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Highest review score: 100 The Last September
Lowest review score: 0 Isn't She Great
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3,340 movie reviews
  1. One of the rare rock films that produces the effect of a live concert: After each number, the audience erupts into applause.
  2. A triumph.
  3. As irresistible as Chan is irrepressible. In a movie season in which, it seems, all the blockbusters boast wheels, it's a treat to see a movie that has legs.
  4. A feast for the eyes and succor for the soul.
  5. Washington blows you away. To say he gives the performance of his career is an understatement.
  6. Smart, suspenseful, satisfyingly unpredictable.
  7. Spoofy and sweet... endearingly old-fashioned.
  8. Undeniable asset of an A list cast.
  9. The film's climax involves a father and son reunion that is tense, tragic and, finally, as transcendent as Mohammad himself.
  10. A profound and deeply moving exploration of facing death with dignity.
  11. A powerful film.
  12. The movie may be the meditation of an old man, but rarely has a supreme artist's twilight been so richly illuminating. Faithless makes other films on the same subject seem clueless.
  13. Girl on the Bridge, with its doomed art-house romanticism and echoes of Fellini, may not be the deepest piece of filmmaking out there now, but it is easily the most intoxicating. Take the leap.
  14. One of the finest pieces of screen acting in the career of Juliette Binoche -- the actress playing the actress in this extraordinary film.
  15. We feel it, in our hearts. And therein lies the great power of this small, wise film.
  16. Has a slow-burning emotional power.
  17. Manages the rare feat of being both bleak and deeply rewarding.
  18. Quiet, rageful indictment of a two-tiered Islamic society.
  19. This is a sweet, gentle film - slow and sunny like a summer day, with a message that growing up can be hard, but can also serve as the wellspring of memories that will sustain you for a lifetime.
  20. An overpowering and original piece of bravura filmmaking that constitutes one of the most breathtaking and impressive directing debuts in years.
  21. Wildly sad, funny and terrific documentary.
  22. It's inspired fun.
  23. Remarkable movie.
  24. The triumphant masterpiece of Akira Kurosawa's fertile twilight.
  25. A feel-good movie, in the absolute best sense.
  26. It's an occasion for welcoming a restoration that transforms a flawed movie, one that was touched by greatness, into a masterpiece.
  27. If we approach with sympathy and curiosity, we will be rewarded with same. And our souls, not to mention our bicycles, will soar to the heavens.
  28. It's aimed at adults as much as children, with jokes that work on multiple levels, and contraptions.
  29. Toy Story 2, like its forebear, will stand the test of time.
  30. The new print does justice to Philippe Agostini's splendidly atmospheric cinematography.

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