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  1. This is a solid addition to a saga we find endlessly fascinating.
  2. Poldark doesn't rise to the dramatic heights of Downton Abbey. And though it sometimes takes itself too seriously, it is an eminently watchable yarn.
  3. Mr. Sunshine looks promising, with former Friend Matthew Perry playing straight man in a swirl of kooks, including an especially amusing Allison Janney, who deliver consistent laughs.
  4. Scoundrels, at 9 p.m., and The Gates, at 10, may not be exactly the stuff you can't wait another week for, but both are watchable and fun, part of a big ABC effort to put something new, if not original, on the air most nights this summer.
  5. Great cast and intriguing storytelling may get viewers, and, more important, network honchos, hooked.
  6. Like Entourage, it boasts an affable cast. Johnson is the real draw, able to flex dramatic muscles he's not often given the opportunity to use.
  7. Wild, crude, and silly, at turns inspired and plain stupid.
  8. The Spoils Before Dying, which lampoons Hollywood's classic films noirs of the 1940s and 1950s, is a much more assured and accomplished piece of filmmaking. But it's not nearly as wonderfully original or manic as its predecessor.
  9. It's a deeply researched, visually superb two-part study of what the film terms "a decade-long natural catastrophe of biblical proportions." ... The second chapter on Monday night, "Reaping the Whirlwind," is slower and less informative.
  10. Tonight's episode employs the same he's-talking-about-one-thing, she's-talking-about-another, and neither-one-knows-it farcical convention that was frequently featured in Frasier, and goes back at least to Moliere. These pros bring it off with panache.
  11. This ain't brain science, folks. Just a well-written, nicely performed, and very, very, very familiar sitcom.
  12. Though it lacks the production value or special-effects budget of the Twilight movies, Bitten has a smooth, slick look and boasts solid performances.
  13. Ringer is no Buffy, so that's enough of that. It is a cleverly constructed take on the old concept of the evil twin, a soap opera staple that dates back more than a thousand years through movies, books, and poetry.
  14. Scoundrels, at 9 p.m., and The Gates, at 10, may not be exactly the stuff you can't wait another week for, but both are watchable and fun, part of a big ABC effort to put something new, if not original, on the air most nights this summer.
  15. The show has some hilarious moments and perks along between them as you might expect a Drescher show to. It's a fine and frothy companion to the big show on TV Land (is that an oxymoron?) at 10 p.m. Wednesday, the Betty White-starrer Hot in Cleveland.
  16. Careful viewing reveals that American customs bear the brunt of most of the gentle humor of this series that should fit seamlessly into NBC's goofballs-at-the-office (or in-the-classroom) Thursday-night sitcom block.
  17. Pelosi tells McGreevey's story in her eighth HBO documentary, the insightful, eminently watchable Fall to Grace.
  18. There are no twins, reality stars, or vampires, er, witches, but you're not alone in thinking that's the most preposterous concept of all. Surprisingly, cast and crew succeed in making the sugary sweet illogic palatable, if not a gourmet delight.
  19. The story is as predictable as the sunrise, but somehow, instead of distracting from the film's enjoyment, that adds to it. As the world spins faster and more coarsely every day, it's a quiet pleasure to watch an old-fashioned production in which virtue, charity, and hard work are rewarded.
  20. The whole web would unravel if each character weren't so interesting all by his or her own lonesome self.
  21. Although Hatfields & McCoys is slow moving, it's also oddly gripping.
  22. It's hard to find one that's not more entertaining than watching one of your winter favorites the second time around. Picking three or four regulars to go with summer's more esoteric fare, which includes Breaking Bad, The Big C, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and some others, makes an excellent TV strategy. The Protector deserves a slot in the rotation.
  23. The helpers seem compassionate, and Ferguson's story is so fascinating that her "journey" makes for good reality television.
  24. Though it makes several seriously absurd leaps of logic, American Odyssey will be a must-see for conspiracy lovers. The show's only real downside is that its utterly hyperbolic and sensationalistic tone overshadows and obscures some of the real political issues it touches upon.
  25. Brothers is funnier than many African American sitcoms before it, and much better (what isn't?) than 'Til Death, with which it will be awkwardly paired beginning next week.
  26. Violent and sometimes sexually tawdry, as only pay cable can be, Sleeper Cell is not for the faint of heart, but it provides well-constructed thrills with its tour of the morally ambiguous land of counter-terrorism.
  27. Whatever their era, Houdini and Doyle are the show. More interesting than the cases they worked on in the two episodes I've seen, they start out more as frenemies than friends, but it's a relationship with promise.
  28. So much of it is striking, particularly the work of two of the leads, Alfred Molina (The Da Vinci Code, Frida) and Michael Keaton (Batman, Live From Baghdad), who play CIA men with antithetical spy styles.
  29. ER is energetic, combining hints of Rescue 911 with splashes of L.A. Law in an entertaining concoction. [15 Sep 1994]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  30. NYPD Blue's James McDaniel joins Imperioli and a fine cast, including the City of Detroit itself, in this show that tries to imbue a Cops-like documentary feel to its action, all shot on location.

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