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  1. There are sniff movies and there are snuff movies, but Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is both. It has the bouquet of balm and blood. Imagine "Fragrance of the Lambs."
  2. Clark denies his audience the catharsis, resolution and renewal of classical tragedy. The film reduces its viewers to helplessness, and I'm not sure that's its intent.
  3. The moral of this crude, intermittently funny Adam Sandler comedy costarring the reliable Kevin James is that: It's OK to be gay, it's not OK to call someone a faggot, and it takes a real man to admit he loves his man pal.
  4. A tepid PG-13 iteration of the already lame 1979 genre classic "The Amityville Horror."
  5. A bummer.
  6. A tired, cobbled-together concoction.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  7. The film is completely forgettable, frequently funny and weirdly satisfying in a Jersey Loser Gets Respect kind of way.
  8. What Raising Helen doesn't offer is a competent (never mind compelling) performance from Hudson, who is as cute as lace pants and has approximately as much acting skill.
  9. A vaguely creepy and mildly diverting rom-com.
  10. Has the disjointed feel of a bunch of strung-together TV episodes.
  11. This one has some originality, even though it unfolds like Ingmar Bergman's divorce melodrama "Scenes From a Marriage" - without the marriage.
  12. Watching people be miserable with each other for the movie's run-time does not always make for a pleasant experience.
  13. Because the movie is about addictive behavior dulling the pain of grief rather than in the larger drama of dealing with grief, the movie reduces the scope of Hoffman's performance.
  14. A deeply disturbing, intimate, and not unsuccessful look at 10 years in the life of a young boy, Harlon, who grows up to become a Columbine-style killer.
  15. Maybe the best reason to see Papa: Hemingway in Cuba is to catch a glimpse of the real Finca Vigia, the property, with its house and pool, gardens, and tree-lined drive, where Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote - and famously drank - from 1939 until 1960. Pages of For Whom the Bell Tolls were banged out here; so, too, The Old Man and the Sea.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    It can be broadly funny when it does not lapse into lazy "Dukes of Hazzard" caricature, which is often.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  16. Despite the competent animation, the great tunes, and funny voice work by costars Russell Brand and John Cleese, Trolls is a lackluster entry. The story is clich├ęd and predictable. Overall, the film has no real magic.
  17. It would be inaccurate to say there are plots in New Year's Eve. There are a number of setups, and these get shuffled through faster than a card dealer in Atlantic City.
  18. Level of humor: subteen.
  19. In the future, in the past, at all points along the space-time continuum, the Theory of the Teenage Male Mind throws everything out of whack.
  20. However terrific Murray is, if Antonio Banderas, mellifluous voice of Puss-in-Boots in "Shrek 2," went paw to claw with Garfield, Puss would definitely triumph.
  21. In essence, a wild soap opera disguised as a political allegory, it's a movie, with its over-the-map performances, that is worth catching only for the inadvertent laugh or two.
  22. If it were a landscape painting, Gerry would deserve a place in the National Gallery. But as a movie...deserves its own wing in The Old Curiosity Shop.
  23. Given the filmmaker's privileged perspective of hindsight, to not consider the real-world repercussions of their theater, to not connect the dots between 1968 and 2008 is a squandered opportunity.
  24. It falls short of the mark, even as it hits every one of the genre's conventions.
  25. Visually immersive but emotionally uninvolving.
  26. This hotly anticipated film delivers on the premise of its celebrated title. But it offers little more in terms of suspense, originality or enjoyment. Mostly, it lays there on the screen like a big lazy boa.
  27. With pratfalls and teardrops, the film swings from sitcom to sit-dram.
  28. Sadly, director Lee Toland Krieger's offering, a weak wanna-be Jean Cocteau-esque fable with magical realist pretensions, does great disservice to Lively and her remarkably accomplished costars.
  29. Iridescent as each of the actors is, the result is like a handful of beads without the connecting string.

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