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3,419 movie reviews
  1. Slapdash, with dialogue and plot points that were cliches in Dickens' era, the pic sends up, then reaffirms, all the values the media sell us each holiday: compassion, forgiveness, tolerance.
  2. A bubble-brained comedy with as much bearing on the real world as a Pokemon cartoon.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
    • 27 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Once upon a time there were made-for-television movies. Now there are made-for-television movies for movie theaters. The Perfect Man, another anemic Hilary Duff vehicle, is a case in point.
  3. If Sweet November were a puppy, it would have rabies.
  4. Lame and misguided homage, which reduces satire to vulgar silliness for kids.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  5. However terrific Murray is, if Antonio Banderas, mellifluous voice of Puss-in-Boots in "Shrek 2," went paw to claw with Garfield, Puss would definitely triumph.
  6. This is not the plot of your typical Ice Cube movie. It does, however, combine the plots of at least three John Hughes movies.
  7. Sex and the City 2 is a champagne cocktail on a runaway train -- fizzy, sparkly, giddy-making, and splashing all over the place.
  8. Here is a movie with everything going for it and nothing working.
  9. This is a star vehicle that stalls.
  10. Never going to be remembered as a tying-the-knot screwball classic (it probably won't be remembered past March), but one could do worse.
  11. If only I liked The Majestic half as much as I liked Carrey in it.
  12. Catwoman, which talks about the "duality" inside all women (wild vs. docile, rapacious vs. cuddly), does have its guilty pleasures. Most of these come courtesy of ice queen Stone.
  13. Isn't as jaw-droppingly awful as its trailers suggest.
  14. The plot may be forgettable, but the execution is frantic and funny. The Spy Next Door is a movie that will bring smiles to kids - and their grandparents.
  15. English wrangles her talent like a virtuoso. Best is Murphy Brown herself, Candice Bergen.
  16. This saga of a former soccer star coaching his son's team in order to worm his way back into the heart of his ex-wife aims to be warm and funny. Alas, it is mechanical and exhausting, like a windup toy of a monkey crashing together cymbals for 106 minutes while incrementally winding down.
  17. Director Tim Story's film has two speeds: pedal-to-metal and screeching halt. The former is guaranteed to make the audience carsick, the latter to give it whiplash.
  18. What a stupefying thing it is.
  19. The question is not whether Murphy can do anything. He can. The question is why he would want to make a movie as squirmingly unfunny as Norbit.
  20. Modest, unassuming fare for younger children.
  21. Mike Myers, responsible for the picture's one, or possibly two, laughs.
  22. The million-dollar cast doesn't make the vulgar penny-ante jokes any funnier.
  23. Every time Problem Child gets an interesting edge, it loses it.
  24. By Twisted's final twist, though, it's all Judd can do to keep a straight face.
  25. An extremely broad and sometimes crude comedy.
  26. Because I Said So might have been sharper if it had focused on the mother/daughter relationship and didn't blunt its story with romantic comedy.
  27. Full of clunky humor, battle-of-the-sexes musings and spicy accordion music, Everybody Wants to Be Italian is relentless - but not necessarily relentless fun.
  28. Wastes an A-list cast in a sorry send-up of B-movie private-eye cliches.
  29. The result is a movie that is both laugh-out-loud funny and cringe-worthily silent.

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