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1,070 movie reviews
  1. What isn't fair is the film's R rating, which makes this charming coming-of-age tale virtually inaccessible to the audience sure to cherish it most.
  2. Duff is a charming heroine who carries the movie cheerfully, if not gracefully--the pratfalls come early and often.
  3. Surely it’s a credit to this luminous cast that the characters can behave in such despicable ways yet still command one’s sympathy.
  4. The true sensory delight is when the two men share screen time, and the palette is bombarded with their contrasting hues, the score (by Pascal Esteve) even meticulously interlacing their two musical personalities.
  5. Lee’s use of split-screens and dynamic transitions makes the process of actively interpreting his monstrous vision a fresh and unrivaled experience.
  6. Moncrieff’s overriding theme here isn’t empowerment but survival. The movie crams a hell of a lot of dysfunction into its 88 minutes.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Until the point that changes everything, Manito is more a portrait of a neighborhood and its various characters--and this is the even more impressive part of the film. Once the disasters start to domino, the story becomes a bit familiar, a bit manipulative.
  7. It’s worth seeing twice just for the privilege of watching Rampling and Sagnier match each other stroke for stroke.
  8. It puts almost everything it has into its explosive set pieces, but manages to instill the audience with just enough emotional involvement. If, Ah-nold decides to come bach again, this installment should ensure he has an audience.
  9. Comedy-action lunacy of a truly high, and endlessly bizarre, order.
  10. Understated, quietly amusing, and steadily paced.
  11. It's churlish, especially these days, to try to split the difference between an immortal comedy classic and a mere laugh riot.
  12. So tasteless, so fiendishly puerile that it’s hilarious.
  13. It plays on your knowledge of/expectations about generic horror movies and then either delivers the goods from an unexpected angle or pulls the rug out from under you.
  14. It's the details that make Dummy such a winner. By way of comparison, consider last summer's "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," in which each actor put a heartfelt spin on his or her one-joke character (the father who believes that Windex cures everything). Well, here's an entire movie built on nuggets like that.
  15. A wildly creative amusement, thanks mostly to Campbell, whose weathered yet still-taking-care-of-business Elvis is alone worth the price of admission.
  16. Surprisingly clever, high-energy adventure (director Peter Berg should be proud).
  17. Although director Eytan Fox focuses on Yossi and Jagger's specific situation, he also casts a critical eye on the responsibility military service puts on all young people who are still in the process of discovering themselves.
  18. Though the movie is predictable, it's also honest; Fin emerges from his struggles a better person but not A Better Person, if you catch my drift. And in any case all of the actors are a great pleasure to watch.
  19. While it's not nearly as beguiling as the Coen's last pic, the uncanny "The Man Who Wasn't There," Cruelty is still a brisk hoot.
  20. While not a masterpiece along the lines of "The Lion King," and not a super-smart witticism-fest like "Lilo and Stitch," Brother Bear is deeply heartfelt, touching, and beautiful.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Howard’s inclination toward graphic, gruesome violence, reminiscent of Ransom’s grisly denouement, The Missing is, at its core, a story well-told and built upon the solid foundation of Blanchett’s supremely capable performance.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Driving the plot, Baldwin gives an inexorable, career-marking performance.
  21. With the careful timing and nuance of a master actor, Sharif turns a two-dimensional sketch into the film's most absorbing character.
  22. The film is well-paced and surprisingly suspenseful.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Director Mike Newell strips away facades and keeps this movie singing to the feel-good ending where everyone learns a life lesson by graduation time, whatever their choice may be.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Cheaper entertains a broad audience by recalling an age of family filmmaking when that term wasn’t synonymous with crap.
  23. What On the Run has going for it: solid acting, taut editing, smartly economical dialogue, an elevatingly reverberant score, and a rousing vitality that left me salivating for The Trilogy in full.
  24. Miracle is definitely exciting, and it’s family-family to boot. Take the kids. They may not buy the "any dream is possible" stuff, but if nothing else, the story might pique their interest in American history.
  25. Given that the B-to-Z movies parodied in Cadavra were funny to begin with, it begs the question as to why writer-director-star Larry Blamire and company bothered. I think they’re not so much nostalgic for this type of movie as they are for the kind of laughter it provoked.

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