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  1. Enlisted is often still funny and the bond among the brothers is sweet without getting too cloying.
  2. Netflix’s soapy House of Cards stumbles out of the gate in its third season with a first hour that’s short on lead character Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and long on a supporting player whose foibles are by now a TV cliche.... but the show recovers in its second episode, returning the emphasis to Frank’s political brinksmanship.
  3. The path The Big C takes is fairly predictable and unsurprising, but that doesn't mean these last four hours aren't occasionally heartfelt.
  4. The predicaments Henry gets himself into, while sometimes predictable, are nonetheless realistic and entirely believable within the universe of this show (and sometimes real life, too).
  5. Banana is the more conventional of the two shows with its focus on young characters.... Of the two series, Banana is more fun but "Cucumber" offers higher stakes.
  6. A welcome, interesting entry... But to work over the long haul, Agent Carter will need to beef up its stock sexist characters and make them more human.
  7. It’s always hard to tell how any series will go, especially one as reliably twisty and turny as American Horror Story, but in its first hour at least, Coven offers a clear, entertaining set-up for a potentially strong season.
  8. Like any sketch comedy show, IFC's Portlandia has hit-and-miss sketches, but when they hit, they do so with a laughter-inducing amount of comedic force.
  9. The plot of tonight's premiere is silly and campy, but because The Middleman is based on a comic book, that's not altogether out of place. Whether this tone wears well over time remains to be seen, but in its first outing The Middleman rises above the middle-of-the-pack of scripted cable shows.
  10. The Guardian is a show with promise, and it may well develop into a high-quality program in the coming weeks. But it's not a warm, fuzzy, easy-to-love show like, say, "Judging Amy." It's rough and tumble, a challenge to watch. [25 Sept 2001, p.C-1]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  11. Seven features an entertaining ensemble, a tongue-in-check approach and an attractive visual style that alternates between sweeping vistas and ultra-tight closeups. The sap and the male-bonding is sometimes a bit thick, but overall Seven is a clever update of an old TV genre - and a welcome break from TV's current glut of cops and docs. [2 Jan 1998]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  12. Whether Scream can overcome Noah's legitimate concerns about adapting a slasher movie for TV remains to be seen. But tonight's premiere gets the show off to a strong creative start.
  13. Not flashy, not spectacular, "8 Simple Rules" is a cute show that will appeal to its intended audience.
  14. Like "30 Rock," "Barker" is more absurd and goofy than it is broadly funny, but it's definitely not as mainstream.
  15. House of Saddam offers a fascinating but limited portrait of the Iraqi tyrant.
  16. The show, although plenty entertaining, also feels like it's grasping to keep the drama of Tara's situation at a suitably heightened level while other character story arcs, most notably Marshall's, feel more believable.
  17. True, it may be a little too high-concept, but it held my attention much better than plenty of other, much worse TV comedies.
  18. The Big C does not arrive with as sturdy a foundation as "Nurse Jackie," an unusually well-developed show from the get-go, but Ms. Linney completely inhabits a role that's recognizable as a woman who is strong and unusually selfless--at least until her diagnosis.
  19. Of the two new cop shows this week, Southland is the more serious and realistic. It also demonstrates the potential for greater depth in its exploration of characters and their stories.
  20. While scenes with a crime crew drag, in part because it's not always clear what's going on with them, anytime the focus shifts to crooked cops Frank Agnew (Mark Strong) and Joe Geddes (Lennie James), Low Winter Sun proves to be a gripping drama with a vibe most reminiscent of "The Wire."
  21. An action-packed adrenaline rush.
  22. Cute but not overly cuddly, there's an authenticity to the relationships in "Mother" that makes it a comedy worth meeting.
  23. Its slightly warped sense of humor won't appeal to some viewers, but "Malcolm in the Middle" qualifies as unique.
  24. It's soapy and action-packed while still paying attention to developing its characters, the typical ABC Family Freeform mix of elements that's proved successful with its audience so far.
  25. Jessica Jones could still use more levity, but its second episode reveals a streaming series that’s headed in a more balanced, intriguing direction.
  26. In a cable universe where antiheroes dominate the scripted drama landscape, there's something reassuring about spending time with characters who, though flawed, usually try to do the right thing.
    • 79 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The movie--as Jane Austen might have described it--is an amiable entertainment.
  27. As long as CBS's Dave's World' tonight's TV transcription of columnist's Dave Barry's life, sticks with Dave's family, it pretty much hits on all cylinders...Unfortunately, Dave's world extends beyond his family unit, and that's when things get tricky. [20 Sept 1993, p.C7]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  28. The new "Watching Ellie" is indeed improved. It's funnier, better paced and doesn't try so hard to be different. This works out for the better.
  29. What distinguishes 'Grain' from many Hollywood efforts is its feel for the rhythms of small town life. ... If many of the plot points seem familiar, ''Grain'' also has a nice way of exceeding expectations, calling characters up short or twisting the plot in ways you may not see coming. [1 Oct 1993]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  30. The show suffers from fakey scenes of Joe and his team in the office--they feel pretty staged--but when Maddalena is out meeting people who want to sell the Hollywood memorabilia they own, Hollywood Treasure is a lot of fun.
  31. The Durrells in Corfu is as warm and pleasant as its picturesque setting.
  32. The show is unlikely to win Emmys but it is worth a few chuckles, spurred on by actresses in an age bracket not generally associated with leading roles on network sitcoms.
  33. The humor in Eastbound is a far cry from the cerebral comedy currently en vogue on shows like "The Office" and "30 Rock," but that doesn't mean Eastbound can't do sly humor that falls left of center.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    When Betty White is on screen, the emotions are real, and she's on screen a lot. It's a safe bet that tears will be shed.
  34. There's little urgency to the storytelling, which is as slow-paced and easy-breezy as lying in a hammock strung between two palm trees on a Key West beach.
  35. Pretty much every character and character trait will be old-hat to regular TV viewers but director Tim Matheson makes the pilot episode hang together pretty well.
  36. Bates Motel takes a few episodes to get going as the writers build the world of White Pine Bay, and the story appears poised to really kick into a higher gear with a revelation at the end of the third episode. Up to this point Bates Motel is an OK character drama, but in building the broader world it inhabits the show begins to come into sharper focus.
  37. Pretty funny. Pretty profane, too, but still funny, and a better-realized weekly program than last week's Showtime comedy premiere, "Weeds."
  38. As "Thrones"-aping series go, The Last Kingdom is a better bet than plenty of others. It's easier to follow than "Bastard Executioner" and less battle-crazy than "Vikings," occupying a gentler middle ground.
  39. Sunday’s premiere doesn’t give a great sense of what the show will be on a weekly basis--a business drama with a side of humanity about following one’s passion, perhaps?--though it definitely leaves viewers curious about what comes next.
  40. The pilot episode of The Fosters is pretty entertaining and well-plotted.
  41. Once The Chair gets beyond producers bloviating, it’s a more interesting series about the two newbie directors.
  42. The show is nothing more than a soap with good music but it has a sense of humor often enough to keep me entertained.
  43. Viewers who want TV to wash over them as light entertainment may enjoy Franklin & Bash, but viewers who prefer thought-provoking TV programs that engage on a higher level may not be satisfied.
  44. As with any pilot, Longmire barely scratches the surface of the possible directions it could go but the premiere does an excellent job establishing a sense of place and character. It's enough to make a viewer want to return for more.
  45. Terra Nova walks a fine line and how well it manages to stay on that path will likely determine its ultimate success or failure.
  46. The Finding Carter pilot proves there’s plenty of material to work with for a soapy drama.
  47. The Detour is pretty consistently funny but the humor tends to be filled with sexual innuendo that some viewers will find offensive. For others, it will be just fine.
  48. Against all odds, this mishmash of stark contrasts emerges as a surprisingly engaging film.
  49. Prime Suspect improves as the hour goes on. The guys' attitude toward Jane evolves.
  50. "Thief" offers strong moments aplenty, but what it lacks are strong connections, both between those moments and among some of its characters.
  51. The season premiere makes a gentle effort to re-establish the show’s shrinking original cast.
  52. Billy and Julie are not supposed to be likable. They’re both kind of awful, a la the “Seinfeld” gang,” but often screamingly funny in their inappropriate commentary.
  53. The show's trademark time shifts continue, although it's initially unclear if they're connected to the season one story that carries over or to the season two plot.
  54. Schumer is brash, outspoken, bold, raunchy and tomboyish enough to fit right in and her show is often quite funny for viewers (especially men) who are not easily offended.
  55. If you're easily offended, you will be appalled by The League. If you chuckle at smutty, raunchy humor and profanity, this show offers dirty-minded comedic rewards.
  56. A light-hearted, comedic drama about four wealthy guys with women troubles and work problems.
  57. Writer/series creator Julian Fellowes weaves together an engrossing tapestry of stories, although some of them stretch credulity or peter out.
  58. Was this resurrection worth the effort? In a word, yes.
  59. I was very upbeat about 'NewsRadio' when I'd only seen the pilot -- and then NBC went and sent a second episode. [21 Mar 1995]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  60. Depending on your tolerance for edgy humor, 2 Broke Girls ain't broke, but a greater effort by the show's writers to be funny without being overly crude/cruel would help fix it for a broader audience.
  61. While the show's premise seems like it could be difficult to maintain, Faking It holds up in two early episodes sent for review.
  62. In addition to a less convoluted story, "Kidnapped" bests "Vanished" with its high-sheen cast.
  63. The Finder is not sophisticated TV but it does have its charms, mostly stemming from star Geoff Stults.
  64. 'Rock' is loud, raucous, silly, sentimental and, just often enough to keep you watching, flat-out funny. It's not a great show, but it's different and it dares to aim for wild laughter instead of mild amusement. [9 Jan 1996]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  65. The show has its amusing moments, though not from an abundance of 1980s nostalgia clips (“The Karate Kid,” “Knight Rider,” “ALF,” “Different Strokes” and “Back to the Future” all whiz by on screen) and music cues. The humor comes from the characters and their relationships.
  66. Judging by three episodes sent for review, the[se] course corrections work.
  67. An enjoyable mix of romance, period adventure and serialized plot turns, Poldark proves an entertaining, 18th-century summer soap.
  68. Technically, Sharknado 2 is pretty much just as sloppy as the first film, with scenes that supposedly take place during a storm filled with streams of natural sunlight, but the amateurish quality is part of the franchise’s charm.
  69. Created and written by Paul Rutman, Indian Summers looks fantastic. It’s not involving enough in its first two episodes but begins to coalesce more in a third installment.
  70. Overall [it] is more charming than hilarious.
  71. Gossip Girl offers a fun, juicy mix of popular music and melodrama.
  72. It's an entertaining enough diversion that may grow more intriguing as other series end their season-long runs next month and viewers become more desperate for fresh entertainment.
  73. Ms. Dandridge makes a positive impression as the show’s lead character and it helps that she has such strong support from Mr. David and especially Ms. Whitfield, whose character proves an effortlessly serene scene-stealer.
  74. In its first hour, at least, Major Crimes appears to be making a pretty seamless transition.
  75. most importantly, The Office is generally funnier than it was last season.
  76. It's weird and different enough to stick with for a little while to see how it develops.
  77. In its second half the Ballers pilot finds its footing and the show’s trajectory becomes clear, playing like an entertaining mix of HBO’s “Entourage” and “Arli$$” and Starz’s “Survivor’s Remorse.”
  78. Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll may not be easy to swallow, but it digests comfortably.
  79. There's nothing particularly new about a superhero show, but Arrow exhibits a stylized ferocity that, in its initial hour at least, makes a positive enough impression.
  80. Her observations throughout Wishful Drinking are incisive and funny. But at times the production, directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, gets a little bogged down in minutiae.
  81. As creator Marc Cherry explained this summer, he wanted to re-set the series and get the stories back to something more closely resembling reality. Sunday's season premiere does that pretty well with some of the women's stories, especially Lynette (Felicty Huffman), whose twins are now terrible teens.
  82. It's best not to think of Shameless as a deep, important show. Tune in for the character drama and recognize the characters' anti-social behavior for what it is. There's no shame in that.
  83. The wartime setting gives The Crimson Field” more gravitas than a “Downton-style soap but the premiere episode never gets too bleak.
  84. It's a strange show and I'm sure some people won't find it funny at all. But if you have just enough of a cracked sense of humor, it's worth giving Jon Benjamin Has a Van a try.
  85. It's a particular kind of wry, quiet, slightly depressing in its self-deprecation style of humor that won't be to every viewer's liking.
  86. Conan O'Brien debuted his new talk show, Conan, on TBS last night and it didn't feel all that different from the show O'Brien debuted last year on NBC under "The Tonight Show" banner.
  87. My Own Worst Enemy sets up what could be an overly complicated premise and miraculously makes it all seem perfectly acceptable and clear by the end of the first hour.
  88. House of Lies is not a revolutionary show, but it is a fun study of men behaving badly.
  89. There's enough to recommend about Copper that it's worth tuning in to see how the series develops.
  90. This season doesn't really kick into gear until night two, when Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) and Chloe (Marylynn Rajskub) return, operating outside the bounds of the government.
  91. This seven-episode series, written by David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, doesn't offer many new ideas about the evils of the TV business--a lot of the ground covered here was previously mined by the underrated 1999-2001 Showtime series "Beggars & Choosers"--but it's still fun to join in the mocking of Hollywood, a big, juicy target that Episodes hits with ease.
  92. What the show lacks in originality it makes up for in crisp, politically tinged dialogue.
  93. While the show doesn't have the cachet of, say, Marc Maron's series, it's a funny, entertaining comedy starring the offbeat comedy-folk duo of Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci.
  94. It's an entertaining hour sure to appeal to fans of A&E's equally fast-paced British import "MI-5."
    • 77 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    It must be said that viewing Grey Gardens without prior knowledge of the Beales' story would make it easier to like the HBO version....Michael Sucsy directs an HBO version that takes a little of this, a little of that, in building toward a (sort-of) happy ending that's hard to swallow.
  95. Blue Bloods showcases a surprising amount of character-driven storytelling. The potential police department conspiracy pushes Blue Bloods into more sudsy territory than necessary, but at least this show marks another attempt by CBS, following "The Good Wife" last year, to expand its offerings beyond paint-by-number crime dramas.
  96. The pilot is slow but it builds to a twist that sets up the show’s first season and offers a solid enough foundation that encourages horror fans to come back for more.
  97. Disposable as it may be, Starter Wife still has more to recommend about it than, say, NBC's "Lipstick Jungle."

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