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  1. Mixed messages are the order of the day in the conflicted British drama Irina Palm. At first blush, it seems like another entry in the saucy-but-safe Brit genre, a la "Calendar Girls," "Saving Grace" or "The Full Monty," but it turns out to be both more ambitious and less successful than those diversions.
  2. Worst of all, not once does Mulder answer his cell phone to hear those immortal lines: "It's Scully. There's been another death."
  3. Are Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay getting tired of their own shtick?
  4. Unsurprisingly, the formulaic "Breakfast Club" casting yields a formulaic narrative.
  5. Takes its point -- our nation has an unhealthy obsession with beauty and physical perfection -- and uses it as a bludgeon.
  6. Cthulhu (kuh-THOO-loo) shows that you can't go home again. Seriously: Don't ever go home -- you'll be sorry.
  7. Lest anyone think this soils Cera's record, the movie actually highlights his unique gifts; his easygoing chemistry with co-star Kat Dennings is practically the only thing about this picture that isn't pathetically contrived.
  8. Lee is not an action director, and the movie often feels like it was made in the 1940s rather than set then.
  9. At one point during the big race, the kids get passed at close range by a team of pros so seasoned, they wrote the navigation software the kids use. I was begging the camera crew to follow them.
  10. An extremely weird and frustrating viewing experience. I think it's that way because Eastwood, 78, can't be bothered to wrangle the vast material into a tighter shape.
  11. It gets by on its concept for a little while but too often mistakes stupid-stupid for clever-stupid.
  12. Some will win and some will lose their encounters with unbending American bureaucracy, but all deserve better, which should leave viewers eager for an even-handed take on this issue crossing over into disappointment.
  13. The movie gets just enough right that the things it doesn't get right (beyond its overdependence on a not-so-surprising story puzzle) smack you cold in the face.
  14. What the picture doesn't do is make sense of the world it tries to depict, or even, truly, depict it. Biggie -- and, for that matter, Woolard -- deserved better.
  15. I love that fanboys fought for Fanboys. Unfortunately, their passion was misplaced.
  16. The Rock charms you through the worst of it, but the effects are cheap, the dialogue is about as challenging as a "Hannah Montana" episode, and the pace manages to be both brisk and numbing.
  17. Although 2012 is what they call "critic-proof," it's not immune to analysis. It depicts a world where no one, man or God, has much say in what happens to the planet, and where the survival of one family outweighs the deaths of billions.
  18. Perhaps this is what fans want from a movie like this: to sit back as if in a Jacuzzi and get a quick impression of history and Rome and such. If so, Howard, Brown and company likely have another monster hit on their hands.
  19. This will personally go down as the flick that really made me realize how much I hate CGI stunts.
  20. The dialogue is almost primitive at times, almost every female character is an idiot and McConaughey grossly overplays the bachelor-sleazeball antics at the beginning.
  21. Keaton offers glimpses of a directorial gift, but this odd little piece feels like a warm-up for something more compelling.
  22. The movie pads the good stuff out with a bunch of mediocre mainstream-thriller junk. It takes too long to get started, it pulls some key punches, its dialogue is deeply uninteresting, it relies way too heavily on endless jump-scares and its finale is pure slasher-flick formula.
  23. Whereas "Liaisons" mixed cruelty, wit, sensuality and drama into a deliciously tart frappe, Cheri is pretty, tepid and dull.
  24. The film oddly mirrors "The Passion of the Christ," as a show trial leads inexorably toward an almost sadistically filmed public execution (it doesn't hurt that Jim Caviezel plays the reporter). Like that movie, it gets its point across with all the subtlety, sorry to say, of a rock upside the head.
  25. Despite some arresting visual flourishes and Downey’s inherent likeability, it’s nearly incoherent both as cinema and as story. No, this isn’t your grandfather’s or your father’s Sherlock Holmes, but if theirs featured Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett in the lead, it was better by miles.
  26. The film is competent without being spectacular or thrilling.
  27. Sporadically clever and chilling.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    If you're a big Michael Jackson fan, you'll love This Is It. If you're not, it's like watching two hours of band practice.
  28. Feels like a movie that wants to bare its fangs, but only manages a mild gumming.
  29. I appreciate that talented people wanted to honor Shelly by making this film. They likely would have better honored her by mounting her script as a play.

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