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    The unique amalgam of a show that "Huff" has been -- a sort of sampler platter of hyperbolic though realistic, sympathetic but often self-sabotaging characters -- retains its balance and tone quite well this season.
  1. The series performs a deft balancing act, creating sympathetic characters in a nontraditional family that viewers care about while making polygamy look like a much bigger relationship headache than any two-person union.
  2. The Defenders is a standard-issue legal drama, but Mr. Belushi and Mr. O'Connell bring a playful exuberance to their roles that allows the series to rise above its trappings.
  3. The easily offended should steer clear, but viewers with an appreciation for outrageous humor are likely to have a good laugh watching Little Britain USA.
  4. There’s a lot of dark humor in Spotless--another “Breaking Bad” hallmark--and while the twists may not be quite as twisty, many are still surprising enough to make Spotless one of TV’s better thrillers.
  5. There's no question about the quality of this relentlessly suspenseful drama about former high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who turns to drug dealing to raise money for his family after he receives a terminal cancer diagnosis. Whether viewers can stand the nerve jangling they're in for as season two begins will be decided on an individual basis.
  6. A charming comedy-drama about finding new love late in life and all the complications that come with any coupling.
  7. The Bridge becomes more intriguing as it gets deeper into the pilot's 90-minute run time.The characters are not as immediately winning as those on FX's "The Americans," but the plot of the pilot raises plenty of questions that should bring viewers back.
  8. What sets Carrier apart is the amount of time devoted to this single topic, a whopping 10 hours. I made it through the first three hours without losing interest, but I wonder how many viewers will gut it out for the duration.
  9. A quality series that's the TV equivalent of comfort food, the emergence of Eli Stone from the Hollywood firmament may qualify as a minor miracle among more cynical viewers.
  10. The radio show is so much about voice and language and storytelling, I worried that the TV folks would mess it up. Luckily, the radio show's host, Ira Glass, hasn't allowed that to happen.
  11. Knowledge of the past movies is unnecessary to follow Ash vs. Evil Dead, but an appreciation for scenery chewing and sometimes cheesy special effects will come in handy.
  12. If the early Ashes episodes are representative of the series, this show will indeed be good fun.
  13. Through the first four episodes of the new season, Orphan Black maintains the terrific mix introduced in season one.
  14. Gortimer is the rare series that's creative, occasionally funny and engaging in its own subdued manner.
  15. Smart and consistently funny, ABC’s The Muppets is the closest any broadcast network gets to a comedy home run this fall.
  16. Arthur & George benefits from a quicker pace than the average period mystery, and a charming performance by Mr. Clunes.
  17. Although some viewers will find it difficult to watch the stories of real people in their last months and moments of life, there's an uplifting quality to the series because of the sheer humanity on display.
  18. It's a timely look at cultural differences and a timeless depiction of young friendship. It's that rare TV comedy with both humor and heart.
  19. There's no question that A Gifted Man is the network's best, most creatively successful effort in the past five years.
    • 95 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    There's something inspiring about series creator David Simon's trusting his audience enough to tell a complex story about the elusive motives of cops, drug dealers and longshoremen without shortchanging his characters' humanity in the process. [31 May 2003]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  20. A grand soap opera of epic proportions, Game of Thrones can be a bit talky in some episodes, but the series draws a viewer in with well-defined characters and a multitude of simultaneous stories whose plot turns are generally unpredictable.
  21. Orange is the New Black proves to be a smart, solid, entertaining effort for the online streaming service.
  22. Lost itself has a certain intriguing quality that makes it worth coming back for more. [19 Sept 2005, p.TV-5]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  23. The best new fall drama.
  24. A high-gloss series with production values just as significant as what we see on American TV, it's worth checking into Hotel Babylon if you're seeking a respite from reality--TV shows or otherwise.
  25. Fans of bold, dark-themed (and darkly funny) TV series inspired by comic books will have a blast watching AMC’s Preacher, a welcome new entrant in the expanding genre of offbeat, gory, supernatural dramas.
  26. It still has that unique ability to make you laugh through your wincing. Or wince through your laughing. [2 Jan 2004]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  27. Supergirl charms through its strong casting and earnest storytelling.
  28. If Mr. Morrow takes his performance down a notch, the character will be much easier to embrace....As in most of her roles, Ms. Tierney elevates the script, playing Kathryn as a hard-charging but sympathetic prosecutor whose personal life takes a backseat to her professional duties.

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