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3,093 movie reviews
  1. The script is atypically bland for Heckerling.
  2. We're talking mediocre-to-bad. Still, the film has at least two bits that are funnier than anything in many better films and a fair amount of mild amusement in between.
    • Portland Oregonian
  3. It's a handsome film, but the pace is continually gummy and the set-ups stiff and artificial. Most crucially, nothing in it vanquishes the sensation that we're being sold something superfluous -- like a service contract for a carton of eggs.
  4. Dazzling to look at but dreadful to listen to, the film is a tug-of-war of coolness and dreck.
  5. A terrible, terrible movie. Its creators have a swell idea at the core, a wonderful leading lady, and several stalwart comic players in support, and they make of all of that a picture with the wit of an armpit fart, the verve of a boxwood shrub, and the appeal of a long night in an ER waiting room.
  6. Suffers from sludgy pacing, flat writing and acting, and a strange and puzzling fondness for scatology and coarse language.
  7. The dialogue is almost primitive at times, almost every female character is an idiot and McConaughey grossly overplays the bachelor-sleazeball antics at the beginning.
  8. 'N Sync is bouncy, harmless fun. And so is this stupid movie.
  9. Think of the worst Spielberg thriller or one of Hitchcock's dull late career works, then make it ugly and fill it with bad performances; voila: The Happening.
  10. Does nothing right and, blessedly, vanishes swiftly like the aroma of a nasty belch.
  11. The movie starts out as a potboiler with a troubling character arc; unfortunately, it ends up becoming a goofy, story-overwhelming Rube Goldberg contraption that would make the producers of the "Saw" series blush.
  12. What damage could Michael Bay inflict on Jason Voorhees that earlier producers hadn't already inflicted on everyone's favorite hockey-masked serial killer? Well, Bay could make Jason Voorhees ... boring.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    If you've got a 10-year-old underfoot who needs entertaining, you could have a worse time.
  13. Beyond a couple of cool guns and one long, gory, clever first-person shot, Doom is something the video games have never been: dull.
  14. Unfortunately, the filmmakers failed to replace sex, splatter and cursing with sharp dialogue, characters and plotting.
  15. Sporadically clever and chilling.
  16. Basic essentially is a fun movie, surprise ending and all. To take it too seriously is to miss the point. Travolta is charming, his performance recapturing the old charisma.
  17. It's peppy and cheesy and filled with life and humor in just the way, you imagine, that Susann might have enjoyed.
  18. It's a forgettable series of bullet points barely strung together by charismatic performances.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    The humor is on the level of flatulence by a chubby boy.
  19. We end up with a piece of B-grade junk in which Elektra exchanges "banter" with the unexceptional Prout between fight scenes so badly shot that even Garner looks like a stunt double.
  20. Mingles bathos and pathos in unequal measures and instead of getting laughs, looks laughable.
    • Portland Oregonian
  21. The opportunity to give Jolie the room to swagger like the "Charlie's Angels" or "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" ladies is utterly squandered, and a video game franchise that might've resulted in a hoot of a film -- has been blown to dust.
  22. Best laugh at the movies all autumn.
    • Portland Oregonian
  23. All in all, it's hard to dispute that House of D declares its own worth on arrival.
  24. It's a terrible movie, ugly to look at, tediously drawn out, unfunny in every cell and fiber of its being.
  25. Air America is a pretty good blend of action, drama and rough comedy, although the comedy and adventure come out on top. [13 Aug 1990]
    • Portland Oregonian
  26. It's a film that's at once too much and not enough, laughable and groovy, dead serious and a total joke. And I mean no disrespect by any of that.
  27. Structurally, this is as by-the-numbers as rom-coms get, right down to the wacky best friends, played by Judy Greer and Dan Fogler. For a while, it's low-key enough to be tolerable.
  28. It's as beautifully acted throughout as it is photographed, and it has a quizzical tone somewhere between sociological documentary and farce. [22 Aug 1989]
    • Portland Oregonian

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