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3,289 movie reviews
  1. If that sounds highbrow and pretentious, it's not. The neat trick of Tristram Shandy is that the whole thing comes off as a lark.
  2. Urgent and stunning movie.
  3. The story of Donald Crowhurst is not one of remarkable courage or remarkable endurance. But it is remarkable.
  4. On a deeper level, the Dardennes' film offers a portrait of a fragile yet determined woman set on making a home for herself in the world, even as that world unravels before her eyes.
  5. Terrifically satisfying film.
  6. Family. Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. Little Miss Sunshine, a stormy quasi-comedy destined to polarize audiences, is a perfect specimen of this unsentimental attitude.
  7. It all comes down to affirmation vs. denial. Leigh chooses affirmation. And the result is life-affirming.
  8. Quiet, finely etched and beautifully acted by Dina Korzun and the wise-beyond-his-years Artiom Strelnikov.
  9. Taut entertainment that juggles brainy ideas about perception, predetermination and free will - and drops things in a messy third act where the vintage noir gets bathed in a bit too much Spielbergian glow.
  10. Frost/Nixon is not the epic gladiatorial face-off, the ricocheting verbal shoot-out that writer Morgan and filmmaker Howard imagined.
  11. Exhilarating and tragic.
  12. Based on reports of a real 2005 incident, it is a film that asks its viewer to consider the nature of good and evil, love and trust - and trust that turns into something like blind faith.
  13. Sweet-natured but overdone, over-long film.
  14. A little gem that's everything a fine independent film used to be.
  15. An epic docudrama - electric and raw.
  16. The rhythms of Whale Rider are hypnotic as the ebb tide, haunting as the song of the humpback sea mammal, bracing as the ocean spray. It's a movie that rewards the patient viewer.
  17. Rees tells Alike's story in vignettes that are sometimes slapstick, sometimes heartbreaking, always tender.
  18. You go to a Daniels movie not to be entertained, but edified. While not everyone goes to the movies for self-improvement, you will leave this one having witnessed phenomenal acting.
  19. A gut-punch of a drama.
  20. Stern and Sundberg, best known for their Darfur documentary "The Devil Came on Horseback," did not shrink from the atrocities in Sudan; nor do they shrink from the fame-hungry excesses here.
  21. Chunhyang is a movie — and a heroine — for all times.
  22. With its knowing take on men, messed-up romance and music, is like one long, hook-filled pop song for the eyes.
  23. Brian Cox is especially good, and slippery, as Menenius, a Roman senator.
  24. Compared to "Ray," which takes Ray Charles' unique life story and manages to make it feel like a cliche, Kinsey is total sophistication and nuance.
  25. When Dizdar hits, he hits big.
  26. Glazer has a daring sense of story structure that ratchets up the suspense, and his sense for sardonic black comedy is unerring.
  27. Not just a great sports movie, Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 captures a pivotal moment in recent history.
  28. For actresses of a certain age, Jarmusch's film amounts to a full-employment act...Best are Stone, transparent in her desire, and Conroy, completely opaque.
  29. This is a picture of quiet observation, contained emotion, the hush before the cathartic scream.
  30. In the film, the music, beginning with a muted a cappella ballad, is from Eastwood himself.

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