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  1. Comics have been doing this sort of thing on TV since I Love Lucy and The Jackie Gleason Show in the '50s, but never with the hilarious depravity of Sunny.
  2. The song and dance spills over everywhere, even onto the football field, in this season's best new TV show, Glee.
  3. The Americans may be a tricky concept to sustain, because it means bringing the protagonists to the very brink of discovery on a regular basis. But for now, it's a daring tightrope walk, full of action and suspense.
  4. Its characters aren't valiant champions of truth, beauty, and goodness, but deliciously compromised anti-heroes who are morally ambivalent, if not downright nasty. More compelling--at least for English lit nerds--our leads go toe-to-toe and fang-to-fang against an army of vampires while speaking poetry.
  5. One of the best comedies in years.
  6. There's art aplenty in a film that elicits emotion as it slowly draws you into a place you've certainly never been before, even if it may leave you wondering why you made the journey.
  7. Sneaky Pete is fun, even if it isn't wildly unpredictable.
  8. Casual, which features salty language, is a smart, grown-up show for grown-ups who know the sexiest organ humans possess is the brain.
  9. A fun show with broad appeal. [6 Oct 1999, p.D01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  10. One of this season's best new series.
  11. It's artfully directed, but intensely grisly. And its atmosphere is far more coherent than its sometimes sketchy narrative. But it does string you along. With barbed wire.
  12. Documentary Now! may not match the genius that possesses Blunt Talk and its stars, but it's still one of the best laughers on cable.
  13. Notaro, who survived a version of these events several years ago, has added tragedy and time to make the kind of comedy that feels both fresh and familiar. She's as appealing, and as low-key, an actress as she is a comedian.
  14. Crossfire Hurricane is deeply enjoyable for the songs--from "She's a Rainbow" to "Brown Sugar"--and for the extraordinary trove of archival film it has assembled.
  15. The first season of the wildly popular Fox dramarama was soapy in all the right ways, but, like the best soaps, teetered between being, like, the greatest and a big mess. This season walks the same precarious path.
  16. Intense, enlightening, brilliant, unnerving, and addictive, Narcos is high-concept drama at its finest.
  17. Somber and uncompromising. ... Despite its high-powered actors (Adam Arkin and Hector Elizondo also work at this hospital) and highfalutin executive producer, David E. Kelley (Picket Fences, L.A. Law), the show's a storehouse of cliches. [15 Sep 1994]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  18. It's about the ultimate outcast and his efforts to become human. Like all good drama, it uses heightened characters to magnify struggles we all have.
  19. Epic in scale, gorgeous, and beautifully acted.
  20. Aliens in America, a darling and delightful sitcom with a social conscience.
  21. You're not likely to find better sketch comedy on TV. It's a shame there are only four episodes.
  22. Fogelman's charmingly intricate pilot benefits from strong performances.
  23. Because it's such recent history, there are few revelations in a frequently flat assemblage of interviews and highlights, with Wednesday's installment, featuring some of the greatest postseason flops and comebacks of all time, the more appealing of the two.
  24. Brilliantly written, with stunning performances, this will be Luther's final year on TV.
  25. This season disappoints when it comes to Mary's story arc.... When Downton ends in March, it will end as it began, quietly, politely, and most certainly not with a bang or narrative flourish.
  26. The series is thoroughly derivative and utterly parasitic on the most ephemeral, shallow aspects of the culture.
  27. One of the best new series of the season. [30 Sept 2001, p.H01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  28. You'll turn on the first episode and mysteriously find yourself sitting in the same spot on your couch eight episodes later, never having moved an inch.
  29. Preacher lets its mystery and mythology trickle out slowly over the four episodes provided for review, never being vague for vagueness' sake, or too obvious.
  30. Fortitude has a lot going for it, but it lacks a unifying focus or center of gravity. Scenes seem slapped together without much forethought and with little connective tissue.

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