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    Fans of The Riches can expect even more double-crossing, shady business deals, intimidation and moral compromise in the gated community of Eden Falls. It's the same game, only more of it.
  1. Glee does the teen years with some edge, but we've seen that before on Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy's previous series, The WB's "Popular." Still, Glee is delightful enough to qualify as a fall favorite.
  2. Light with no pretensions of loftiness, White Collar offers pleasant enough entertainment.
  3. FX's Sons of Anarchy returns to form in its fourth season premiere this week with the action set squarely back in the motorcycle club's hometown of Charming, Calif. Even better, the show's wannabe hero, Jax (Charlie Hunnam), is fighting again, putting forth a plan to get out of his current situation.
  4. It's an intriguing drama with an enjoyably creepy vibe. [2 Jan 2005]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  5. The L Word is a better written series than "Queer as Folk" and seems less exploitative. Sex is a predominant theme, but relationships are presented as more important. Where the "Queer" boys often couple only for pleasure, most of the L Word characters are equally, if not more, interested in love. [16 Jan 2004, p.W-37]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  6. [A] fascinating, challenging series.
  7. It's a little aloof, a spy show without the usual espionage theatrics. That may take some getting accustomed to, but in these early episodes, Rubicon makes a strong case that it's a series that's worth the effort.
  8. Gritty and occasionally violent, Sons was created by Kurt Sutter, an executive producer on "The Shield." As "The Shield" prepares to bow out, Sons should capably fill the smart, testosterone-fueled void.
  9. No one will confuse The L.A. Complex with "Mad Men" or "The Good Wife," but for the type of show it sets out to be, this Complex is surprisingly, well, complex.
  10. These are fantastic characters with socio-economic backgrounds we rarely see in TV dramas, and that's one of the many things that makes FNL unique. Whether you can watch the show now or won't have access to it until 2010, FNL continues to be TV worth watching.
  11. "Housewives" appears to have gotten its humorous groove back. [22 Sep 2006]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  12. What sets Party Girl apart is the "girl" who hosts the party: Christine Taylor, a delightful young actress best known for playing Marcia in "The Brady Bunch" movies. Her character here, Mary, is what Marcia might have become had she been orphaned, or "Clueless'" Cher might be if she were older, wiser and poorer. [9 Sept 1996, p.C-6]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  13. It's a well-observed comedy that succeeds because it's so rooted in specificity.
  14. The season premiere is a little clunky as it cleans up the mess left after the show's first-season finale--the sooner the show moves beyond that, the better.
  15. The 100 offers up a well-conceived society on the Ark that brims with conflict and moral dilemmas that’s paired with the unexpected discoveries of frontier exploration on Earth.
  16. No Tomorrow is original, quirky and fun, not another remixed superhero story or movie remake.
  17. With its depiction of a warped, absurd family, Arrested Development is worth watching for fans of out-there comedy. [2 Nov 2003, p.TV-5]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  18. Parker, so unlikably strident on "The West Wing," is a revelation in "Weeds," making Nancy sympathetic even when she's making terrible decisions.
  19. A terrifically entertaining action-adventure hour that pays dividends for 'Avengers' fanboys/girls but isn't so insular that the uninitiated will be baffled.
  20. The sexy, sudsy historical drama returns without missing a beat.
  21. "Black. White." makes you think, makes you want to have a conversation about racial issues and makes you examine your own beliefs and biases. How often does a TV show do that?
  22. Cute, light and--most importantly--funny.
  23. Suburgatory is fall's most consistently funny comedy pilot.
  24. Atlanta provides an interesting slice of life and a slice that's not often seen on TV.
  25. The combination of music and some humor, particularly from Mr. Goodman's character, make "Treme" easier to digest than a David Simon series might otherwise be.
  26. Documentary Now! offers clever, frequently funny parodies of a different style of documentary each week.
  27. Enjoyably challenging TV.
  28. Unlike last month's ABC Family misfire "Make It or Break It," 10 Things contains clever dialogue that's rooted in its characters.
  29. Putting Jackie in rehab actually works out well comedically, too, because she's surrounded by a new batch of odd characters to bounce off.

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