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  1. Winterbottom's films never bore. They do sometimes frustrate, provoke - even anger. That's the case with his entry in the true-story genre, The Face of an Angel.
  2. Hoodwinked may be a poor cousin to the Shrek franchise, but this made-on-the-cheap computer-animated feature still has more style and snarky gags than Disney's recent CG hit, "Chicken Little."
  3. The film is cannily made.
  4. The puppets are anatomically correct and politically incorrect. They provide 45 of the funniest minutes I've spent at the movies this year.
  5. Part of Me is Perry's visually spectacular testimonial to her own indomitable determination to follow her dreams. The fact that the film lends itself to some really colorful Pinterest pages is merely a bonus.
  6. Yun-Fat is magnetic and majestic, and the story, no matter that it is not entirely true, continues to fascinate.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  7. The byplay between Efron and newcomer Tahan as his brother has a warmth and intimacy that establish the film's tone. The performances carry the film.
  8. The plot may be forgettable, but the execution is frantic and funny. The Spy Next Door is a movie that will bring smiles to kids - and their grandparents.
  9. The gift of Imaginary Heroes is getting to know these anything-but-ordinary people.
  10. The upside: Chow has energy and invention to burn. The downside: He doesn't know when he blisters his audience.
  11. For soccer aficionados, Kicking & Screaming boasts some fairly cool play, courtesy of Alessandro Ruggiero and Francesco Liotti, two kids who play "the Italians."
  12. At 92 minutes, the film has the economy of a Potter story, but not the shapeliness or the zip.
  13. Sappy, sentimental and redeemed only by the quiet radiance and fidgety intelligence of its leads, Last Chance Harvey is a fantasy about mopey middle-agers getting a second chance at love.
  14. A mild and merry romp about family, friends and sexual identity.
  15. While Pierre Thoretton's film boasts vivid archival footage of some YSL couture collections, Bergé's lugubrious tone renders everything black.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    His routine about the differences between cat lovers and dog lovers demonstrates how perceptive and just flat-out funny he can be when he's not trying so hard to shock us.
  16. While its message is a little simplistic, Knock Knock is shot through with a brilliant, gleefully anarchic dark humor that's equally fun and disturbing.
  17. Never going to be remembered as a tying-the-knot screwball classic (it probably won't be remembered past March), but one could do worse.
  18. Although the movie intends to incite viewers to social action, it is just as likely to paralyze them with fear.
  19. No amount of accomplished acting and directorial skill can conceal the fundamental silliness of Outbreak's storyline, its inconsistencies, and the miraculous coincidences necessitated by its plot. [10 Mar 1995, p.3]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  20. The nicest that can be said of this unapologetically schmaltzy, and not unenjoyable, affair is that it is the best 1936 musical made in 2009.
  21. The movie devolves into a kind of high-tech Flash Gordon, with Ra as a cross- dressed Ming and Russell and Spader as the heroes required to chase big lugs with ray-guns around the inside of a pyramid. Things get pretty brainless before it's over, although Russell does get to deliver a great send-off line. [28 Oct 1994, p.5]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  22. Invincible works, simply but provocatively, as a parable about the oppressed and the oppressors, victimhood and fanaticism.
    • 56 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Lizzie McGuire is an old-fashioned, harmless dolce, made all the more charming by Duff's winning appeal.
  23. It seems another member of Clint Eastwood's brood is ready for stardom. Francesca Eastwood, 22, his daughter with actor Frances Fisher, is one of the bright lights in writer-director JT Mollner's otherwise uneven feature debut.
  24. All in all, not good, but not bad.
  25. Wood, for her part, can appear sad, or seductive, or mysterious, or happy, or lovestruck, or deeply troubled. Gabi is also very good with a gun, so look out.
  26. Often I couldn't see the character for the metaphors.
  27. The film's grand concept is betrayed by Anthony Jaswinski's clumsy, mediocre script and by Anderson's inability to manage the talents of a great cast.
  28. Trueba's movie is nearly undone by its shapelessness. Because the filmmaker imposes little in the way of form (or drama) on his subject, his film is a good listen without being a particularly good watch.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer

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