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  1. The surfing scenes are gorgeous and overwhelming. But the rest of the film...
  2. Strip off the superfluities, and it's a chamber play about people with nothing in common talking about what, at their core, they have in common. A film meant to remind us of our shared humanity mainly unites us in frustration with its thick, gummy progress.
  3. The novel's exuberance, happy sensuality, goes AWOL in Van Sant's sadder, darker vision. [20 May 1994]
    • Portland Oregonian
  4. Once all the pieces of the story are assembled, the whole thing turns out to be not that big of a deal.
  5. A draggy affair livened occasionally by bursts of color or raw emotion, but just as often convoluted and hackneyed. It's a case of a film taking on, admirably, more than it can chew.
    • Portland Oregonian
  6. The movie's anchored by a strong lead performance and a steady sense of humor.
  7. The movie's conceit grows a bit stale even with a short running time, and ultimately the whole thing feels more like an acting workshop than a full-fledged human story.
  8. The bad news? The movie is monumentally stupid. The good news? It's a fun kind of stupid.
  9. This Diary of a Wimpy kid is too often dull, unappealing and clumsy, hobbled by unnecessary changes and inventions that add no charm, energy or, truly, point.
  10. It devolves too often into slapstick shenanigans and comedy of embarrassment.
  11. I'm not sure if parents will be counting out each of Shorts 89 minutes or not, begging for it to end, but I'm guessing 8-year-olds will absolutely love it, because Rodriguez isn't talking down to them or using pop-culture references in place of actual gags; he's making what might be called eye-level children's entertainment.
  12. The Dictator has a few laughs along its bumpy path, but not enough of them to indicate that Cohen has found a means to escape the shadows of his early career and forge a second act for himself.
  13. No matter how noble, not everyone's life should be made into a movie.
  14. The oddball cast, by the way, includes Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, who is infinitely more convincing speaking Cantonese than she is in her (presumably native) English.
  15. Minkoff lets the fight scenes go on for a while, which is nice, and all the best bits are in the middle, when Jackie and Jet spend a lot of time playing off each other.
  16. The increasingly unlikely escapades culminate in a finale that's as narratively lazy as it is morally questionable, lending further credence to the voices that proclaimed Haggis absurdly overpraised for the 2004 Oscar-winner "Crash."
  17. Sumptuous and beautiful and as silly as a sack of nose glasses.
  18. Still, if it doesn't go down in film history as a key moment in Roberts' career, it might very well be remembered as a breakthrough for one of its trio of rising stars.
  19. The chief thing he (Susser) has going for him is Gordon-Levitt, whose intense immersion in his overwritten character is laudable if the result isn't exactly likeable.
  20. Needing the gristle of its title, the film should have been angrier.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    By turns absorbing, unsettling and, for lack of a better word, icky.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    Even when the details of their lives feel unbelievable, these actresses compel our faith and keep us watching.
  21. It's also exhausting, despite an engaging premise.
  22. As it stands, the film is more often self-absorbed than self-aware.
  23. Although amateurish, often poorly acted and containing dialogue and narration that comes off as pretentious and embarrassing, it's worth watching for the environment it envelops you in.
    • Portland Oregonian
  24. The result is a cast of characters who are little better than automatons themselves. This wouldn't be a problem if the rest of the film were as captivating as it was surely meant to be. Instead, the Quays work overtime to make both their story line and images as obscure as possible.
  25. With more discipline and a keener sense of family dysfunction, these ingredients could have gelled into something impressive. As it is, Awful Nice is closer to the former than the latter.
  26. This ode to indie legitimacy proves to be too cartoonish to feel real and not outrageous enough to be memorable.
  27. It's a strange, uneven film, hilarious in moments and tin-eared in others, alternately subtle and hammer-handed, acid and dull, as schizophrenic as "Signs" and probably, like that film, best enjoyed in discrete chunks rather than as a whole that needs to be digested equally all at once.
  28. What happened in Chile really was a triumph of the human spirit, as cliched as it is to write that sentence. The miners deserved a better movie, but that's not how it works.

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