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  1. Yes, it’s all a lot of hokum in this mostly lighthearted adventure series that situates Ms. Stone as the boss while she watches Agent X run missions via video link.
  2. Nobodies has its amusing moments--and plenty of celebrity cameos in the premiere, including Maya Rudolph, Jim Rash and Jason Batema--especially when it explores the disdain more successful writers have for, say, animated kids show writers. But tolerance for uncomfortable comedic moments will vary by viewer.
  3. Compared to so many other crime procedurals, Grimm offers a twist on the usual. It remains to be seen whether that twist will be superficial or substantive.
  4. Camp has a sweetness that makes it a nice summer diversion but nothing that elevates it above past comedies set at sleepaway camp.
  5. Celebrity Apprentice is pretty much in its typical form, which is to say, craziness involving mostly D-list celebrities, including NeNe Leakes, Star Jones, Lisa Rinna, Gary Busey, Mark McGrath and "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch.
  6. As frustrating as it is fascinating, watching the quarterlife characters is like gazing at animals in a zoo.
  7. At its best, Big Love is an intricate soap opera rooted in family, but in this new season the show is spinning off into too many directions. None, taken individually, is terrible, but altogether these myriad plots create a lack of focus.
  8. I kept watching last year and I'll probably keep watching this year, although I think the show is already starting to repeat itself.
  9. It's a mildly entertaining reality series designed to encourage controversy to draw viewers and goose ratings.
  10. While Ms. Alexander is an appealing lead actress, Blindspot feels like a too familiar, warmed-over series premise even though it’s the only “original” series concept among the three thrillers debuting in the next two days.
  11. The concept is unique, the performances solid or better, but when so many similar shows are competing for attention from viewers who are only willing to commit so much time to watching ongoing TV series, "Six Degrees" just isn't good enough.
  12. "SG-1" is a passable action series on a par with most syndicated sci-fi fare. Its only real distinguishing feature is [a] ludicrous, completely gratuitous nude scene. [26 Jul 1997]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  13. Would be revolutionary -- if the year was 1980.
  14. A cute enough pilot from writer Emily Kapnek (“Suburgatory”). But is there really a weekly TV series to be had here? Time will tell.
  15. At its heart, beneath all the high-tech whiz-bang CGI, Minority Report is a procedural crime drama with serialized character relationship stories threaded through it.
  16. If the show can rein in some of its more outrageous plot tendencies and focus on music and social issues, it could grow into a Club viewers will want to frequent.
  17. The series does hint at Carlisle's motivation, and maybe the show will get more interesting once his reasons for wanting the president dead are revealed, but the pilot doesn't exactly demand viewers tune in for episode two.
  18. Perhaps in time Helix will develop into something more substantial but in its first two hours it sets up a lot of questions without providing answers or a compelling reason for viewers to stick with it.
  19. Sometimes I think she's brilliant, other times I think she's full of herself. Both sides come through in this fairly dull reality show.
  20. CBS remakes Hawaii Five-0 as just another piece of turn-your-brain-off escapist fare, a loud, action-packed pilot with little heart and less humor.
  21. Constantine seems like a good fit tonally for Friday night companion series “Grimm,” but Constantine will need to more clearly establish its world--and the rules of its world--and better define its characters if it hopes to become a fanboy favorite.
  22. The characters are all caricature-y stereotypes and the jokes are of the ba-da-dum! variety, but the pilot made me laugh more than some other new comedies, mostly due to the performances.
  23. If "South Park" traffics in occasionally brilliant satire, "Lil' Bush" is far more juvenile humor.
  24. As a psychological thriller, it's not terrible--certainly better than Fox's dreadful monotonous "The Following"--but Those Who Kill suffers from character/relationship incoherence.
  25. Not great, not terrible, Welcome to the Family is another occasionally amusing but not really funny family comedy.
  26. It's a cute concept but producers don't seem to have a knack for proper execution, filling time with terribly padded segments--picking teams takes an eternity--and challenges (watching people play chess in the premiere) that, try as they might, don't make for compelling TV.
  27. Childhood's End is more thought-provoking than many Syfy miniseries of the recent past even as it stumbles through plot holes.
  28. For what it is--a small-screen version of a big-screen shoot-’em-up--Gang Related is fine, but it won’t be confused with great TV.
  29. Comfort food appeal to some viewers who could certainly do worse than this series that tends to be more lighthearted (listen for the bouncy music soundtrack), with enjoyably quirky supporting characters. It’s just unfortunate the show’s primary story is often overwrought and obvious.
  30. It often plays more like an action film than a serious interpretation of a holy book.

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