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529 tv reviews
  1. A fun, entertaining action show.
  2. It’s not perfect--the pace is a bit plodding at times,; some characters hew a little too close to types--but overall The Divide is an engaging endeavor.
  3. Although the subject matter is darker than usual for USA, series creator Sean Jablonski manages to find lighter moments so that Satisfaction is not a depress-a-thon.
  4. Basically, Rush is USA’s answer to “House,” albeit with a younger, hotter doctor. Unlike “Satisfaction,” Rush doesn’t seem overly serialized, which keeps it in line with traditional USA series, only this one is more gray-sky than blue-sky programming.
  5. Writers Dannah Phirman and Danielle Schneider clearly know the source material they’re mocking and do a great job of getting laughs out of the absurdities of the “Real Housewives” shows. But sometimes the humor is dulled by the realization that while mockery can be fun, Hotwives still requires viewers to sit through “Real Housewives”-style inanity.
  6. Humor is woven throughout The Dead Zone, particularly in scenes between Smith and his physical therapist, Bruce Lewis (John L. Adams), who helps update him on what happened during his long sleep. [16 June 2002, p.TV-5]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  7. Technically, Sharknado 2 is pretty much just as sloppy as the first film, with scenes that supposedly take place during a storm filled with streams of natural sunlight, but the amateurish quality is part of the franchise’s charm.
  8. While the show doesn't have the cachet of, say, Marc Maron's series, it's a funny, entertaining comedy starring the offbeat comedy-folk duo of Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci.
  9. But when Braugher's Dr. Ben Gideon disappears, Gideon's Crossing becomes a long, languidly-paced trip through a Boston teaching hospital. [10 Oct 2000, p.D-8]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  10. Provocative and occasionally insightful--except with Whitney Cummings brays with laughter--The Approval Matrix is like "The McLaughlin Group" for pop culture junkies.
  11. Once The Chair gets beyond producers bloviating, it’s a more interesting series about the two newbie directors.
  12. Overall, Z Nation is pretty grounded and also manages to surprise viewers with the characters it chooses to sacrifice in its pilot episode.
  13. How to Get Away with Murder is not by any stretch transcendent TV but it is great, gonzo fun, a breakneck-paced, well-made prime-time soap that, if future episodes are as entertaining as the pilot, may easily become viewers’ new TV addiction.
  14. It’s not a revolutionary show but at a certain level it is a step away from the angst and a return to the positive, uplifting feelings evoked by the 1978 Christopher Reeve “Superman” movie.
  15. The premiere feels a little overly long--it clocks in at 53 minutes--but it capably creates the show’s insular world of blood, sweat and cheers, ending in an inevitable fight that features Nate as Ryan and Jay offer encouragement from the sidelines.
  16. The Jane pilot whips through story quickly while setting up all kinds of potential entanglements for the characters. Whether subsequent episodes can maintain that breakneck pace, which helps accentuate the comic absurdity of the show’s premise, remains to be seen, but Jane certainly gets off to a strong, entertaining creative start.
  17. A fairly standard family sitcom that rises above its pedestrian premise thanks to star Cristela Alonzo, a comedian who makes a favorable impression in this series about an Hispanic Texas family.
  18. It's not a great show but it's not a terrible teen drama, not by a long shot.
  19. The Grey's Anatomy writers acknowledge last season's ratings decline by offering a parallel plot that finds Seattle Grace's ranking as a teaching hospital suffering in tonight's entertaining and ridiculous-in-the-regular-Grey's-ways two-hour season premiere.
  20. Creatively, the show seems to be in pretty decent shape.
  21. Virtuality is a fascinating, over-stuffed pilot episode, and as intriguing as its concept is, you can see by the end of tonight's two-hour premiere why Fox passed on making it a weekly series.
  22. Despite the cliched sitcom trappings... it's an amusing, if slight, diversion.
  23. "Invasion" offers a few scares, but it's more a sense of dread and something subtly awry that gives this drama its creepy vibe.
  24. Solidly plotted and filmed.
  25. It's more an intellectual, in your head, "hey, that's clever," than a laugh-out-loud funny.
  26. Occasionally funny.
  27. Somewhere within this bloated six-hour miniseries there's a lean, mean four-hour miniseries trying to escape.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    A pretty family entertainment, lit by Ullman's energy and just small flashes of the Burnett we love.
  28. It's disappointing that Kenny felt the need to make this series so far over the top, because at its core, there's a great family show worth watching.
  29. Lightweight and unaffecting.

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