, the great tunes, and funny voice work by costars Russell Brand and John Cleese, Trolls is a lackluster entry. The story is clich├ęd and predictable. Overall, the film has no real magic.
  2. It would be inaccurate to say there are plots in New Year's Eve. There are a number of setups, and these get shuffled through faster than a card dealer in Atlantic City.
  3. Level of humor: subteen.
  4. In the future, in the past, at all points along the space-time continuum, the Theory of the Teenage Male Mind throws everything out of whack.
  5. However terrific Murray is, if Antonio Banderas, mellifluous voice of Puss-in-Boots in "Shrek 2," went paw to claw with Garfield, Puss would definitely triumph.
  6. In essence, a wild soap opera disguised as a political allegory, it's a movie, with its over-the-map performances, that is worth catching only for the inadvertent laugh or two.
  7. If it were a landscape painting, Gerry would deserve a place in the National Gallery. But as a movie...deserves its own wing in The Old Curiosity Shop.
  8. Given the filmmaker's privileged perspective of hindsight, to not consider the real-world repercussions of their theater, to not connect the dots between 1968 and 2008 is a squandered opportunity.
  9. It falls short of the mark, even as it hits every one of the genre's conventions.
  10. Visually immersive but emotionally uninvolving.
  11. This hotly anticipated film delivers on the premise of its celebrated title. But it offers little more in terms of suspense, originality or enjoyment. Mostly, it lays there on the screen like a big lazy boa.
  12. With pratfalls and teardrops, the film swings from sitcom to sit-dram.
  13. Sadly, director Lee Toland Krieger's offering, a weak wanna-be Jean Cocteau-esque fable with magical realist pretensions, does great disservice to Lively and her remarkably accomplished costars.
  14. Iridescent as each of the actors is, the result is like a handful of beads without the connecting string.
  15. It's not fresh and irreverent, qualities we admire in Allen. It is recycled and irrelevant.
  16. Grant's film plays like a two-hour episode of "Friends" intercut with "Seventh Heaven." Those sounds you hear are wisecrack, heartbreak, heartbreak, wisecrack, wisecrack.
  17. If only the screenplay had more going for it than hackneyed homilies and living-in-the-ghetto stereotypes. If only first-time director Sunu Gonera had a surer hand, a knack for something bolder, wilder, goofier.
  18. It's nothing more than a sophisticated clone of the original, and it really overdoes the shaky-camera thing - even more than in some of the worst found-footage movies The Blair Witch Project spawned.
  19. Phase II has some nice comic touches, but it's a forgettable B-movie.
  20. While The Sitter isn't that dumb, or dreadful, there really isn't much going on here.
  21. Like most Lee films, She Hate Me is gasp-worthy, with something to offend everyone. I will not say that I liked it. I will say that like "Bamboozled," it exasperates and resonates.
  22. Paradoxically fast-talking and laid back, Long's Bartleby appears to be the illegitimate child of Groucho Marx and Ferris Bueller, one whose schemes are far more impressive than his deeds.
  23. All in all, a resonant theme, poorly played.
  24. Quickly devolves into a violent thriller that resolves itself in sadomasochistic romance.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  25. Has a dark, low-budget feel and an incongruous combination of self-consciously jokey patter and gross-out gore.
  26. A big fat geek kiss to the movies of Steven Spielberg and his fanboys, Paul is a mild, meandering comedy.
  27. Shows glimmers of great drama, but jettisons too much essential cargo (character development, relationships, plot, common sense) in an effort to be lean and clean.
  28. Vacancy, in the end, simply offers a particularly aggressive brand of couples counseling.
  29. Gritty, jumpy and rife with cliches.

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