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3,158 movie reviews
  1. All the up-from-under satisfaction of an underdog getting over, with the added oomph of the truth.
    • Portland Oregonian
  2. Filled with wonderful performances, especially by Hedaya and Walsh, Blood Simple remains a tight, beautifully ugly, neo-noir classic.
    • Portland Oregonian
  3. A snappy little heist movie with acting performances both deft and brilliant
  4. A masterfully varied set of images, paces and moods.
  5. Simultaneously modern and yet gorgeously primitive with its budget sets and simple but influential score, this is not just a film re-release but a film event.
  6. A witty, frightening, well-acted picture with near-perfect cinematic timing.
    • Portland Oregonian
  7. The moments of accidental sweetness that emerge from these odd, ultra-lives are meltingly funny and touching.
  8. Can a film so expertly capture the odious and bitter that it becomes deliciously, disgustingly beautiful? Yes, if that film is 1957's Sweet Smell of Success.
  9. Though Michael Winterbottom's Wonderland appears as gritty as they come, it uncommonly has a romantic heart.
  10. She (Cho) can tell a joke, mimic, offer commentary, play cute, play ugly and be so hilariously absurd that tears will run down your cheeks.
    • Portland Oregonian
  11. Movies don't get any more real than this.
    • Portland Oregonian
  12. Not a masterpiece, but still fabulous.
  13. A near-perfect movie.
  14. It's a heap of contradictions that will leave your head spinning.
  15. One of the most joyous, diverting and original mainstream American movies in years.
  16. Unafraid of walking the fine line between the repellent and the human, Shallow Hal is wickedly funny but heartfelt.
    • Portland Oregonian
  17. The film, built around McKellen's magnificent performance, is a sleek and deceptively artful work, a bio-pic that manages to encompass the whole of a man's rich life by concentrating solely on the final months of it.
    • Portland Oregonian
  18. Searing, intense and unrelenting, Affliction moves to the deepest centers of experience and desire and brings its characters to unflinching life.
    • Portland Oregonian
  19. A gorgeous, engrossing, utterly alien and fresh movie that has the human truth and impact of classic Greek myth and the overwhelming beauty and mastery of the greatest epic films.
    • Portland Oregonian
  20. Utterly thrilling and enthralling, a commercial film that paces itself wonderfully, never allowing the action or romance to outweigh its story and characters. For mainstream adventure fare, that's quite an accomplishment.
    • Portland Oregonian
    • 74 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Scott superbly re-creates the sense of individuals facing astounding odds, with barely a few minutes' respite over a 12-hour battle.
  21. It's a triumph of the film that it manages to make Jeffrey Dahmer a human being -- at least a member of the species -- without ever bending toward empathy with or excuses for him.
  22. With its eye-popping color, bold personality and snazzy tunes, Chicago is a breathtaking experience.
  23. One of the purest instances of indie cinema this year. "Pure" meaning that in every aspect of filmmaking and intent this picture is peerless, so truly real, funny, poignant and sexy that it almost feels like a watershed cinematic moment.
  24. Audacious, gorgeous and unique.
  25. Daring work of genius.
  26. Isn't just a horror film, but an American classic. Watch again and reflect for days after -- at your own risk.
    • Portland Oregonian
  27. Almost more valuable as a piece of foreign policy than as the highly accomplished work of cinema it is.
  28. It's a remarkable, thoughtful achievement that will make you want to watch it twice. You should.
  29. The adaptation of "King Lear" to feudal Japan is an extraordinary spectacle.
    • Portland Oregonian

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