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  1. Relying on improv-y riffing and watch-them-coming-from-down-the-block-and-around-the-corner sight gags, The Campaign is intermittently amusing, but more often just interminable.
  2. The Island could be read as a metaphor for societal ills (commercialization, conformity, pharmaceutical overkill) if it weren't so shamelessly dumb. And dumb it is.
  3. Flat and predictable.
  4. Despite lovely songs from k.d. lang and Bonnie Raitt (written by Beauty and the Beast composer Alan Menken), this range is about as serene as a hen party.
  5. There's nothing hip or ironic about Poseidon, which makes Russell and Lucas the perfect leading men.
  6. How bad is Prince of Persia? Whether or not director Mike Newell is to blame, the action sequences lack verve and scope.
  7. The good news is that it sees what a jihad looks like from both sides. The bad news is that it's not a very good movie, with three fine performances and two great sequences.
  8. The trouble with Alfie - apart from the film's existence, and the wrongheaded idea of remaking a minor classic - is that not a soul is likable.
  9. Leaves you in no doubt of where the talent is in what would otherwise be a throwaway picture.
  10. There's not a believable character, nor line of convincing dialogue to be found.
  11. I watched this movie thinking that it used the idea of taking a chance on cards as a metaphor for taking a chance on love. I was dead wrong.
  12. Yet another Hollywood serving of everyman pluck, sports division.
  13. Legacy is a two-hour light show with a lot of flash, a little style, and not one byte of narrative originality.
  14. There's no doubt that the formula for this kind of action film is showing its age.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  15. The best thing about The Thing, the third - and the least interesting - big-screen adaptation of the John W. Campbell Jr. short story "Who Goes There?", is its closing credits.
  16. Eva Longoria brings a crisp swagger and fluent Spanish to her role.
  17. It isn't frightening. Sometimes, in fact, it's laughable.
  18. A movie that provokes as many rueful sighs as it does bruising laughs.
  19. Her (Angela Ismailos) generic questions about the politics, economics, and aesthetics of film yield predictably generic responses from her subjects.
  20. Purely as an action film, Riddick is passable, if grueling. The problem is tonal.
  21. What could have been an amusing and entertaining zombie flick is, instead, a slog.
  22. It's a stylish package with not much inside.
  23. Not even Chan's imaginative fight choreography redeems this folly.
  24. Utterly charmless - there's not even a glimmer.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  25. Sadly, the combination of gauzy photography and cheesy music gives the film the aura of a fragrance commercial.
  26. Eisenberg (who starred in director Fleischer's far better Zombieland) does his usual Eisenbergian thing, more slacker and less hacker, but still hitting the same notes. And Ansari squawks and yelps, like a parrot with a grudge.
  27. Fairy-tale-like musing on true love in cynical times.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  28. Don't blame Kline. This most thoughtful of actors is trapped behind the lectern of a film that spouts contradictory lessons it can't reconcile.
  29. A tired, cobbled-together concoction.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  30. It'd be nice if Jason Statham and Ben Foster, The Mechanic's mentor/protege duo, could crack a smile. Once.

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