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3,158 movie reviews
  1. Cobbled together from other sources without much thought to originality.
  2. Among the lamest serial-killer movies ever made.
    • 37 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    Refn's trying to make too little stretch too far.
  3. Conveys an almost pulseless Nora Ephron style of homespun wisdom.
  4. Filled with energy and visual pizzazz and at least strives for something more than dumb entertainment.
  5. The nearest thing to W. E. is Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette," which tried to make a sympathetic victim of another of history's most notorious royal wives.
  6. The movie gets just enough right that the things it doesn't get right (beyond its overdependence on a not-so-surprising story puzzle) smack you cold in the face.
  7. The liveliest thing here is the keen sense of regret you feel at seeing two TV icons reduced to supporting characters in a lame movie that trades on their good names.
    • Portland Oregonian
    • 36 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    Still, given the fact that it's August, you could do worse than hide out from the heat with the cute-as-a-bug Murphy, who manages to be funny and entertaining despite the material.
  8. It's just another bland, junior-high-basketball riff on "The Bad News Bears" formula, one that takes every single dramatic cue from the underdog sports-movie playbook.
  9. That cast is precisely what makes the new Arthur so frustrating.
  10. It's a weird anti-woman message masquerading in a movie about empowerment. And there's nothing inspired about that.
  11. Has a few pleasing stylistic flourishes and a potentially Hitchcockian plot, but the writing and rhythm are so off that when the final "shocker" arrives, we have seen it coming or have abandoned caring.
    • Portland Oregonian
  12. Hardcore genre fans may find some appeal in this warmed-over tale, but most viewers will be squirming in their seats even before the prolonged finale.
  13. The Canyons comes across as a desperate gambit for relevance by a group of artists who want to reinvent themselves but don't know how. Fittingly, that's the theme of the film itself.
  14. The trouble is, the kids seem to be in one earnest "After School Special"-type of movie, while the adults occupy a retro-futuristic world more like the original TV show.
  15. Goodbye World will remind you more of "Gilligan's Island" than "Lost."
  16. By the film's end, you feel like you've spent two hours rapidly changing channels between a WB sitcom, the gospel-choir segments of the "Ladykillers" remake, an episode of "Law & Order" and a Mexican soap opera.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    In the end, Sex Tape doesn't seduce, doesn't surprise and certainly doesn't satisfy. It only leaves you feeling a little taken advantaged of, as you take your walk of shame back to your car – and hoping you never hear from it again.
  17. Never dull visually, but it's certainly monomaniacal and heartless thematically.
    • Portland Oregonian
  18. In I'm Reed Fish, Jay Baruchel is cast as a leading man with two attractive girlfriends, and, sorry, I'm frankly more prepared to accept Stephen Hawking as an action hero.
  19. It gets by on its concept for a little while but too often mistakes stupid-stupid for clever-stupid.
  20. The man has gifts -- but acting and, it's increasingly clear, storytelling aren't among them.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    It has some good actors, and some quick dialogue, which also has the feel of real-life. But the plot forces things a bit, and the direction is uncertain; just when it seems willing to take some risks, it retreats.
  21. It's a cartoon that thinks it isn't one.
  22. So what is the picture saying? With its uneven tone, flat direction (on bad-looking digital video) and varied performances, very little.
  23. No crime against the moviemaker's art, but it is flawed in a way we wouldn't expect from the director of "Shakespeare in Love."
  24. By the time the film reaches its convoluted, bombastic and preposterous climax, any sense of real magic that it once conveyed has utterly vanished.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    Dreary and dull.
  25. The end result is mediocre, slightly sloppy and a mild waste of a great cast.

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