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3,283 movie reviews
  1. There is such a thoroughgoing nastiness to the plot and dialogue that the film almost achieves a level of buoyancy.
  2. It's horrible. It's wretched. It's Limburger pickled in castor oil.
  3. It's a refreshingly human-scale saga.
  4. As satire, it doesn't add up -- but it's an admirable, if dull, experiment.
  5. The tension is so plausibly high that you're eager to see how it winds up. Eager enough, in fact, to forgive Jack Ryan for reversing the aging process and winding up as Ben Affleck.
  6. The two stories never come close to meshing the way the filmmaker intended. The result is a well-acted movie that simply doesn't gel.
    • Portland Oregonian
  7. The new footage adds almost nothing and feels like a lame, double-dipping cash-grab.
  8. It is thoughtful and well enough acted throughout. [03 Jul 1992]
    • Portland Oregonian
  9. Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig are adequate leads, but no great actor will be more squandered this year than Jeffrey Wright, who does nothing but speak in vast paragraph blocks of exposition while looking haggard and bored.
  10. No doubt this is a sincere film. But its wobbly technique prevents it from ever reaching a point.
  11. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, is . . . well . . . not terrible. In fact, "Rise of the Silver Surfer" is roughly 300 percent less cringe-inducing than its predecessor.
  12. Marcus, like the real-life Jackson, survives being shot nine times. But this film is dead on arrival.
  13. At one and the same time it feels like a decent-but-not-great film of his '70s period and a perky and tart entry in his modestly successful revival in the last half-decade. Neat trick.
  14. Firewall does more to destroy my desire to see a new Indiana Jones movie than anything the aging process could conjure.
  15. The movie's not good, strictly speaking, but it is kind of fun.
  16. A picture that could have bordered on classy screwball if written wittier, acted sexier and filmed shinier.
    • Portland Oregonian
  17. Fortunately, Winkler has a good cast.
  18. The movie falters when it gets mean.
  19. There's something in the obsessiveness of these characters that pushes the film just beyond the level of believability, even for a romantic fable such as this.
  20. Competently done and harmless enough to entertain the tots. It's just that the movie's kind of . . . sparse.
  21. Putting it another way: When spoofs of bad singing and songwriting are the sharpest arrows in your quiver, and your politics are diluted until they hit about as hard as someone sticking their tongue out, your satire has a problem.
  22. Surprisingly dull.
  23. All this star power goes for naught in Traeger's film, which tries to blend bucolic sweetness with juvenile let's-make-a-porno jokes.
  24. While Daniels' work disappoints, his film is saved from disaster by uniformly terrific performances.
  25. An unsteady mishmash of snot-nosed humor and treacly Hollywood sentimentality.
  26. Visually nervy, beautifully acted, intense and philosophically compelling, it struggles to connect emotionally as it wrestles with the challenging source material.
  27. It says a lot about this movie that the most arresting character in it is Mary, whom Morton unsurprisingly endows with a fanatical combination of narcissism and rage.
  28. A movie full of actors improvising their idea of how cops in a Scorsese flick would talk. It's a special sort of cartoonishness, a hard-to-pin-down brand of emotionally grandstanding fakeness you sometimes see in movies trying way too hard to be "gritty."
  29. Too sugary to be funny or offensive or even offensively funny, though any kind of funny would be welcome here.
    • Portland Oregonian
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    The bad news is that Jefferson is inept and inert. [21 Apr 1995]
    • Portland Oregonian

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