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534 tv reviews
  1. A series that doesn't give viewers enough reason to care in its premiere episode.
  2. Written by I. Marlene King ("Just My Luck"), Tuesday's premiere is a generally predictable introduction that too often plays like a bad "Saturday Night Live" parody of a teen soap.
  3. This new season seems more forced than usual.
  4. Producers of The CW's new series have taken the bones of the Nikita story and grafted on a new recruits sub-plot, sort of ideal for young CW audience, but it also makes for a convoluted series pilot that bounces around from one hollow story line to another.
  5. If you're able to get past the ridiculous premise--and, admittedly, I was not --Outlaw still suffers from other problems, including two-dimensional supporting characters.
  6. The plot of the $#*! premiere episode marks an improvement on the first pilot as it scraps an uncomfortable real estate scheme story in favor of better establishing the relationship between Henry and Ed, but the show's humor is still too often as crude as its title.
  7. The show's premise has enormous potential--it's essentially a live-action version of "The Incredibles," about a family that gains superpowers--but Tuesday's premiere disappoints with its slow-moving plot and whiny characters.
  8. If not for the polarizing nature of its star--people who love her and hate her will tune in to revel in her Palin-ness or mock her for it--no one would be talking about this dull, derivative TV show.
  9. It's not funny enough, the characters don't make much of an impression and the "Porky's"-style humor is too tame to have the requisite impact.
  10. Great as it is to see Ms. Badler again, her appearance can't save a show that's so poorly acted and written that the characters spout exposition but rarely say anything that sounds like something a real person would say. V looks and sounds like a cheap cable series rather than the big-budget network show it should be.
  11. Traffic Light seems to want to be a male "Sex and the City" or "Entourage" without the Hollywood backdrop. But the scrapes these guys get into are more recognizable and more cliched than what the "Entourage" guys encounter.
  12. As anyone who has used an old photocopy machine knows, a copy of a copy of a copy is rarely as good as the original. Suspect Behavior comes across as a show in search of a purpose beyond the obvious brand extension.
  13. This retelling of the Arthurian legend feels overly familiar and there's just not enough that's new or different to make it worthwhile.
  14. It's a strange little show: A light-hearted half-hour caper that purports to be a comedy but isn't really that funny.
  15. It suffers from predictable jokes that are more likely to conjure a hint of a smile, not a belly laugh.
  16. Despite strong production values and an intriguing premise, Outcasts lumbers along, perhaps done in by trying to tackle too many themes.
  17. Imagine any "M• A• S• H"-style cliche and odds are good it will turn up in Combat Hospital whose predictability makes it a dull summer entry that may encourage viewers of this week's premiere to become deserters before next week's episode.
  18. Same Name is a show made for people who live and breathe E! and TMZ.com. Cynics need not tune in.
  19. Whisker Wars gives a few glimpses into the care regimen of these mens' beards but fails to ask or answer an essential question: Why do they bother?
  20. It feels like a retread--and a toothless one at that.
  21. It moves fast and doesn't wait for viewers to catch all the jokes that are made. Some of the dialogue is clever but it's more savvy than it is hilarious and viewers come to broadcast network comedies for the funny stuff. Making matters worse, the two leads are humorless sad sacks.
  22. Perhaps with more attention to concrete character details and less reliance on silly stereotypes, Hart of Dixie will manage to grow into a show that does not provoke multiple fits of eye rolling.
  23. Maybe as an animated sketch on "Saturday Night Live," Allen Gregory would leave viewers eager for more. But in half-hour form, it's too much of the same.
  24. Hell on Wheels is not a bad show, but it's also not engrossing.
  25. Everything in Neverland is a quest as characters run from one large set piece to another without much character development except in minor strokes that are predictable and rudimentary.
  26. The Firm tries to marry case-of-the-week stories with a conspiracy plot. It doesn't succeed.
  27. There's no sophisticated humor in FX's Unsupervised, which plays like a less witty "Beavis and Butt-head."
  28. Fashion Star remains a cool idea. But its execution and formatting need work.
  29. Mostly the show, as these reality series are wont to do, follows the dysfunction within the family.
  30. NYC 22 is very much a prototypical CBS show--it lacks ambition but it's not terrible.

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