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  1. It's a demanding show that really requires your full attention--but stick with it and you will delight in its clever writing, dark humor, and wonderfully perverse depiction of the Machiavellian power struggles that make the solar system go round.
  2. The dialog is sharp and not always nice. It means Catastrophe has to earn its sentiment, which it does with aplomb.
  3. Frequently hilarious.
  4. iZombie is a delightfully ironic take on the horror genre. While as a police procedural it's far more Veronica Mars than Rookie Blues.
  5. Gibney's doc is a punishing amendment to Wright's book, illustrating how this modern religion has stayed alive and well.
  6. Tenderfoot, when you mosey into Deadwood, HBO's latest breathtaking drama series, you should remember: An entirely new world takes a little getting used to. [21 Mar 2004, p.H01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  7. A charming, exciting, and impeccably written sci-fi drama for grown-ups.
  8. A hilarious family fish-out-of-water tale that fits seamlessly Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on 6ABC between The Middle and Modern Family.
  9. What makes the film especially memorable, and equally flawed, is its single-minded determination to drive out all the sleaze and scandal that so defined Burton and Taylor's love affair. Ivory doesn't spin a celebrity tale here but rather a universal story about love won and love lost.
  10. The Causal Vacancy beautifully weaves together story lines about vivid characters of all social classes and of all ages with funny, heartbreaking and shocking vignettes about the hangups and bossiness of the main players and their children.
  11. Spotless is great fun. Intelligent, well-written, and beautifully photographed, it has a remarkably sharp satirical edge.
  12. CSI doesn't shy from the less savory aspects of the business it covers. There are flashback cams that show the crime taking place and micro cams that look closely at the evidence...But it's kind of tasteful, if you can imagine, and contributes to a Friday night show that is not only entertaining, but might actually teach you a thing or two. [6 Oct 2000]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  13. It's likely to startle you the way no show has since The X-Files.
  14. It's anything but stale or derivative.
  15. Glau's the best part of Chronicles, playing the robot who seeks to understand human stuff with a beguiling bemusement reminiscent of Jeff Bridges in "Starman."
  16. Show creator Bryan Fuller, director David Slade, and their writers have created in Hannibal a satisfying, addictive, and truly disturbing work.
  17. It's still as irresistible as a bowl of pistachios.
  18. Public Morals gets going at the end of the pilot when one of the underbosses of the Irish mob is murdered, which sparks a war between various gangs, including the cops. But the action in this drama is there to serve the characters, who are always unique and engaging.
  19. Mr. Robot returns for its second season 10 p.m. Wednesday, as enigmatic and intriguing as ever.
  20. With its dark edge, low-key action sequences, and dry humor, Marvel's Jessica Jones is a unique addition to TV's growing Marvel universe.
  21. It all works. Jimmy and Gretchen are horrible people, but they are endearing in their congenital terribleness. They are unlovable, which makes them inherently lovable.
  22. National Geographic has a fascinating hour, George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview, in which the former president describes the whys and wherefores of his actions in the time immediately following the attack, and during the subsequent days.
  23. It's graphic--disturbingly and, some would say, unnecessarily, so.... But it's also intelligent and enlightening.
  24. The production is so technically expert that it's agonizing to watch. And with the emphasis on authenticity, there's almost none of the tension that usually moves drama along. To get through it all, viewers will need to be almost as committed to Band of Brothers as the soldiers were to fighting the war. [9 Sept 2001, p.H01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  25. The pilot rivals anything you'll see at the cineplex in terms of acting, surprise, and suspense. You will go into each commercial break with your heart in your throat. But what really makes The Following more like a feature film than a primetime program is its extravagant, emphatic savagery.
  26. Ted Danson recurs as a skewed version of himself on Curb, and on Bored to Death, he's a pot-addled cross between Seinfeld's Mr. Peterman and Donald Trump. What a pleasure to find some humor in a culture that makes that guy a hero.
  27. A memorable drama with a fascinating mystery at its core, Arthur & George also provides an illuminating, realistic portrait of an era that is often overromanticized on TV.
  28. Invasion has great production values and is tops among the three new alien series.
  29. Even in today's world in which everyone lives online, the milieu of Silicon Valley makes for a rather small target. But Judge and his colleagues manage to hit it smartly.
  30. Andrew Davies, who made 2006's Bleak House one of the best TV shows of the year, crafts another superb script, with characters and incidents squeezing out the sides, just the thing to satisfy close observers, which anyone joining this maxi mini-series should be.

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