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  1. [Rollergirls] skillfully convey[s] the ups and downs of everyday life, man trouble, hard partying, athletic rivalry, in an unfamiliar culture. But the show adds a layer of visceral excitement, as superb camera work and editing bring the intensity of the competition into genteel living rooms.
  2. The predicaments of Jack and those unlucky enough to be associated with him are wholly preposterous. But the show's creators make it so much fun to watch that only the fussiest fussbudgets protest the fantasy.
  3. Only an occasional over-spicing of melodrama keeps The Unit from TV's top echelon. Even so, it's the best new dramatic series of a TV season that started way back in September.
  4. It demonstrates the potential of reality television to go beyond determining who can eat the most worms or scream the loudest, to illuminate important social and cultural issues.
  5. Frequently hilarious.
  6. Thief is in a different league, simultaneously intense and flamboyant, propelled by Braugher, who's even better here than in Homicide: Life on the Street.
  7. [It] is sure to occupy a special place in Emmy voters' hearts.
  8. You've never seen anything quite like Ugly Betty.
  9. One of this season's best new series.
  10. A well-made rocket ride that's closer to 24 than anything else on TV.
  11. The show is equal parts silliness and satire.
  12. A challenging and satisfying legal thriller.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Torchwood doesn't disappoint: After tonight's slam-bang premier, subsequent episodes only get more outrageous.
  13. Reaper is right up there with the best new shows of the season, better, actually, than NBC's "Chuck" because it dares to be more radical.
  14. It may not be a creative breakthrough, but it's lots funnier than the universal equation would predict.
  15. Cane, at 10 p.m., stars ever-hunky Jimmy Smits and a huge cast that ranges from a 12-year-old to Hector Elizondo and Rita Moreno, in a tale of--what else?--lust, money, romance and family intrigue. We've seen it all before, but never this appealingly.
  16. Aliens in America, a darling and delightful sitcom with a social conscience.
  17. It's a cornucopia of fanciful sets and costumes and more computer graphic imaging than you'll find anywhere else on TV, and a lot of it is pretty cool.
  18. Glau's the best part of Chronicles, playing the robot who seeks to understand human stuff with a beguiling bemusement reminiscent of Jeff Bridges in "Starman."
  19. It's unpredictable and stimulating, like the drug that White manufactures, but it produces a much safer high.
  20. It is a finely crafted serial about contemporary and supposedly representative people in the same decade of life.
  21. The Tudors is loads of addictive fun, filled with intrigue, the delicious papal stylings of Peter O'Toole, and that old stand-by, hot sex.
  22. The episodes, each supposedly one day in the life of America, should leave viewers squirming, not just with laughter at the failings they portray, but with anticipation that Ullman and Showtime will hurry up and make some more.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    A shockingly good series about a motorcycle gang in the apocryphal California valley town of Charming.
  23. Worst Week is a dandy confection, as slight and silly and flat-out hilarious as anything that's come along on TV in a few years.
  24. You ain't seen this stuff on TV before, my friends, and if you're smart, you'll search it out and enjoy.
  25. Valentine puts a modern twist on family drama that's edgy and fun without being overwrought or vulgar.
  26. Insightful, smart and lyrical, Spectacle soars when so much of cable TV seems intent on locating the most distressing nadir of human culture.
  27. The shows are fun and exciting, Mr. Blow, perfect for a stay-at-home Friday night, having a few guys over for beers, or recording and watching when you wake up Saturday afternoon, after all that hard partying.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    It's "Sex and the City" London-style, but with a darker edge, and more brains and gravitas.