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3997 movie reviews
  1. Resonant and surprisingly affecting.
  2. A running joke about hipster clichés is tiresome, and the movie's plot threads are uneven. But watching Field work her magic is so delightful.
  3. Director Robert Schwentke and his writing team do their best to move things along. Actually, who knows if it's their best? Maybe they're suffering from Divergent fatigue along with the rest of us.
  4. The Bronze, for all its crudeness and lewdness (Melissa Raunch, anyone?) and wonky comedy, is actually a good old-fashioned tale of redemption.
  5. Well-intentioned if cloying, Miracles from Heaven has an appealing cast and an accessible take on spirituality.
  6. Wickedly clever nightmare entertainment.
  7. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot isn't a great movie, but it is something rare and important: a woman's story of self-discovery - having nothing to do with her finding a husband - that has gotten room on the big screen.
  8. A thrilling, gorgeous actioner about a massive tsunami that wipes a tourist town off the map.
  9. Apart from its anthropomorphic, allegorical angle, Zootopia is also a tale of female empowerment and a classic noir, too.
  10. An impossibly enjoyable live-action cartoon that plays on our real-life anxieties about vengeful cadres of foreign radicals blowing up people - and places.
  11. The relationship between the young American and the old Frenchman is as rich as one of Perrier's sauces: the pupil and the teacher, the son and the father, the keen protégé and the stubborn classicist.
  12. Emotionally engaging and unhampered by dialogue, Boy & the World will appeal to children with its deceptively simple story and its visual splendor.
  13. A triumphant, feel-good, laugh-out-loud, sports biopic.
  14. Most parties concerned maintain their grim countenances, their characters struggling to find the sweet spot between honor and greed, between doing the right thing and doing the absolute worst.
  15. It's transformative.
  16. Lindholm's mastery of film form is matched by his willingness to engage with some of the most intractable moral quandaries that haunt contemporary life.
  17. While it descends too often into the melodramatic, it's a solid, smart picture and a welcome addition to the genre.
  18. We can't but enjoy the movie and its oddball characters - which makes us somehow complicit in their crimes.
  19. The Witch is a stressful movie to watch, and that's meant as the highest praise.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Tumbledown comes up light in the categories that matter most, miring a capable cast in a forced cable-knit folksiness familiar to anyone who has ever watched anything set in New England.
  20. The film delivers what it promises - an education and a thrill.
  21. Deadpool is, on the whole, a big bowl of fun filled with great stunts, gory fight scenes, and sexy poses.
  22. It's not a critique but a rather graceful, witty, and stylish film that offers possible solutions to the problems Moore believes plague the United States.
  23. For every laugh that Zoolander 2 elicits, there's a pang that all this was funnier the first time around.
  24. The execution may not be there, but at least it has good intentions. Then again, you know what they say about the road to hell.
  25. If you're looking for a reason to watch pretty people and cry, then, by all means, head to the theater. But it pales in comparison to other Sparks works, especially when it gets into medical-ethics territory.
  26. A goofy conflation of Coenian elements: the numbskull huggermugger of "The Big Lebowski", the La La Land surrealness of "Barton Fink", the Old Testament overlay of "A Serious Man."
  27. The irony of Anesthesia is that, while it uses interconnectivity as a storytelling mechanism, the characters do not really connect.
  28. Try not to let the film's overbearingly jaunty score get in the way. The Lady in the Van is quite a feat.
  29. It's easy to mistake the simplicity of plot and theme here for simple-mindedness - this isn't Pynchon or Proust. Kung Fu Panda 3 has the economy of a Zen koan, not to mention its inner harmony and wisdom.

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