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  1. Cold Case doesn't know Philly. Too often the few authentic exteriors - Boathouse Row, for instance - give way to some generic Los Angeles location. The show itself is full of references to nonexistent places and situations. [28 Sept 2003, p.H01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  2. The mystery makes Pretty Little Liars more entertaining than the tedium of Gossip Girls, and many parents might actually enjoy watching along with their young adults, who can explain why this sort of thing is so alluring to them.
  3. Yes, it's all decidedly odd.
  4. A remarkably intelligent if sometimes flat six-part mini-series, Show Me a Hero concerns the housing desegregation scandal that engulfed Yonkers, N.Y., in the 1980s.
  5. That's about where this show sits, on the rails, but with a little journey ahead to get from captain to rear admiral.
  6. The result is distinctly forced, but a standout cast manages to put a breezy top spin on some leaden material.
  7. Vegas has a lot of things going for it: star power, period ambience, and a compelling Vegas central conflict. But despite all that, the show doesn't feel like it's hit the jackpot.
  8. Williams is a treasure, leapfrogging through voices, characters, and puns.... He's also the only reason to watch, because the show's premise is so limiting.
  9. You hope the show doesn't get stuck in sexual shenanigans week after week. Even 30-year-olds think about other things sometimes. But for now, it seems fair to follow Emily's lead and see what develops.
  10. Grandfathered is a nicely written and well-acted charmer - but it threatens to get old fast.
  11. When the heroes look like this, you don't have to sweat the details. [9 Oct 2002, p.D09]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  12. The series is exceedingly good at what it does, but that is not storytelling, which leaves The Knick in the curious position of being utterly absorbing without being particularly engaging.
  13. Documentary Now! may not match the genius that possesses Blunt Talk and its stars, but it's still one of the best laughers on cable.
  14. Part soap opera, part horror movie, all whodunit, Harper's is diverting, and only infrequently frightening, fantasy soap opera.
  15. Richly textured and enjoyable if wildly uneven, the star-studded series tries to marry the hard-nosed, brutally violent realism of modern TV to an antique--some would say antiquated--aesthetic of genteel mannerisms and off-the-wall humor prevalent during the first golden age of TV in the 1950s and '60s.
  16. So what if it's as superficial as a flesh wound? There's plenty of style.
  17. Tut
    A largely enjoyable, if uneven three-night epic about one of the best-known rulers from Ancient Egypt: Tutankhamun.
  18. The show is ugly and fixated on death and violence. There's lots of lurid sex, too, reflected in other title images. There's also creativity and flat-out breathtaking acting to instill a voyeuristic fascination and perhaps inspire a fanatic.
  19. If musical theater gives you goose bumps, congratulations. You just got a front-row seat. If it doesn't enthrall you, Smash will strike you as almost unbearably tedious and pretentious.
  20. The drama really piles it on: Catherine's only hobbies seem to be cutting herself on her tummy and hips with a razor and collecting paintings of famous serial killers' childhood homes. Midway through, the pilot improves considerably--and gets even stranger.
  21. Its success is due largely to the costumes, set dressing, and comeliness of the two leads, a smoldering Max Irons (son of Jeremy) and radiant Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson.... The problem with The White Queen is its pace, slowed by ponderous exposition and arcane bloodline conspiracies.
  22. Low Winter Sun goes for a mood darker than noir. It's atmospheric, but the air it generates is noxious.
  23. Despite a number of funny lines sprinkled through the script, this History isn't very memorable. It seems more like Larry David's What I Did on My Summer Vacation project.
  24. It's a show-off show, the most impressive new series of the season, of many seasons, but it has one big deficit. Like the Tin Man, it has no heart. Maybe it will grow one, and it will certainly bear watching for a few weeks to see if it does. [22 Sept 1999, p.C01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  25. You may also laugh at some of these jokes, because Michael Rapaport, who plays Daddy Dave, delivers them with such bravado.
  26. As enjoyable as it is to watch, it seems at the same time ridiculously far to go for a joke. You can't escape the feeling that an extraordinary amount of time, money, and talent have been spent on a thin premise.
  27. [A] fascinating, if uneven, new drama,
  28. Even though the first two installments seem like the unfocused, muddled ramblings of a drunken storyteller, The Bastard Executioner eventually takes us to a place so dark, shocking, and surprising that one feels compelled to keep watching.
  29. It's a shame that the marathon viewing of Angie Tribeca exposes the show's weaknesses. Does goofiness hold up in a 25-hour block? Or does the shtick wear too thin? Angie Tribeca's shtick was never particularly thick to begin with.
  30. It's a supernatural mystery, involving a few ghosts, a little time travel and lots of crazy people. People who have been missing The X-Files might really go for The Lost Room.

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