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  1. It's intriguing enough to suck you in, but confusing, fragmentary, frustrating.
  2. Directed in moody, downbeat tones by Daniel Barnz, Cake doesn't know when to stop piling on the angst.
  3. Cobbled together from memorable parts of Allen's own (not to mention Hitchcock's) classics, Scoop doesn't establish its own identity.
  4. Not a movie, it's a museum catalog of gorgeously rendered portraits and landscapes. What a crashing disappointment.
  5. Virtually every set-up and set-piece in this extravagantly tedious adventure is misleading, or worse, irrelevant.
  6. It's a parable as timely today as when it was written. But except for Paymer as the boss who ultimately expresses empathy for Bartleby's pain, the performances are so stylized as to be drained of human emotion.
  7. A TV-movie-ish love story laden with heavy-handed metaphor... The Theory of Flight is feeble stuff.
  8. It's simplistic and reactionary and designed to get hearts pumping but not minds thinking.
  9. If there's going to be a "Rush Hour 3," the filmmakers need more of the Ziyi/Sanchez women warriors to punch up the sagging cross-cultural buddy humor of the Chan-Tucker partnership.
  10. Chicken Little is entirely lacking in anything "Disneyesque."
  11. Has the disjointed feel of a bunch of strung-together TV episodes.
  12. Individual moments in Hit and Runway are quite funny, but as a send-up of action-movie mindlessness, the movie is sometimes as dumb as its targets.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  13. Sly can still fill a too-tight polo shirt at 66 - in the same way Jack LaLanne did in his later years. But no amount of movie magic can make him pass for a lethal and nimble juggernaut.
  14. Suffers from "Bridget Jones" Syndrome but without that movie's charms.
  15. What makes the new movie almost bearable is the byplay between Sandler and Chris Rock.
  16. As in "An Education," Scherfig's settings are unshowy, imparting period flavor without overwhelming what is, ultimately, an underwhelming film.
  17. In this G-rated movie the effects are gee-whiz, with live giraffes amid the stuffed animals and bouncy balls so manic that they could use some Ritalin.
  18. If the filmmakers had a script half as good as their special effects, Night at the Museum would be a must-see.
  19. xXx
    Less a movie than a collection of pretty cool action set-pieces, linked together with some seriously awful acting and dialogue that even Dr. Evil couldn't deliver with a straight face.
  20. Where Finding Nemo suggested that under-the-waves adventure was limitless, Shark Tale suggests that this sea is over-fished. The krill is gone.
  21. In mood and in content is just SO 20th century.
  22. What are you going to do when your lead actress offers a performance that's as unlikable as the woman she's portraying? Maybe it's the script (flimsy, formulaic), or filmmaker Alejandro Gomez Monteverde's conspicuous direction, but Tammy Blanchard's Nina, a waitress with a dour disposition and an unwanted pregnancy, pretty much sucks the life out of this well-meaning melodrama.
  23. Paradoxically fast-talking and laid back, Long's Bartleby appears to be the illegitimate child of Groucho Marx and Ferris Bueller, one whose schemes are far more impressive than his deeds.
  24. The film's intimations of bisexual romance have a certain innate drama that no amount of bad acting or cornball rugby matches can completely erase.
  25. The overall effect is one of a sumptuously laid table where the main course is overcooked.
  26. Too much Good Friday and not enough Easter Sunday. Emphasizing Jesus' agony over His ecstasy, Gibson has delivered a blood-drenched epic more stunning for its brutal violence than for its depiction of the calvary.
  27. There are, to be sure, some impressive special effects here, and whoever Warner Bros. hires to make the new Superman movie should take notes.
  28. All in all, a resonant theme, poorly played.
  29. Although it is based on a true story, the dramatization doesn't make much sense psychologically.
  30. Dull plod.

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