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  1. Ride Along is a film so casual in its conception and execution, it should be titled Drive Thru.
  2. Struggles mightily to find its loony essence. But Bullock's apple-cheeked larkishness is all flailing limbs and bug-eyed reaction shots - there's no there there. Cooper's character is woefully underwritten, Church's is yet another vain anchorman-wannabe cartoon.
  3. If the Brothers Grimm had devoted themselves to farce rather than scary fairy tales, they might have produced something like Seventh Son, a whacko sword-and-sorcery exercise.
  4. Monster-in-Law, where Bridezilla meets Godzilla, is a comedy so anemic, so toxic, that even Dracula wouldn't bite.
  5. Full of kerplunkingly unfunny jokes and ex-"Saturday Night Live" cast members turning up to do shtick.
  6. "Zis is not verking! Zee glitter cannot overpower zee artist!" That, in a sentence, sums up what is wrong with this picture.
  7. Totally lame.
  8. A piece of schlock from Garry Marshall.
  9. A subpar 3D action comedy featuring four giant motion-capture animated turtles and a raft of human costars, including the dreamy-eyed Fox, wide-shouldered Perry, a remarkably slender Will Arnett, and Laura Linney, who looks tired and uncomfortable throughout the proceedings.
  10. The cast, especially The Game, does a fairly good job with this meager material, but it's like trying to make chateaubriand out of Spam.
  11. As a cinematic experience, it's like being locked in a coffin for an hour and a half.
  12. Has to be one of the nuttiest, sappiest (literally), most unintentionally hilarious spectacles to come down the time-travel turnpike in eons.
  13. Alas, this joyless affair doesn't have a clou.
  14. An astoundingly senseless thriller.
  15. Hot Rod never establishes its own personality.
  16. Characters are introduced as archetypes to serve as jokes and little more.
  17. When the big caper finally arrives, you will neither grasp nor care about what's going on.
  18. Proves a theory first advanced in the movie "Repo Man": The more you drive, the stupider you get.
  19. This one is so bad that even Ed Norton couldn't get this mess to move through the sewer.
    • 32 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Reiner, who made "This is Spinal Tap," "The Sure Thing," "When Harry Met Sally" -- memorable movies all -- has made this silly slice of Lean Cuisine. And that, in the end, makes Alex and Emma an utter tragedy.
  20. Cross "Get Shorty" with "State and Main" - Hollywood hustlers, colorful crooks, crafty poseurs, and a production crew on location - and you have the stuff of The Last Shot. One other thing: eliminate anything funny.
  21. Can be described as whatever is the opposite of a Christmas classic.
  22. I nodded off watching Just Visiting.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  23. Maybe, you think, there is something daring and brilliant going on here: an excursion into the darkest territories of the human soul. But no. In the end -- or the beginning -- there is no point to all this. Or at least not a point worth making, and making us watch.
  24. About as not-funny as a comedy can get.
  25. While "Boogie Nights" was a dirge for the death of pleasure (which coincided with the death of the porn-film industry), Wonderland is death warmed over. Literally.
  26. A standard-issue, ineptly executed serving of the genre's staples, from skeptical cops to an all-knowing psychic.
  27. Even Boll seems to lose interest as the story unravels. By that time, the supernatural cliches, plot inconsistencies, dead ends and red herrings have piled up so high you can barely see the screen.
  28. This insipid take on the teens-in-peril formula, with a snake-bit ghoul chasing kids around the bayou, is truly a fangless task.
  29. Perhaps it's for the best that We Are Your Friends doesn't try to appeal to anyone outside its stars' own kind. Fewer people will have to see it.

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