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  1. In its first two episodes, Playing House does a nice job slowly building out its world and introducing an assortment of amusing, oddball characters.
  2. While the show's premise seems like it could be difficult to maintain, Faking It holds up in two early episodes sent for review.
  3. This everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to storytelling does not help Black Box to be taken seriously.
  4. Bad Teacher relies on a one-joke premise that's funny enough in the premiere but seems like it will wear poorly over time.
  5. Pretty funny. Pretty profane, too, but still funny, and a better-realized weekly program than last week's Showtime comedy premiere, "Weeds."
  6. Through the first four episodes of the new season, Orphan Black maintains the terrific mix introduced in season one.
  7. The Salem pilot is rather plodding except when occasionally punctuated by these more gonzo scenes.
  8. Filled with dark humor and a mix of quirky and menacing characters, Fargo blends whimsy and tragedy in a highly watchable mix. It's easily the best produced work ever from writer Noah Hawley.
  9. At one time, it was possible to enjoy Nurse Jackie even for viewers who were over Jackie's drama because the supporting cast was so much fun. There's something less entertaining about them these days, too. Their plots sometimes feel like a stretch, as if the writers are grasping for stories for them.
  10. It's a well-observed comedy that succeeds because it's so rooted in specificity.
  11. Dull and sometimes confusing--why are those British soldiers loyal to the Red Coats not wearing red?--the 90-minute premiere too often encourages viewers to turn away in boredom or frustration.
  12. The L Word is a better written series than "Queer as Folk" and seems less exploitative. Sex is a predominant theme, but relationships are presented as more important. Where the "Queer" boys often couple only for pleasure, most of the L Word characters are equally, if not more, interested in love. [16 Jan 2004, p.W-37]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  13. Season four promises more of the same while expanding on stories in the books and in some cases improving on what could be long literary slogs.
  14. All style, no substance.
  15. It’s amiably crude and fairly funny, too, but the show will leave some viewers clutching their pearls with jokes tied to masturbation, testicles, defecation, the scent of private parts and oral sex--all in its first episode.
  16. Surviving Jack allows for a smidgen of heartfelt earnestness now and again, but it’s less heartwarming than the steadily-improving “The Goldbergs” because at heart Surviving Jack is the one-joke premise of its title: My dad’s a jerk.
  17. The first episode is pretty much just as entertaining as "Face Off" or "Project Runway" or similar creative endeavor shows.
  18. Much of the comedy comes out of that type of awkwardness but Doll & Em is less a comedy-of-the-uncomfortable series (a la a female "Curb Your Enthusiasm") and more just kind of slow and boring.
  19. The 100 offers up a well-conceived society on the Ark that brims with conflict and moral dilemmas that’s paired with the unexpected discoveries of frontier exploration on Earth.
  20. It's one thing to laugh at characters on TV shows who behave foolishly, who deserve to be mocked. Valerie's crimes for the sake of comedy are nothing more than aging with an undiminished Hollywood ego. It's a little funny at first, but it quickly turns sad, something you want to look away from, not laugh about. [2 June 2005, p.WE-37]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  21. It's marginally more engrossing/less ridiculous in its pilot than CBS's fall flop, "Hostages."
  22. While the flashbacks deepen the characters, some elements are smack-you-in-the-head obvious. Still, the stylization of the story is impressive as is the way Rodriguez, who wrote and directed the premiere, introduces the robber characters, the more level-headed Seth Gecko (D.J. Cotrona) and his possibly crazy/possibly prescient brother, Richie (Zane Holtz).
  23. The first 20 minutes of Resurrection are terrifically emotional and engrossing. When the focus is on Jacob and his parents, the show is a real heart-tugger. But then it gets into family soap opera territory (what big secrets have family members kept from one another!) and the mystery returns when another dead person is found to be alive.
  24. An OK (but visually unexceptional) pilot that does little to set viewers up for what the show will be on a week-to-week basis.
  25. The recurring gag is the absurdity of nerdy Forrest reviewing often illegal/immoral activities, and it’s a pretty good joke in the early episodes. It remains to be seen if that joke holds up or grows tiresome over time.
  26. Later episodes are funny enough. Perhaps it’s just the usual early episode growing pains.
  27. George Lopez’s Saint George [is], another mediocre, three-camera sitcom with nothing new to say.
  28. Bates Motel developed into a watchable, character-driven thriller in its first season. As season two begins, it seems poised to maintain that same level of quality.
  29. As a psychological thriller, it's not terrible--certainly better than Fox's dreadful monotonous "The Following"--but Those Who Kill suffers from character/relationship incoherence.
  30. The psychological cat-and-mouse games the characters play are more interesting and a welcome respite from the intense, horrifying serial killer stories.

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