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  1. The main flaw of White House Down is that it overstays its welcome, thanks in large part to a silly climax that seems to unfold in three laborious acts. At least, Tatum keeps his shirt off.
  2. It's not fresh and irreverent, qualities we admire in Allen. It is recycled and irrelevant.
  3. Watching the film is like getting hooked by a fearful angler who can't successfully reel you in.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  4. The real problem isn't with the actors, it's with 1) the source material, a highfalutin romance novel with a clever literary conceit, and 2) LaBute's clumsy, uncomfortable efforts to telescope Byatt's book into a workable movie.
  5. Contrived and schematic, Peter Chelsom's film is a mechanical bird that never takes wing.
  6. Alas, something happened on the book-to-screen operating table: Yes, Running With Scissors is rich, twisted, insane, mordant and ridiculous, but it is not funny. Not at all.
  7. The extent to which The Princess Diaries succeeds is the result of how pretty Hathaway at first mimics, then internalizes, Andrews' essential majesty.
  8. As for Bale, he seems to have lost his compass. His accent strays, his famous intensity wasted on clunky dialogue.
  9. This is a straight-up gangsta film, yo. Spare us the phony redemption.
  10. Edgeless as a marshmallow and twice as syrupy.
  11. 300
    300 is "Gladiator" for the gamer set.
  12. Curiously, despite Johnson's imposing physique, it's the kids who do most of the smashing and grabbing, right up until the climax, when it's all-hands-on-neck.
  13. Alas, it's a throwback that's thrown its back out - limping along, trailed by battalions of stereotypes and ammo rounds of cliche.
  14. The real problem is that there's nothing to George but the movie's props.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  15. Sadly, director Lee Toland Krieger's offering, a weak wanna-be Jean Cocteau-esque fable with magical realist pretensions, does great disservice to Lively and her remarkably accomplished costars.
  16. A big comedown from "The Fighter," Contraband finds Wahlberg in default mode: With his Popeye biceps and broody stares, the actor can do a character like Chris without even thinking about it - and that's what he does here.
  17. Despite Angela's skills - and Bullock's charms - director Irwin Winkler's film is so pedestrian that his movie has all the thrills of a school crossing.
  18. Alternately tedious, cliched and unintentionally funny.
  19. Quickly devolves into a violent thriller that resolves itself in sadomasochistic romance.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  20. By turns entertaining and excruciating.
  21. The script, which needs not just doctoring and could benefit from a spell in the critical-care ward, is full of dress-up and put-downs, and comes alive only when Prinze or Cook are on-screen. In short, She's All That aspires to be Clueless. It succeeds in being clueless.
  22. A moody cyber-noir with not much on its mind but looking good, Blackhat is a must-see if you like your dialogue (romantic, dramatic, subtitled Cantonese) peppered with techspeak.
  23. Dumb, dumb, dumb - borrowing scare tactics from Hitchcock and other suspense masters, but forgetting basic story.telling essentials such as character development and logical exposition.
  24. Tonally, Casino Jack is all over the place: exaggerated comedy, cartoonish high jinks, then heavy-handed melodrama (a third-act face-off between Abramoff and his wife, played with no center of gravity by Kelly Preston, comes out of nowhere).
  25. Intermittent moments of mild amusement ensue.
  26. A preposterous, if admittedly fun, exercise in sci-fi/horror mayhem.
  27. At its best, the movie is a catalog of doggy stunts.
  28. The film is at once shamelessly transparent, manipulative, and far-fetched, and impossibly suspenseful. You'll want to take a shower afterward - that's how icky you'll feel.
  29. An airless, bilious, endless pageant of pseudohistory.
  30. Shot on the cheap, with cheesy animated credits and comic-panel "Bams!" and "Pows!" splashed across the screen, Super has a jokey, low-rent quality (or lack of quality) that could be endearing, if Wilson's performance weren't so nihilistically dull, and if there were somebody in the picture who had a soul.

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