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  1. Glau's the best part of Chronicles, playing the robot who seeks to understand human stuff with a beguiling bemusement reminiscent of Jeff Bridges in "Starman."
  2. By the second or third episode, it evolves into another Hollywood rarity: a TV show that is truly about relationships, complex and captivating for the long haul.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Wuhl, who wrote the scripts for the first two episodes, is shrewd and witty in both the creation and delivery of dialogue, and outstanding in physical comedy. If sitcoms were judged like gymnastics, Sanders star Garry Shandling would grab the gold medal with a perfect score of 10 and Wuhl would be a cinch for the silver at 9.9. [7 Aug 1996, p.D01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  3. When the guests--and we--have trouble telling the robots from the humans, things can get murky. Particularly when some of the "hosts" begin to show signs of remembering the traumas they've endured. It's as though the targets in a first-person shooter game suddenly developed PTSD. I think this is meant to bother us, but I don't know how long it will, based on the four episodes I've seen (there are 10 this season). ... The opportunity to watch Anthony Hopkins in a weekly series would alone be reason to watch, and here he's surrounded by people who can play at his level.
  4. A charming, exciting, and impeccably written sci-fi drama for grown-ups.
  5. Stylishly directed, Elementary is one loaded show, including its wonderful, well-matched leads.
  6. Both ABC's Life on Mars and CBS's "Eleventh Hour" have the comfortable feel of many shows that have come before them and lasted a long, long time.
  7. It's unpredictable and stimulating, like the drug that White manufactures, but it produces a much safer high.
  8. Torchwood doesn't disappoint: After tonight's slam-bang premier, subsequent episodes only get more outrageous.
  9. The show is equal parts silliness and satire.
  10. A memorable drama with a fascinating mystery at its core, Arthur & George also provides an illuminating, realistic portrait of an era that is often overromanticized on TV.
  11. The pilot of Arrow is a darkly gleaming gem. If the show can keep up its cinema-quality action sequences and maintain an air of mystery to Ollie's agenda, this could be a really fun series.
  12. [A] gritty, visceral, and emotionally engaging thriller.
  13. Encore offers Thorne: Sleepyhead, a powerful and gripping British import starring David Morrissey as Detective Inspector Tom Thorne.
  14. Duhamel and Winters were born to share the screen as the odd couple who must solve a seriously strange series of crimes.
  15. With its fine acting, tight script, and tense tone, The Bletchley Circle is pure ecstasy for mystery fans.
  16. Violent and sometimes sexually tawdry, as only pay cable can be, Sleeper Cell is not for the faint of heart, but it provides well-constructed thrills with its tour of the morally ambiguous land of counter-terrorism.
  17. [The children's] enthusiasm for 19th-century child labor, whether it's selling watercress in the streets, sewing, or spending countless hours making artificial flowers, is contagious. They complain less than the adults--or have been edited more charitably -- and seem to appreciate that their contributions are indispensable.
  18. The show is wonderfully conceived and executed (if a little pokey pace-wise).
  19. It's Me, Hilary isn't simply a doc about Knight's life and work. It's also an affecting story about the friendship that formed between him and the 28-year-old Dunham.
  20. AMC's computer-industry period drama, Halt and Catch Fire, returns for its second season a fresher, better, stronger series.
  21. Endlessly fascinating and driven by special effects every bit as sophisticated and powerful as the writing and characterization, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a classic.
  22. The season's most exciting new development is Bill and Virginia's realization they are a viable romantic couple.
  23. The Amazing Race... looks like The West Wing of reality, the first of the descendants of Survivor that may outshine its parent. [2 Sep 2001]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  24. Richly detailed and wonderfully atmospheric ... If the first episodes are any clue, Marvel's Agent Carter will make millions of fans very happy, indeed.
  25. Welcome to Sweden is engaging for its exotic Scandinavian setting and warm visual style. It's a winning mix of low-key charm and robust humor.
  26. The Last Man on Earth is a rare creature--a sitcom that's actually funny.
  27. The story's too good to be undermined by a little woodenness.
  28. The leads are extraordinary. Ireland brings a nervy and riveting conviction to the role of the advocate. For Gupton (NBC's Prime Suspect), this is a charismatic, career-making role, and the most potent inducement to watch The Divide.
  29. Campy, creepy, and convincing, The Strain is oddly riveting, with a gleeful, pulpy momentum propelling the plot.

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