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  1. While it's nice to see Reitman try to branch out from the hip, acerbic humor of "Juno" and "Young Adult," his clumsiness with this more earnest material is an unpleasant surprise.
  2. The plot is like a sudoku puzzle with all but one square filled in.
  3. There's not much of a spell to The Loss of Sexual Innocence, which is a shame, because anything this moody and pretty ought to be spellbinding. [16 Jul 1999]
    • Portland Oregonian
  4. Crowe is a commanding lead actor who could have made it into something special if he'd stayed out of his own way. Maybe he should have stayed home. You should.
  5. Hardcore genre fans may find some appeal in this warmed-over tale, but most viewers will be squirming in their seats even before the prolonged finale.
  6. Whatever the faults of Goya's Ghosts -- and there are several -- you've got to hand it to director Milos Forman: It takes real chutzpah to cast Randy Quaid as the king of Spain.
  7. It's possible to be dazzled by a movie and still not like it very much.
    • Portland Oregonian
  8. Mixed messages are the order of the day in the conflicted British drama Irina Palm. At first blush, it seems like another entry in the saucy-but-safe Brit genre, a la "Calendar Girls," "Saving Grace" or "The Full Monty," but it turns out to be both more ambitious and less successful than those diversions.
  9. Clumsiness follows clumsiness -- the acting, the staging, the details of the plot -- until you reach the point of cool indifference. There's a lot more wrong here than can be corrected in a small space in the newspaper.
  10. Bullock maintains a luster and comic naturalness that most actresses couldn't pull off in such mediocrity.
  11. Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig are adequate leads, but no great actor will be more squandered this year than Jeffrey Wright, who does nothing but speak in vast paragraph blocks of exposition while looking haggard and bored.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The film equivalent of the blind date described as "really nice." It's neither bad nor good, just sort of earnest and well-meaning.
  12. Plays like a certain brand of indie film I hadn't seen in a while: the Self-Consciously Odd Journey of Self-Discovery Through the American Southwest, in which people learn Important Life Lessons while encountering "colorful" characters in small-town diners and motels amid the tumbleweeds.
  13. The pleasures of Buffalo Soldiers mainly come early on, before the film becomes a sloppy mixture of tones and story lines. Afterward, you're left mainly puzzled and looking for a way to wash a bitter aftertaste out of your mouth.
  14. If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you'll like.
  15. It's a shame The Matador isn't a better movie, because this semi-dark comedy contains one great, cackling, self-loathing performance by Pierce Brosnan.
  16. Though it's enjoyable, you can't help but feel the squandered situations and talent, flattened by mediocre writing and direction. Scoff if you will, but the gifted Sandler and his audience deserve better.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    When all is said and done, The Favor is just another comedy about comfortable yuppies wondering what they might have done differently, dipping a toe in adventure, then returning to the cocoon of yuppie comfort. [03 May 1994]
    • Portland Oregonian
  17. The dialogue has its moments of perception, and Long and Rossum deliver it with conviction and spark.
  18. At one point during the big race, the kids get passed at close range by a team of pros so seasoned, they wrote the navigation software the kids use. I was begging the camera crew to follow them.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    If you're a big Michael Jackson fan, you'll love This Is It. If you're not, it's like watching two hours of band practice.
  19. An Italian import that isn't sure what it's supposed to be but knows it's not funny.
  20. Some will win and some will lose their encounters with unbending American bureaucracy, but all deserve better, which should leave viewers eager for an even-handed take on this issue crossing over into disappointment.
  21. So strained in its "charm" and "pluck" that you grow weary by minute 15, hoping that the teens whose lives it depicts will stop being so darn peppy or sweetly confused or irritatingly dramatic.
  22. The Rock charms you through the worst of it, but the effects are cheap, the dialogue is about as challenging as a "Hannah Montana" episode, and the pace manages to be both brisk and numbing.
  23. Forgettable teen piffle.
  24. There's a potentially innovative teen comedy in here somewhere, but it's surrounded by one that's much duller.
  25. The story of Dito escaping and then facing his demons is meaningful. But that story is so buried in actorly noise that it feels false.
  26. Sobol, directing his second feature, should have been able to prod this story to life, especially considering the cast he was provided. But everything proceeds in such an orderly fashion, right through the ostensibly 'twist' ending, that maintaining interest is a serious challenge.
  27. A modestly charming family crowd-pleaser despite too-broad characterizations by many in the supporting cast.

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