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  1. It's artfully directed, but intensely grisly. And its atmosphere is far more coherent than its sometimes sketchy narrative. But it does string you along. With barbed wire.
  2. Mysterious comebacks have become a TV genre in themselves, yet I haven't seen anything quite like The OA, whose twists were gripping enough to keep me going even in some moments when I'd otherwise have been rolling my eyes.
  3. It's quick, quippy, and quite funny.
  4. It's an intelligent, surreal, mildly outrageous--and most certainly outraged--satire of life in post-industrial America.
  5. Some episodes are silly, others are sad. ... All of them are worth watching.
  6. The writing has moments of embarrassing earnestness better left for a college-dorm bull session. For the most part, though, it is fearless and never shies away from showing its characters in a less-than-flattering light.
  7. It doesn't take a fanboy to appreciate the well-crafted AMC series, populated with capable, if lesser-known, actors, including Sarah Wayne Callies, who spent a couple of years running from less-apparent deadly threats on Fox's Prison Break.
  8. Extant has a clever concept that would probably work better on a bigger screen (especially the orbital scenes). But it's thoroughly entertaining--even if you wind up watching it on your shrinky-dink cellphone.
  9. It is hardly as revolutionary as ABC's extraordinary American Crime, which upends the crime-show genre entirely. But the terrific writing and wonderful performances in Shades make it one of the year's most promising new dramas.
  10. Created by Courtney Kemp Agboh, the Emmy-nominated writer/producer of The Good Wife, and fueled by a powerful yet understated performance by Omari Hardwick, the series captures the spirit of Fitzgerald's novel while telling a story that's very much of our time.
  11. Only an occasional over-spicing of melodrama keeps The Unit from TV's top echelon. Even so, it's the best new dramatic series of a TV season that started way back in September.
  12. Angel from Hell succeeds principally because of the great energy between Lynch and Lawson. Their banter is smart, funny, and well-timed. It's not essential viewing, but it's a hell of a lot of fun.
  13. We'll leave it for the experts to decide how much Aquarius fudges the truth. As drama, it's gripping, disturbing, and rewarding.
  14. The series veritably crackles with the chemistry between the pair [Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester)], who are propelled each week into the kind of impossible, deadly missions you don't often see outside video games.... Strike Back may be entirely unrealistic, with a storyline that lacks logic, but before the opening scene ends you'll forget about such petty concerns.
  15. The shows are fun and exciting, Mr. Blow, perfect for a stay-at-home Friday night, having a few guys over for beers, or recording and watching when you wake up Saturday afternoon, after all that hard partying.
  16. The pilot about a woman pitcher (Kylie Bunbury) who gets called up to the San Diego Padres is a winning one, and as much about coping with overnight fame and the weight of other people's dreams as it is about baseball.
  17. Like The Office, The Mindy Project trades deftly on the humor of excruciating awkwardness.
  18. The pilot of Arrow is a darkly gleaming gem. If the show can keep up its cinema-quality action sequences and maintain an air of mystery to Ollie's agenda, this could be a really fun series.
  19. How I Met Your Mother is that rare TV comedy that relies more on character than jokes.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  20. The likable show has something for everyone: handsome young star, sympathetic "older" costar, pretty former TV hottie, easy-to-follow caper plots, a little humor.
  21. You don't have to like country to enjoy Nashville with its twisty plot threads of ego, sex, ambition, backstabbing and regret.
  22. A well-made rocket ride that's closer to 24 than anything else on TV.
  23. You've never seen anything quite like Ugly Betty.
  24. [A] cleverly written show.
  25. Action and tight-squeeze situations outweigh eloquent pronouncements about 100 to 1 on this drama from ER's John Wells. It may not be the greatest show on Earth, but it's the most powerful cop drama in a few years.
  26. It doesn't try to get too edgy (looking at you, Netflix's The Ranch), yet feels new all the same.
  27. Fogelman's charmingly intricate pilot benefits from strong performances.
  28. It's profane and funny and totally out of the ordinary. A Very Murray Christmas won't become a classic of the Christmas genre, but it's certainly a nice way to spend the holidays.
  29. The show is equal parts silliness and satire.
  30. Any one of these families has the potential to power a decent sitcom, but Modern Family manages to juggle all three in a balancing act that is not just funny, but heartwarming, and when was the last time you saw that on TV?

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