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3,517 movie reviews
  1. Mildly enjoyable despite its basic mediocrity.
  2. This one is so bad that even Ed Norton couldn't get this mess to move through the sewer.
  3. This invitation to look down upon the stupidity of numskulls is one that should be declined as swiftly as a call to poke fun at Special Olympians.
  4. A dark, shaky, standard-issue superhero picture.
  5. Perfect Stranger is the Egg MacGuffin of whodunits, a cheesy affair that casts so many baited lures that they tangle each other and don't hook you.
  6. Half-baked, both in plot and execution, this spoof's for adolescent boys who find Minotaur private parts amusing and Queen Amidala in a chastity belt sexy.
  7. They has a low-budget, generic feel -- but also enough sense to know that unseen menace is a lot creepier than explicit gore.
  8. The film's focus on the contest between the two agents does throw the film off-balance.
  9. Mildly diverting but slight, the screwball comedy Gray Matters changes it up, more or less creating its own genre, the curveball farce.
  10. An unintentional high-tech hoot.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  11. Envy makes a pretty entertaining three-minute trailer. If only they'd left it at that.
  12. Monster-in-Law, where Bridezilla meets Godzilla, is a comedy so anemic, so toxic, that even Dracula wouldn't bite.
  13. This film about a career gal's date with fate careers out of control.
  14. Hobbled by a laughably bad script and a uniformly uncharismatic cast.
  15. Is there a limit to this incessant princessitude?
  16. Blended throws a lot of things on the screen, but in the end, it has to confront its awkward and artificial "romance." And that's just ugly.
  17. Feeble and formulaic.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  18. You want to cut Cop Out some slack because it's just so darn eager to please. So let's grant that it will make a reliably fun companion when it's on cable 10 times a week.
  19. The movie bogs down in tiresome good guys vs. bad guys action cliches.
  20. Plot contrivances, including an ominous cowboy-hatted figure who stalks Bitsey and her tagalong intern (Gabriel Mann), undermine the story's serious political themes.
  21. If the Brothers Grimm had devoted themselves to farce rather than scary fairy tales, they might have produced something like Seventh Son, a whacko sword-and-sorcery exercise.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    It's not original, but unlike some of this summer's movies (such as The Island and Stealth), The Cave knows its place. Its job is to deliver a few jolty thrills and a couple of laughs and wrap things up before it starts to get too dumb.
  22. The acting is better than the script deserves and Lexi Alexander's cut-to-the-hearse direction lends the film considerable kick.
  23. Doesn't run very deep, or resonate with profound meaning. But as a thoughtful fable, laced with humor, the picture has its charms.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  24. Maybe if there was something going with the dialogue - snappy Chandlerisms, say, or even just sentences that made sense - the fussy digital artifice of The Spirit wouldn't seem so, well, dispiriting.
  25. What ensues may be predictable, but the slapstick performances of Rudd and Bell are anything but. They court, they spark, and a few times they catch comic fire.
  26. Most of it plays like Jackass.
  27. It may not be the worst war epic ever made - that probably would be "Battlefield Earth" -- but it's darn close to being an unqualified disaster of that magnitude.
  28. Six guys and a gal who flatline on arrival. Easily the lamest action-adventure fantasy since “Wild Wild West.”
    • 30 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    It's the sort of stuff younger viewers will love.

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