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  1. Three years may seem like a long wait for the next “Toy Story” film but if the Disney-Pixar bosses want to fill the gap by turning loose the imaginations of their team on entertaining, wildly creative shorts like Toy Story that Time Forgot, fans will surely approve.
  2. It's a clever, funny hour that's written in rhyme with imaginative songs threaded throughout.
  3. Tonight's season premiere does a fairly good job of wrapping up the sixth season finale and setting the stage to move forward but there's still a fair amount of cleanup to be done.
  4. It's still a hugely entertaining show thanks to its charismatic lead actor and the tension that builds in its twisty-turny plots. But when a lead character is a murderous anti-hero, there's a fine line to walk between cheering a righteous vigilante and offering sympathy for the devil.
  5. This everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to storytelling does not help Black Box to be taken seriously.
  6. It is a well-made little show of horrors that's likely to scare and thrill its target audience.
  7. Cute but not overly cuddly, there's an authenticity to the relationships in "Mother" that makes it a comedy worth meeting.
  8. Though the characters are quite different, "Earl" somehow brings to mind NBC's "Ed," perhaps because both shows feature a cast of oddballs and are ultimately uplifting, heartwarming portraits of people trying to do good by making a fresh start.
  9. "Sex" proves to be a series with loads of appeal for viewers still mourning the cancellation of "Melrose Place."
  10. Better than average.
  11. "Related" won't be for everyone, especially viewers lacking estrogen, but it is a quality weekly "chick flick" for TV.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Even if this strikes a cynical adult as too syrupy-sweet, it's refreshing to have a too-nice role model.
  12. It's an entertaining hour sure to appeal to fans of A&E's equally fast-paced British import "MI-5."
  13. "Mrs. Harris" is interesting but not intimate. It's cold, aloof and distant, much like the relationship it depicts between the principal characters.
  14. By the third episode... "Big Love" becomes an addictive treat.
  15. A lively comedy.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Some of the pop-culture humor and creatures owe a nod to "Farscape," but the camp level is high and can be mighty funny.
  16. "Thief" offers strong moments aplenty, but what it lacks are strong connections, both between those moments and among some of its characters.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Although most viewers will notice a scale-down in the scope of effects and stunts, the style, the look and the impact are much the same as in the films.
  17. The lighthearted "Psych" charms even as it duplicates the structure and tone of "Monk."
  18. Like his previous series, "Studio 60" features intelligent, quickly spoken dialogue, smart arguments and terrific performances (Perry and Whitford have instant chemistry as longtime co-workers), and it's not a bad show by any means, but it doesn't soar to the heights "West Wing" did, even in its earliest episodes.
  19. In addition to a less convoluted story, "Kidnapped" bests "Vanished" with its high-sheen cast.
  20. "Shark"... is clearly a "House" imitator, but a pretty crisp copy.
  21. Where "Studio 60" takes a scathing and indignant tone toward television, "30 Rock" offers a more sarcastic, less hackles-raised critique. It's also funnier and goofier.
  22. An engrossing thriller... a welcome return to the juicy, complex miniseries of old.
  23. If you enjoy complex, murky dramas about morally ambiguous characters, played by a talented cast of newcomers, then enjoy "The Black Donnellys" while it lasts.
  24. A zippy, fun update.
  25. Like "30 Rock," "Barker" is more absurd and goofy than it is broadly funny, but it's definitely not as mainstream.
  26. An action-packed adrenaline rush.
  27. The Company starts slowly and somewhat confused, but eventually it chugs its way to coherence as it becomes a decent little drama.

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