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  1. Gives just enough to forgive any of its initial flaws and eventually grows on you.
  2. If the behavior of the characters had been more recognizably human in its venality, and the film's perspective more ruthless, this custom-made compound might have worked.
  3. Makes good, unobtrusive use of its European locations, and has a couple of well-orchestrated urban chase scenes. But, even in these days of renewed U.S.-Russian tensions, its Cold War demeanor feels anachronistic, and its simple cynicism comes off as recycled and cheap.
  4. For every gag that flies there are at least one-and-a-half that don't.
  5. So sloppily and unabashedly sentimental that it can make you laugh and cry at the same time -- and often at the same things.
  6. Phoenix makes an interesting case of Leonard's twitchiness and mooning, but neither Paltrow nor Shaw is particularly credible as a Brooklynite, and Rossellini and Moshonov seem like they've wandered in from another film altogether.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    An endearing romantic comedy that pokes fun at the ridiculous things people do for love.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    Unfortunately, this rich story about actual adults takes up maybe a third of Prime. The rest of the time, we're hanging with David and Rafi as they act out relationship cliches.
  7. Tasty, but, finally, a little unfulfilling.
  8. A tiresome, didactic and, once the novelty of the graphics has worn off, charmless film.
  9. All that talent behind and in front of the camera is mostly wasted due to a rare substandard screenplay.
  10. The man has gifts -- but acting and, it's increasingly clear, storytelling aren't among them.
  11. The script's contrivances and the director's lax handling aren't enough to hold you.
  12. While breezy and fun, the film is also flimsy and sloppy in style and content.
  13. In the films at least, there's something so naked about the Potter/Percy story parallels that's it's hard not to sit there as a viewer and get distracted playing connect the dots.
  14. It more or less plays like a five-episode arc of the series, which is a strength and a weakness.
  15. The script is atypically bland for Heckerling.
  16. Though The Hard Word feels flimsy at times, its breeziness and humor, along with Pearce's performance, make it infinitely more amusing than it's got any right to be. You get the feeling that these actors had fun making this film, and that fun is contagious.
  17. Performances are for the most part strong, especially Seyfried's, and Kusama uses Fox well, making the most of the actress' blank-eyed arrogance. It's not a performance that suggests a lot of range, but it's fun to watch.
  18. One of those American independent films with two chief points to recommend it: the earnest good will of its creators and its determination to be unlike any studio film.
  19. Overall, The Pretty One suffers from excessive, unfocused quirk and a predictable sitcom resolution.
  20. Oscar-winner Davis can maintain her dignity in just about anything, and she almost gives Lila enough depth to be a compelling character. Lopez gets points for trying something a bit more challenging than the hot-for-teacher dreck of "The Boy Next Door," but she inevitably struggles to hit more than one note.
  21. Absent the real sense of creepiness and highly honed film craft of De Palma, or the strong visual and emotional sensibility of Woo, M: I III feels like one of the more forgettable James Bond films -- saddled, moreover, with a star who's sliding into self-parody.
  22. If you love the genre, you'll likely be engaged. But if not, there's not much point.
  23. JFK
    JFK drags but is undeniably fascinating. [20 Dec 1991]
    • Portland Oregonian
  24. It's a handsome film, and Bridges is back, but little has been done to deepen the story into a saga, and the leading man, Garrett Hedlund, rivals Bit for inexpressivity.
  25. A comedy that's only kind of funny some of the time.
  26. The acting is the strongest thing about the film. Pitt nicely balances the dashing and wounded sides of Tristan's character. [13 Jan 1995]
    • Portland Oregonian
  27. Problem Child has moments, or perhaps instants, of misanthropic satire. There also are stroboscopically brief flashes of psychological irony or cleverness. [30 July 1990, p.D8]
    • Portland Oregonian
  28. First-time director Jeff Baena struggles with framing, editing, tone and casting, leading to an unimpressive entry in the ever-burgeoning zombie comedy genre.

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