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  1. Scorpion has a really cool and grabby pilot that moves at a jolting, jackrabbit pace. But the episode has the unmistakable aura of a magic trick.
  2. No question, this is a high-quality production with a fine cast that includes Marin Ireland, Brian Cox, Thomas Sadoski, Michael Nouri, and Penn Badgley. But it's also terribly stagey and saddled with a pretentious voice-over by Victor Garber.
  3. An enjoyable if inflated and overwrought four-part mini-series.
  4. Shot primarily in Kazakhstan and Malaysia, the series is richly atmospheric, lavishly produced, and artfully rendered. But you may find that the whole is less than the sum of its parts. It doesn't work nearly as well as drama as it does as sheer spectacle.
  5. The premise is actually more promising than the one in HBO's The Leftovers, in which a portion of Earth's population just vanishes. But The Lottery is not as well-cast or -produced as that other 10-episode series.
  6. For adults, the thing plays a little like Fox's Prison Break.
  7. In its first week, the show has acquired a more expansive, scattershot tone. It feels less rehearsed than Leno's regime, but at times, out of control.
  8. There's plenty of that low-key humor that characterized Ed, and the show can be hilarious when the crew gets involved in Keystone Kops capers, but it drags in the middle ground.
  9. Though painfully brief, the vibrant footage of acts like Passion Pit, D'Angelo, Dirty Projectors and Gary Clark Jr. on stage indicates that Made in America could have been a magnificent concert film. Instead, it's a pompous, overly earnest documentary, striated with flashes of brilliance.
  10. After all those promos, people have the feeling they've seen the whole first episode, which they probably have.
  11. An otherwise run-of-the-mill mystery with a big twist.
  12. Life Is Wild, is serenely benign considering its title, but some families should find fun in this foolishness from far away.
  13. Potential pours from the screen, but the premiere has plenty of problems. People seem to be uncomfortable and trying too hard, just as they do on their first day in school or on the job.
  14. Smart guys from the outskirts of society have been solving tough cases entertainingly at least as long as Sherlock Holmes. The Mentalist simply presents another, along with no compelling reason either to tune in or turn off.
  15. It's slightly less entertaining than the moderately entertaining original, with a far-fetched connection that these undercover wonders somehow have something to do with the Navy, which is the "N" in NCIS, and who really cares what the "CIS" is?
  16. The Book of Daniel is different and ambitious enough to bear watching at least for a little while.
  17. What this project has, almost excessively, is mood. It should have traded in some of that rich ambience for a story that's halfway involving.
  18. Like all the CW series, The Tomorrow People has a gorgeous, young ensemble and a fresh (though not original) premise. But it's going to have to significantly broaden the scope of the story and the size of the cast if it hopes to succeed as an episodic.
  19. Strangely theatrical and disappointingly hollow. [29 Sept 2002, p.H03]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  20. It loses some luster under closer scrutiny when the jagged edges of the formula start to cut through the attractive veneer. [1 Oct 2003, p.E01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  21. Samantha will battle against past unremembered sins, as the writers battle to bring their scripts up to Applegate's talents.
  22. There isn't much suspense in the script, nor are there surprising revelations about what happened.
  23. But all too often, [exploitation is] what this semiautobiographical series feels like.
  24. [Debra Messing is] utterly unconvincing in both modes of Laura's character: the cop with a mean left hook and the frazzled mom.... On the plus side, The Mysteries of Laura has really snappy writing.
  25. Despite Underwood's compelling presence and a good-looking cast, this is a rather standard police procedural. Handsome looking, but unremarkable.
  26. In the early going, Kinnear is simply too stain-proof. His fizzy, boyish air makes Keegan's vices seem merely prankish and easily overlooked.
  27. The big mysteries behind the trees in Hidden Palms are also way more fun than the mud in the murky waters of Dawson's Creek. That's not a lot, but pondering the extent of evil in the bad boy, and the cause of the craziness in the gorgeous girl, not to mention why the dead kid died, is considerably more stimulating than it was years ago to put the TV on mute and gawk when Katie Holmes came on the screen.
  28. Lipstick Jungle isn't that bad. It's more like "awww."; Not as in "Awww, isn't it cute?" but "Awww, little Candy didn't do as well this time as everybody hoped."
  29. The emotional elements are a little overbaked, the spiritual aspects decidedly undercooked. But as short-term entertainment, this could fit the bill quite nicely.
  30. There's not a current star among them, but this wacky lineup could provide the biggest and brightest series of Celeb Appren train wrecks ever. Alas, as usual, the episodes of the show, are flabbier than Meat Loaf ever was, two long hours long.

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