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3,055 movie reviews
  1. An all-hell-breaks-loose, panicky fever of a story, all of it drenched in grainy, color-saturated cinematography.
  2. The film verges on hagiography as one interviewee after another testifies to Dominique's positive influence on his nation, but in this case the cynical notion that there must be another side to the story is easy to tamp down.
  3. The longer it goes on, the more you're swept up into the jet stream of good feeling.
  4. Kaurismäki is a master of expressive stillness for whom inaction often speaks louder than words, and the performances he elicits are perfectly pitched, including young Miguel's.
  5. The notions of sacrifice, patriotism, race and self-identity are compellingly questioned, and the battle sequences are realized with stirring intensity.
  6. My Summer of Love, with its lush, sunlit landscapes, may occupy the opposite end of the visual spectrum, but it reinforces the sense that this director knows his way around the range of human emotion as well.
  7. Though you get caught up in the criminal element (you really want these people to get away with it), you're also fascinated by who to trust. It's an unusual dance between the awkward and plain that becomes romantic and thrilling -- a subtly impressive feat to say the least.
  8. Because make no mistake: The Dark Knight is many things, some of them deliriously fun, some of them deeply impressive, and some of them puzzling and frustrating. But most of all it is dark.
  9. It's not a happy film, but it feels true.
  10. Doesn't give off the same happy feel of the Indian arranged-marriage movie "Monsoon Wedding." Rather, it poses hard questions and leaves them unanswered.
  11. Not only does this film make you think, it makes you want to think. Few films -- few works of art of any stripe -- can claim that.
  12. The pace of this Oscar nominee may be a bit contemplative for audiences seeking "Yojimbo"-style action, but it's surely a more realistic and moving look at life in 19th-century Japan.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Like the toy it's based on, it's goofy and colorful and something adults and children can enjoy together.
  13. With its eye-popping color, bold personality and snazzy tunes, Chicago is a breathtaking experience.
  14. With its wide-open setting and taciturn, macho characters, it's a film that earns the right to use the "Once Upon a Time" title that Sergio Leone made so perversely famous.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Stranger by the Lake is one of those vacations that’s all right while it’s happening, but the allure dissipates once you’ve gone back to your regular routine.
  15. Despite dancing between a story and a story within a story, something seems simple and effortless about Ten Canoes. Director Rolf de Heer and his all-Yolngu cast offer a take on tribal life that's warm, funny and powerfully alive.
  16. The film is somewhat sketch-like in its episodes and in placing Raquel within a larger world. But it’s very surefooted when it stays close in on her and her universe of chores, rituals and fears.
  17. Cronenberg has, as Guillermo del Toro did in "Pan's Labyrinth," crafted both a drama and a fairy tale -- and he's done it in an entertainment as cracking as you could wish for.
  18. It's Cronenberg's most mainstream work, and yet it has all the power of his creepiest nightmares.
  19. It's surreal, erotic, creepy, frustrating, absorbing, transporting and torturous in the way only a Lynch film can be.
  20. Quick and charming and irresistible.
  21. It’s a fascinating story about ambition and vanity and pride, and in Sheen’s performance and the atmosphere capture by Hooper it contains truly fine and rare things.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Georgia is one fine movie. Or maybe two or three fine movies.... Best of all, Georgia is a music movie, and a good one. [12 Jan 1996]
  22. A funny and sincere indie about what happens when an acerbic teen finds herself "in a fat suit I can't take off."
  23. It wallows in misery so much that the two-hour experience ends up being about as much fun as a real divorce.
  24. It's a wonderfully crafted work, handsome, lively, stirring and utterly convincing in its depiction of the perils and thrills of sea life. But I'm not sure that my personal enthusiasm for it will translate entirely for viewers whose favorite movie about the high seas is, for perfectly good reasons, "Pirates of the Caribbean."
  25. Like a picture postcard vision of his life and work: absolutely accurate as far as it goes but not too keen on looking too close for fear of uncovering anything untoward.
  26. It's a fascinating instance of a filmmaker working with self-imposed rules, but never forgetting that those restrictions are only worthwhile to the extent that they serve character and story. It's a ride well worth taking.
  27. The result is somewhat elliptical but also thoroughly engrossing and propulsive. Compared to Denis' earlier work, it's practically an action movie.

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