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564 tv reviews
  1. It's too soon to say if the show will again employ a bounty of red herrings, but the show's penchant for plot holes persists.
  2. More of an amusing diversion than a laugh riot.
  3. Through the show's first four episodes, an unexpected love triangle develops among three of Carroll's devotees that's tinged with unexpected sexual politics and questions about sexual identity. It's the only aspect of 'The Following' that feels fresh. Too bad this plot only serves as a side dish; the main course is the same old reheated serial killer/crime solver hash.
  4. Fans of these true crime shows may be intrigued by My Life Is a Lifetime Movie but viewers hoping for a series as irreverent as this title suggests may be disappointed.
  5. The dreary, often predictable family story begins to suffocate the show as it gains ground over the first four episodes.... Ray Donovan benefits from strategic use of character actors in supporting roles.
  6. For some viewers this sameness will be like slipping on a comfy pair of slippers; for others NCIS: New Orleans might be too much the same.
  7. Each episode tells a different story but in the first two, it's clear the stories won't be all that different from those we've seen a million times before.
  8. Legend of the Seeker may thrill some "LOTR" fans, but the content of the pilot is nothing original.
  9. In execution, Mr. Selfridge is a bit of a slog.
  10. "Deal or No Deal" may be the dumbest TV game show ever, or, quite possibly, it is brilliant in its simplicity. But it's certainly not a quiz show.
  11. It's marginally more engrossing/less ridiculous in its pilot than CBS's fall flop, "Hostages."
  12. It's not clear to me that viewers who come to Syfy for actual science fiction will appreciate this series--"Face Off" was more on point and a better show, too--but for fans of reality TV cooking shows, MQK does add a new flavor to the prime-time cooking show palette.
  13. Valley has long displayed a flinty appeal and here he adds a knowing sense of humor. But it will take more than that to get viewers interested enough to take aim at Human Target on a weekly basis.
  14. Football fanatics may appreciate 4th and Forever but to me it seemed more scripted than "FNL."
  15. It's not great, it's not awful. It's an adequate, conventional CBS-y medical drama about transplant surgeons set at Pittsburgh's fictional Three Rivers Regional Medical Center.
  16. "Lovespring" could benefit from stronger plots with less ludicrous conclusions.
  17. It's not as funny as either of those hits ["The Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men"]--and certainly not as good a show as the superior "Bang"--but it is more enjoyable than "Rules of Engagement," which returns at mid-season (unfortunately).
  18. Defiance is less gritty than Syfy's best series, "Battlestar Galactica," and the characters aren't as well drawn as on the superior "Farscape." "Defiance" lands at a slightly higher end of the murky middle ground of quality.
  19. They're a bland bunch of characters who say mildly amusing things--there's a pretty good riff on Mary Poppins--in occasionally funny situations, but in the end, "100 Questions" does not cry out to be added to any DVR lineup.
  20. Rogue starts to become a little more intriguing [by the second episode], but the show only gets to that point after the clichéd set-up and almost two hours spent with a self-destructive lead character.
  21. There is some decent dialogue but it gets lost in the scenery chewing maw of the show's star.
  22. Once viewers accept it for the mediocre melodrama it is, they'll be more satisfied, tuning in for the strong performances and high production values while rolling their eyes at the umpteenth red herring and illogical plot turn.
  23. Perfectly adequate.
  24. The mysteries of Haven do offer some intrigue but coupled with fairly unextraordinary situations and plots, the show may have a tough time convincing viewers to become weekly visitors.
  25. There's nothing wrong with any of this except that it doesn't feel fresh or new; there's no added, bewitching spark to a familiar concept.
  26. It's a small character study about a large man who comes off as a terrorizing buffoon.
  27. Future episodes elevate the Belle and Ben relationship to a more complicated place, which bears some promise and may give Secret Diary the distinction it lacks in early episodes.
  28. Robertson is a find. She capably plays both Lux's world-weary, snarky attitude and her vulnerability. She's a large part of what makes Life Unexpected a minor delight, even if its charms are entirely expected.
  29. Under the Dome won’t be confused with good TV--and often last season it was borderline bad TV--but depending on where the writers take it this year, it might be empty-headed, summer fun.
  30. Life Is Wild is a decent but not exceptional family drama set in South Africa.

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